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    I can’t believe how many resources there are now for adult circumcision.
    In a time before the internet when I was growing up, I could never find any information on the subject and believed circumcision was only available for infants. If you missed that you were stuck with a foreskin for life.
    I was always ashamed of my status and hid it as much as I was able. Unfortunately in high school public showers in school gyms were mandatory and I vividly recall feeling as though I were the only one with a foreskin. That wasn’t actually true but we were certainly in the minority.
    I visited a surgeon in Winnipeg when I was 38, asking for the operation. I told him I had problems with infections, which was true. On examination he told me he thought I had “de herpes” and gave me a prescription for antivirals which of course did no good for an infection. Obviously a poor doctor who couldn’t deal with a sensitive issue.
    I chose then to go to the US and had my operation by a urologist in Bismark, ND. He was very non-judgemental and said the majority of the adult circumcision he performed were for “social reasons”. That was 30 years ago and I have never looked back.
    Today I see almost every major city has clinics which will do the operation without judgement and shaming of the patient. I would have had my operation 20 years earlier if I had been able to find such a site then.

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    Yes, it is amazing how easy it is to get a circumcision now without embarrassment. I grew up in a family that just did not talk about intimate things, including body parts. For some reason my parents did not have me circumcised at birth, but my father got circumcised shortly after I was born. I did not know this and grew up wondering why, I looked different from him as well as everybody else I saw. In college I visited a couple of docs and was very embarrassed. They said I would have to go in the hospital and have the procedure under a full anesthetic. I could not afford that, and also knew I could not keep the matter private. Finally I had it done, and had a friend who went with me, who had been circumcised in high school and understood why I wanted to be done. (He was born overseas and had his done when his family returned to the States, along with his tonsils!) He said he was surprised when he woke up from the surgery, as all he knew was going to happen was the tonsils, but he said that he’d always been glad to have had it done, even if late. Now, almost every city has a convenient place where circ’s can be done. I think most urologists do the procedure, even if they do not advertise. The main thing is to read up and learn about the pros and cons, and decide if you want it done with a local or a general anesthetic. The biggest complaint, as I read what others say, is guys who are disappointed that they did not get enough skin taken off. I suppose docs are afraid of taking too much, so if you want a “tight” cut, you have to discuss this carefully with the surgeon. But if you are reluctant out of fear of being embarrassed or not finding a cooperative doctor, “man up” as they say. After all, urologists deal with genitals for a living. They aren’t embarrassed and won’t embarrass you. It is really not so bad, and I’d compare the pain to that of having a tooth cavity filled. Just do your research and you will be fine.

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    ben lockwood

    this is the balls never thought I could get it done as a adult. need all the information I can get

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    Are you aware of any resources that my brother can point his wife to that would help explain to her whey he wants it done ?

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