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    I have no sons, but I wonder how guys circumcised as adults who do have sons, have discussed the matter of circumcision with them. I ask this because I think so many who were circumcised as infants have no idea about the procedure. I am not arguing for infant circumcision pro or con; just want to know how those cut as adults have dealt with their own sons, if indeed they have.

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    My sons were RIC but they are still very young. I was circumcised when I was 33 (about a year after my youngest was born). I’m not sure how I’ll explain it to them if they ever ask about it. I’ll probably just give an explanation of what circumcision is and why we had them done. Not sure if I’ll discuss my own circ with them, I probably won’t.

    My folks had my younger brother RIC’d even though I wasn’t and my dad wasn’t either at that time. When I was 12 or 13, my brother asked my dad why his penis looked different. My dad gave us a basic explanation of what circumcision is. He also went onto say that since circumcision is common in the US, they chose to have him cut but since it’s not common in France he (dad) and I were not circumcised. That satisfied our curiosity.

    When my dad chose to have himself circumcised, it was never discussed. Thee only other time I discussed it with my folks is when my wife was pregnant with our first son. My mom asked if we were going to have him done. When I said “yes,” my dad said something like “ good it’s better like that.”

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    I debated about putting anything on this but finally managed to get up the courage to do it. I was circumcised while in the Navy and was given (no choice) a high and tight cut. My wife and I loved the sex we had after the cut and were able to get pregnant (for almost three years uncut, no kids). We have three sons and a daughter. All three of my sons were RIC’d and didn’t have the problems I had in Middle and High School as a uncut male. My oldest son has never mentioned it at all but his two younger brothers brought up the topic when they had sex education in High School. Each time I explained the circumstances in which I had grown up and the fact that the Navy had clipped me and that their mother and I loved the sex after the cut and didn’t want them to go through it as adults. They asked a number of questions about sex, masturbation, and sexuality along with the inevitable questions about circumcision. They seemed to accept my answers about that at the time. Both of them are now married and have children of their own. I have never asked them about the status of my grandsons, that is their business not mine. I’m not sure that my wife and I would do the same thing now as we did back then but you can’t change the past.

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      I agree about the sex. For me it is 100% better without my foreskin getting in the way. My wife hasn’t really noticed a difference but has said it looks better.

      Was your circ required by the navy or heavily encouraged?

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    My first thought was ‘let him decide when he’s older’ without input from me, but after more than cursory thought that’s a bit of an abdication- as a father I’d be responsible for teaching a son about sex and related issues, of which circumcision involves a fair few. Obviously, I support circumcision generally, I think that barring medical issues specifically preventing it men are generally better off foreskinless.

    The thing is I’d guess that if I were to present the option, together with the endorsement, my kid would go for it. But the operation at age 12 is a bit more complex and rather better remembered than a neonatal circumcision. On the balance I expect that if I have a son he’ll get the op either very soon after birth or while still very young. The benefits, including the benefits of doing it sooner rather than later, outweigh the pre-puberty or adulthood snip.

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    The one hesitation I have is that in the U. S. we do not have a culture where a teen can get circumcised without some feeling of oddness and embarrassment. It is different in other cultures where circumcision is a rite of passage for boys that age. I’d be all for “letting him choose” except that the operation is more difficult and painful at that age and the factors of being embarrassed–as I was when I had it done at age 21. It was not easy getting up the courage! All things considered I wish my parents had had me done at birth!

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    I agree, and it’s practically the definition of parenting to make choices for the child based on your own knowledge and experience. Getting circumcised at birth would have saved me a lot of problems and hassle, and I can’t say I’ve had a situation since the op where I thought ‘I wish I still had a foreskin’. The only thing against it here is culture, but even that is a bit weaker than the reverse situation (cultures where circumcision is expected are a bit more hostile to foreskin than non-circumcising cultures are to its absence)- I haven’t experienced any negative responses from intimate partners and simply ‘not having a foreskin’ isn’t going to draw too much comment. What might, though, is deciding to have it removed.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I’m not married & have no relationships with a female, but, if I did have sons, I would definitely have all of them circumcised at birth. Then, when they got old enough & start asking questions about it, I would explain to them how circumcision got started in the Bible (Genesis 17) & then I would explain why I had them circumcised. I would do my best to explain all of this in a way the child can understand. And, I would call the penis a penis and not all the slang terms many people use. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of or fearful of. If parents are afraid to do it, they’ll learn it from someone else.

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