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    For the longest time I wouldn’t believe it. It wasn’t until after my surgery that I truly understood how terribly unhygienic it was to have an organic drip collector attached to my urethra. No matter how well you shake it, there will be a few drips during the minutes after you pee. No matter how mundane your day, thinking of your lover will still manage to draw a few drips of pre-cum from your flag at half-mast. By the time you get home, all of that has started to biodegrade between your foreskin and your glans. You know how bad that smells, she knows how bad that smells, you can imagine how bad that tastes, and she possibly has refused to find out how bad that tastes.

    The unfortunate truth of foreskin is that a penis has only about half an hour after washing before it starts to smell.

    It smells like that because it is teeming with anaerobic bacteria.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I have ALL of the above problems with my uncircumcised penis, and I hate it with a passion, and I am ready to do something about itbu getting myself circumcised. It’s time to do something about it!! Bruce

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    Same with me!

    Looking back I can hardly believe I fell for that “there is no difference in hygiene as I’m taking a shower everyday” statement.

    As an uncircumcised, right after having a shower in the morning gets nowhere near where I’m now at the end of the day. And, yes, I didn’t stop having showers after my circ;)

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    Definitely. In the space of a yearor so I went from boxer-briefs and a foreskin to no underwear and a bare head and the exposure to the air is great, its like comparing an armpit to skin on the back of the hand. Weird folds of skin might be useful if you’re running naked through brambles but we’ve got trousers invented now!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    What I would like to know is what is so great about the smegma that gets accumulated under the foreskin. All it did for me was make a mess I had to wipe off, it made my penis sore, & it caused bad odors & it collected germs & bacteria. I really do NOT need the smegma, & I do NOT need that damn gross germ & bacteria & bad odor collecting foreskin!! I’m glad I got the head of my penis to stay exposed 24/7/365 by doing a botched up self-circumcision that I plan to have corrected ASAP!!

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