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    Has anybody heard of/had the operation with the Shang Ring device? It’s a clamp-like two piece ring that crushes the excess skin and is meant to be very simple, but height/tightness can be a bit inaccurate. Not only are surgeons using them but people buy them off alibaba. I was done without a ‘device’ and it took me a month to heal (skin glue instead of sutures is worth it, by the way), these are meant to be bloodless/faster healing. I don’t think they were on the market when I got myself sorted out but I’ve read a couple of accounts on here recently where guys have tried to circumcise themselves (not a good idea, ring or not) and this seems potentially less harmful?

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    Choice Maker

    I can’t recommend using “at home” circumcision devices. I always tell people to go see a urologist and I haven’t seen any reason to say otherwise for a circumcision. Too much skin, too many blood vessels, too easy to do it wrong. Remember that devices for adults are designed for places (think sub-Saharan Africa) where the standard of medical care is such that the device actually -is- a better option than going to the local healer.

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    Definitely. It really isn’t an area where you can afford slipups and it’s very bad news to attempt anything yourself. I have read about the device being used by actual surgeons with reasonable results (and indeed nurse-practitioners in Africa). The other posters reported problems in all cases with at-home solutions. I recently read about this ring and indeed people buying it independently. Curiosity rather than recommendation- for my part I also wonder why somebody would self-circumcise. I can think of a number of reasons based around cultural issues, not wanting people in a non-circumcising culture to know you had the op (even doctors?), or maybe not wanting to make a ‘big deal’ that could lead to questions?

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    Choice Maker

    From what I’ve seen, the single biggest motivating factor for self-circumcision in the USA is the cost of an adult circumcision. Personally I don’t think the risk of self-circumcising is worth the reduced cost, especially given the high chance of needing to get it fixed by a professional anyway.

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    Hmm. I guess it would be fairly ‘normal’ to get circumcised in the USA as an adult for those who weren’t done as kids, but that leads to relatively high demand, not all of whom would have the money for an elective procedure. Socially in the UK there is a bit of a cultural barrier too as many people can’t imagine non-medical adult circumcision. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to explain anything to anyone, but others out there may want to keep it quiet.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Well, I’ll say why I did a self-circumcision using rubber bands, of all things. I did it, (1) because I wanted to be circumcised and didn’t know what else to do because of fear and embarrassment, and I got tired of people telling me I didn’t need it and it wasn’t necessary. To me, circumcision IS necessary and if I can’t get it any other way, I’ll do it myself! (2) I couldn’t afford the cost of getting circumcised at the time I did the self-circumcision. I do NOT recommend self-circumcision simply because it did NOT turn out the way it was supposed to and now I will have to have circumcision revision done. I will also have to have surgery to repair the tube in the shaft that urine and semen go through because after I used the rubber bands, it was severed and now urine and semen come out of the bottom of the shaft and not out of the urethral opening in the glans. No, self-circumcision definitely is NOT a good thing to do.

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