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    From the earliest I can remember I was able to retract my foreskin. When I was little it covered over the glans fully and came a little further beyond. As I moved into puberty my foreskin became shorter, so that when soft the glans was only about half covered. In high school, I began keeping the foreskin pulled back and was able to keep it retracted fairly well, though not perfectly. Later, when I asked my doctor about getting a circumcision, he asked why I wanted it done, as my foreskin was short. The truth was I hated that it pushed forward at certain times. It was embarrassing, but after being used to having the glans uncovered, it felt uncomfortable. I can still tell when the last bits of post-circ foreskin roll down onto the corona. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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    My foreskin also shrunk during puberty and also left half my glans exposed. I’m a show-er, not a grower and I wonder if that has something to do with it. My foreskin would often, but not always, self-retract. Meaning that even when flaccid, it would sometimes retract leaving my glans exposed. For me, it was almost as if my penis wanted to be circumcised.

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    My experience was that even with a short foreskin it was beneficial for comfort, hygiene, and appearance to get circumcised. It is hard to explain but it was worth the trouble of having it done.

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    Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Even though my glans was exposed most of the time after puberty, it still feels more natural for me to have absolutely no loose skin at all on my penis.

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    Interesting, my foreskin was very long and i always had more than full coverage. But I never had any problems with retraction or it getting stuck or torn or anything.

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    Although I was never circumcised, my foreskin was always very short, seldom extending more than half a centimetre beyond the glans (definitely no anteater!).

    Around age 13 or 14 it began to retract spontaneously (especially when I was erect) and stay that way unless I pulled it back over. In the end I got tired of doing that and decided to let the thing have its way. The glans and area round its base (I forget the name) certainly felt sensitive at first, but I soon got used to it and it’s never bothered me since.

    Over time my foreskin’s shrunk to the point where it’ll barely cover the glans at all, even when I’m completely flaccid. And when I’m erect there’s practically no loose skin at all – if I had been circumcised, the consequent tightness and ongoing discomfort could have caused real distress.

    To anyone contemplating circumcision: DON’T. There’s absolutely no need.

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      I think it’s a bit silly to describe the effects of a circumcision you haven’t had, to be fair. The forum is also about making the choice to get cut, so questions of need don’t really come into it.

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