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    so i noticed that the last few times sex with my wife was painful and so i went to Dr.. She said you have a torn foreskin and it it continues you might want to consider circumcision and she game me a steroid cream. so i used the cream and in 1 week the problem was solved. then 2 weeks later it happened again, i went back to the dr, and she referred me to a urologist, he said the cream was a good first step, but more than likely it will keep happning makring circumicision a smart long-term option.

    so i went home an started the cream again. again, it got better in less than a week. then the skin tore again and again i could not have sex for 7-10 days. my wife was getting really frustrated. so i went to another urologist for a 2dns opion. she basicaly said the same thing as the first uro. so then i went home as disussed it with my wife. she said it seems like a no-brainer at this point.

    but i never asked the urllogist how is a circumision done, what is the heailing time, etc. does anyone here have advice for me. i am trying to avoid circumcision if i can, but if i cannit than i want ti know what to expect and what my wife should expect. thanks.

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    It’s a simple enough operation, the doc will (as far as I know) cut the skin down the middle on the underside, then around through both layers of the foreskin. You’ll be stitched up and given post op care instructions, and healing takes about six weeks until you can have sex again. I imagine you’ll get a fairly low and tight cut, meaning the head will be exposed and most of the skin thats removed will be the scarred inner skin.
    I wouldn’t worry too much- while getting circumcised as an adult is pretty rare and may seem daunting or a big change, ‘not having a foreskin’ is really common and will feel totally normal in a couple of months.

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