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    EDIT by Choice Maker: I have a page about to frenulectomy, the removal of the frenulum, which can be done during a circumcision or afterward. I removed my frenulum myself several years after my circumcision (images here) and am absolutely glad it is gone.

    I would definitely suggest that anyone who is about to get a circumcision ask their urologist or surgeon about the benefits versus the cons of entirely removing the frenulum (the strip of skin that anchors the foreskin to the back of the glans) during their surgery. My understanding is that for many men, this is the most sensitive part of their penis. But some of us have a short frenulum , that can tear or rip during sex. Mine was removed completely during my circumcision.

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    There seems to be various opinions about removing the frenulum. I choose my circ at age 21 and didn’t know very much about styles or anything else, but from experience I knew that my frenulum was exquisitely pleasurable. The doc who did me was also circed as an adult and I pretty much left everything up to him. I ended up with a fairly low cut,with m frenulum split from top to bottom. It is perfect with sensation both in the gland and frenular area. I have forgotten almost completely what I even looked like befre mycirc — whenever I bathe, pee, or see myself in nthe mirror,all I see is the mevthat I wanted to be for the first 21 years of my life. When y three boys came along, I made sure that the doc who did ther circumcisions also left part of their frenulums.

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    I guess that the frenulum gives a lot of joy to many men. To me, the sensations were pleasure mixed with pain, as mine was too short (frenulum breve). When I got it the frenulum cut in a frenulotomy, the pain mostly disappeared and I did not lose (or miss) any sensitivity.

    A few years later I chose a low and moderately tight circumcision. In discussing the plan, the urologist noted “the frenulum is still there, in two parts” and he suggested excising it completely, which turned out to be the right choice for me: I’ve had no pain whatsoever since my cut; and again, I have not noticed or missed any loss of sensation.

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    My surgeon said me it was useful to remove the frenulum to give some help in ensuring the glans to be completely free, dry and clean (i.e. completely uncovered) in any circumstances. So he completely removed it and I do not regret : it is replaced by a smooth and very sensitive small triangle…

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    The second paragraph of my post disappeared when I posted it !
    I must say that one year ago my wife and I decided to have our 9 y. o. son circumcised with frenulum removal. He got a low and very tight circumcision; so his glans is totally and permanently exposed but the penis shaft was a little shortened by the surgery so it stays always in a horizontal position when soft. However the surgeon says all will be fine when he will go through puberty, and his penis will grow up. And we hope so !

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      I received the same circumcision as your son when I was 14. He will end up with much less sensitivity and take a long time to orgasm, but it will be worth it. I’ve found that orgasms are far stronger and that I am very good at pleasing my partners since I always cum after they do. It’s much less sensitive than a high circ, but I think he will really enjoy it

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    Thank you for your message. You were low-tight circumcised when you were 14 and myself I was 15 : so our situations are nearly similar; I know we take a longer time to cum with very strong orgasms and I know we are quite good partners. But my son is younger and I am afraid to think that one day he could have erections too much stretched and painful… However your message is very positive and I hope you and my doctor are right and my son will have a fulfilling sex life, enjoying his low-tight circumcision.

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      As far as I know, the low-tight style will not cause pain because the outer foreskin and shaft skin are more stretchable than inner foreskin.

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    Out of curiosity how long do you now take to orgasm with low and tight cuts? I had mine done in December and I’m really struggling because it’s like I can’t orgasm without masturbating so sex is far less passionate. The orgasms are incredibly strong but there is definitely a desire to be able to finish faster.

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      Rest assured that things will get better! When I was cut in my late twenties, I needed a year or two to fully adapt…

      “Relearning” takes quite some time — depending on a nunber of factors like age, shower/grower, tightness and lowness. Out of curiousity: How low is your ‘low’? My ‘low’ is a bit below 0.4 inches.

      I’d like to add that treatment using natural oinments helped by softening my circumcision scar.

      All the best!

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    As a low-tight circumcised man my masturbation sessions take about fifteen or twenty minutes to orgasm with very low and very small movements on the shaft (not glans), without lubricant. The orgasm is really great and strong.
    Intercourse needs also a long time inside my partner but I do not wish to finish faster. The orgasm rises slowly, then it explodes in all my body (nipples and also anus take part of it).

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      But how long does that take? 30 minutes? An hour?

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    With my partner that depends on circumstances. I would say about half an hour: the difficulty is to keep the highest level without coming: the penis so straight and tight in her vagina, with very small movements, body against body, nipples stroking nipples Whaou !.. then all explode!!

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    I was circumcised for health reasons a few years ago due to health reasons. My doctor advised that removing the frenulum would be beneficial. I was given a low and tight cut with the frenulum removed. I can’t say that i have any issues in regards to loss of sensitivity, but orgasms are certainly much better. I’m very happy with the results

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      Same with me!

      More than a decade later, all I can do is recommend this particular circumcision style. Honestly, I’m very glad I’m cut.

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    I was re-circumcised to tighten my original high and tight circumcision which had become loose over the years. Unlike many of my peers, I still had my frenulum. It would bunch up underneath the head when I was flaccid and I didn’t like the appearance of that. While I had a high circumcision, I had to lose some inner foreskin during the second procedure. During my re-circumcision I also took the opportunity to request that my frenulum be totally removed. I now have an extra tight circumcision that is medium high with a perfectly​ smooth underside. I love the way it looks and feels. I use lube to masturbate and focus on both the head and the smooth area where my frenulum used to be. The extra tightness produces extra strong orgasms. I would recommend a high and tight circumcision with the frenulum removed for both infant and adult circumcisions.

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    Although it has been many years since I was circumcised, I did not have much problems with sensitivity after the fact. I was in the military at the time and had to wait (there wasn’t much privacy for masturbation) until I got home for sex with the wife. That meant about five weeks of healing before the fist time of sex. I didn’t notice much of a problem although sex did (and does) last longer and my wife was able to achieve organism much easier after I was clipped (what we called it in the military at the time). I had a high and tight cut with the frenulum removed and have never noticed much change in sensitivity. I will agree with those above, although it was not voluntary at the time, I am very glad that I was circumcised and wouldn’t change a thing. I just wish I had been circumcised earlier.

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    Attaining orgasm much depends on how the sensation is triggered on the scar line or on the sulcus. The time is delayed marginally only after circumcision. Since mine is quite high cut there is no remarkable change in time.

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    Choice Maker

    I would like to refer people to my recent experience removing my frenulum. TLDR: I wish I had done it a looooong time ago.

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    Mine was high and relatively tight- the redundant skin wasn’t too long and the frenulum was pretty loose. As a result, I kept the frenulum and still have a bare head when soft. I think a lot of it is down to your personal ‘shape’ in that area and the skill of the surgeon. I imagine if a guy has a long foreskin and a short frenulum, he’d probably have to have it cut during the operation.

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    N A

    I had my frenulum removed in my circ (see my thread). I’m a bit disappointed due to the fact it is so responsive to touch. I have a triangle of skin underneath, with the scab coming off, but no feeling there (yet; 11 days into recovery). So far feels like a mistake.

    Does this area experience a lot of sensation during sex?

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    I can’t believe these conversations. You men that should know better discussing the mutilatoin of your boys.i was cut at a young age and it’s caused all sorts of mental anguish. I think it’s discusting forcing this surgery on your children. Let them make their own choice when there old enough to make the dessision.

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    david webb

    I think having your frenulum removed is the best thing you can do, I know I feel cleaner and free, my glands are totally eposed, and there is nothing I can do about it.

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    I have the fren removed. It used to be the most sensitive spot and my wife would lick it. Now the circ scar is the most sensitive spot. It is farther Down the shaft and now she licks there .

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    I think the frenulumless penis with also a very high and tight circumcision with no foreskin left is the ultimate look for an attractive penis a male can achieve!

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    Totally agree with you. A well-circumcised penis with all of the frenulum removed is the ultimate streamlined smooth and clean look for any male. Something to admire.

    Graham, UK

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    im 16 year old teen boy. I have discussed w my mother and the doctor for the full removal of my frenulum and remaining foreskin to be stretched as much as possible. im told this will keep me from being able to have as much sexual pleasure and most likely prevent me from being able to masturbate. ive accepted this.

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