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    I first became aware of the importance of circumcision status for potential partners when I was at University. I am from the UK and like most men from the UK I am uncircumcised. At University I dormed with students from the USA who came over for a semester to study at a UK University. There were male students staying at one flat and female in another – all part of the same study group. There was a lot of romantic intermingling and the American girls would often express surprise that UK men were uncircumcised. I discovered most of the girls preferred circumcised and began to talk of ‘turtlenecks’ and sometimes make impressions by stretching their sweaters over their heads. In casual chat they would tell me they had only slept with circumcised men and found it humorous that UK men had extra skin and felt they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    I began to date a girl who grew up in Kentucky. She had only dated circumcised men in the past and her ex-partner was very well endowed, circumcised and would always be fully shaved down below. I noticed she would encourage me to have a shower before intimacy. She began to ask me if I’d ever shaved as she preferred the look of a clean shaven penis. I hadn’t but agreed to try it. She asked if she could shave my pubic area and I agreed. She then got a safety razor and fully shaved me – my testicles felt really sensitive and I noticed my orgasms were more powerful.

    After a few months she told me she liked the look of a shaved, circumcised penis and thought this was the most hygienic. She told me her well-endowed ex had her ideal penis type. She gave these hints that I found incredibly erotic, but never forced the issue.

    I’ve since had another partner who held my penis in her hand and asked if I’d ever considered getting circumcised. I don’t have phimosis but my foreskin doesn’t stretch completely over the glands – so I think this is why it’s been mentioned.

    Has anybody else had similar experiences? I think once I’m in a long term relationship I’d consider circumcision if my partner states a preference.

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    Strangely I heard this a fair amount before the operation too- by no means would every girl say something (and only one was ever as direct as your friend) but it ranged from keeping the skin pulled back whatever she did there (even handjobs, which was a new thing for me) to straight up asking me ‘what I thought’ of circumcision. I saw one girl before and after the cut- she hadn’t mentioned it before but said she definitely preferred things ‘after’. One thing to remember is make the decision for yourself- whether it’s because you think its cleaner, neater, or even a sexual turn on, it’s you who will end up circumcised so make sure it’s something you want.

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    I never overtly said anything to my boyfriend until recently but for the most part while we were together I would always always keep his skin back whether it was for oral or a handjob. At his suggestion I started using his foreskin to give him handjobs but for oral I told him no way… it’s staying back or I am not doing it so I always held it back tight at the base.

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