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    Typically American men seem to have very high (and tight) circumcisions. I find this surprising as presumably most would have been cut as babies with a Gomco or similar kind of clamp and I’d have expected this to remove most of the inner foreskin. Does anyone have an explanation ?

    Could it be because of the size of an infant’s penis relative to the clamp ? and if so would an adult circumcision using a Gomco clamp produce a different result (not as high).

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    Will B Goode

    Not a medical person, but from what I’ve learned, I believe the gomco clamp offers a lot of flexibility, and can produce high, low, moderate, or loose, moderate or tight circumcisions on adults or infants, depending on what is desired, and the skill of the doctor using it. It is made in many different sizes, ranging from infant to adult. It does have something of a reputation for being able to produce tight results, however.

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    I am very confused because i dont care if the result is tight. I want the least pain and fastest healing. I thought shanf ring would be best.

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      Will B Good

      Ronald, there are many different ways, techniques, clamps, rings and instruments for performing circumcisions. I believe most of them work reasonably well, and all have advantages and disadvantages. Style, or result, is very important to some people, and not very important to others. See a doctor. He or she can give you accurate information and discuss your concerns, and help clear up your confusion.

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