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    Choice Maker

    Don’t be embarrassed. It turns out that a lot of guys have fantasies that involve themselves getting circumcised. Like, a lot of guys.

    The most common such fantasy for a man is the desire for a dominating female partner who will demand that he get cut. It’s an intense desire to have their partner pressure them into a circumcision that they secretly also want themselves. There’s a whiff of BDSM in the air here and a lot more guys than you would think find this scenario incredibly and intensely erotic.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I have sexual fantasies about wanting to be circumcised. Since I am single and do not have a wife or girlfriend I get my pleasures when I masturbate. I fantasy about young handsome men wanting me to get circumcised. Then I fantasy about me getting it done. I then fantasy that since I got circumcised and like it so much, I get other guys to do it, too. I make up all kinds of stories about getting other guys to get circumcised, and in my fantasies [only] I actually force men to get circumcised or they can’t even do things like coming on to my property until they get circumcised. After they get circumcised they can come on to my property. Sounds pretty nutty, huh? When I first started masturbating just before I turned 11 years old I would twist the foreskin until I ejaculated my semen. Finally, very soon after that it dawned on me that guys who are circumcised have the entire head of their penises exposed, and since I wanted to masturbate like a guy who is circumcised, I pushed the foreskin completely off of the head so that it would be exposed and then I went through the masturbating process. After I jacked off I wiped off my head and pushed the foreskin back over the head which I hated because I want my head exposed 24/7. Bruce

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    Its true at some erotic level that this fantasy may be more common than we realise.
    I think I’d just like it if my wife decided I was going to be cut and took me down to the clinic to have it done. No discussion just a case of taking my orders, obey and having that unfinished business sorted, the package tidied up to please her. Of course there would be other numerous benefits to it.

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    Hmm. A surprising number of partners mentioned circumcision while I was still hooded up and with one partner we played with exposing my glans before sex with medical glue (as silly as that sounds). That didn’t work because of the push/pull detaching the glue, but it was a great feeling in most of my trousers and I kept doing that.

    I guess I enjoy a feeling of nakedness and being ‘ready for action’ and barely restrained energy, though not so much exhibition/actual nudity. Being circumcised (and underwear-free) definitely pushes that button for me, and my op followed fairly quickly on the heels of giving up underwear.

    Sure, I can give the pg13 explanation which is that I lived in a hot country, so comfort and hygiene called for going free and getting cut respectively, but while that is true and a definite plus, theres more to it than that!

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    I always fantasised that a clean cut tool will be most attractive to my partner.

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    I think been thinking about circumcision for the last 10 years, but more serously for the last 6 years. I’m not sure why. I don’t have any problems. I think it is just sexually exciting. Maybe just for a change. I am also cusious what the difference would be, and I wonder if my partner would find it different in a good way. I think I am becomeing obsessed with the idea. Is this normal? I feel wierd for having these thoughts. i dont want to do something i would regret. at the same time i have already lived half my life with foreskin, so i don’t think i would miss it enough to be regretful. i have not yet discussed it with my wife. i have come close a few times. then i think i am being silly. but i do want to ask her what she would think about it. but i dont want her to think i am crazy.

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      Hey saw your message. I had a similar situation. If you wanted to chat off line, I could talk you though that conversation

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    I havent meantioned anything to my wife in 10 years. it will catch her off guard. she is not even thinking about it. i am wondering how to being it up. how to handle is she things that’s and odd idea. then what next steps to take in the conversation. she should definately be part of the decision. afew times i thought about just getting it dont behind her back when she was out of town, but then common sense kicked in and told me that would not be the right thing to do.
    if you have any thoughts you can email me.


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    you see, i am from india and my wife is from mexico so neither of us know anything about circumcision

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