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    I was circumcised three days ago and it all went fine. I’m 27 years old and got myself circumcised because I was diagnosed with relative phimosis. I could’ve had sex and masturbate but when I did, it often hurt and it was a pleasure killer. I found it hard to orgasm/ejaculate sometimes when with my ex female partner and because of the pain I sometimes avoided having sex at all. This maybe even contributed to the fact that relationship ended in a strange kind of way (subconscious, and so on), but that’s not that important and might be just a stupid rationalization (it’s a good thing we broke up anyways and don’t think this was the main reason, but who knows, doesn’t matter)…

    I never had trouble with “premature ejaculation”, it was always on the contrary; and the fact that I was using anti-depressants and anxiolytics probably made me last even longer than I did – and I always “lasted” very long, sometimes even “too long” for her (it happened with at least two or three girls that they used to orgasm 3-5 times while I didn’t at all). OK, she was always satisfied, more or less, and I was not. And sometimes my ex used to put a pressure (non-deliberately but nevertheless) on me to orgasm and that often led to a paradoxical situation that I couldn’t orgasm at all when I was with her because I was under pressure to do so (she wanted me to “enjoy too”) and than this phimosis and the pain and all together it was not so good for me.

    On the other hand, I didn’t have that problems with other girls before her and didn’t have that problem while I was masturbating. But after I developed the phimosis, even though I could’ve orgasmed, it started to hurt more and more and couldn’t masturbate every day and if I were I would wake up with painful erections. So the urologist that operated me said this was the only way to get rid of the problem. And I did it. I chose the so called “partial circumcision”, but he told me he removed around 70% of the “original” foreskin. Now that my glans will always be “outside”, even though I am happy I got rid of the phimosis which stood in the way of achieving a pleasurable sexual life for me, I’m a little bit afraid that this will lead to a de-sensitation of the glans, so big that I will lose the will to have sex at all… Or that I might not be able to orgasm with some future partner, again. Is it really true that during the “keratization” of the glans after the circumcision, the glans gets so de-sensitised that it’s not as good as anymore. Even before I had phimosis, I was by nature prone to “long very last” and if I used thick condoms I felt very little. I want to add, for medical and scientific purposes only, that the size of my penis in erection is slight above average so that’s not a problem. It’s not that there was no good friction, it was; it was the combination of the stress in my life, me taking anti-depressants and generally being not so “physical” type of person (more of a “dreamer” in some periods of life). I know how it sounds, I’m just telling you how it is.

    The main thing I am concerned about now for the future is – will the glans get so de-sensitised that the quality of my sexual life will be lower than that before I got into the state of this whole “relative phimosis” thing? I know that each of us are individual cases but can you tell me your experiences and which sources on the Web are RELIABLE for these sort of stuff, because the Web is FILLED with contradicting pieces of information. Some say that sensitivity will reduce greatly, some say it will stay the same, some say that it will even be higher (not just in an immediate one month post-op period).

    Thank you very much for your replies.

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    I read through your post. I’m considering getting circumcised for both health and body image issues.While there possibly may be some lessening of surface sensitivity of the glans in circumcised males,my opinion is that severe loss of sensitivity has other factors that may not be related to circumcision. Only a competant medical professional; a urologist; could appropriately answer your questions. Most likely you would need a thorough exam and possibly blood work.Find a doctor that you can feel comfortable discussing these issues with. Wishing you all the best.

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    Joe Frazer

    Circ-jerk: I was circumcised as a young male and although I lost some sensitivity it has never reduced my sex life or drive. Each case is individual and you will need to take it as it goes. You still have a way on the recovery road and then jacking and then sex. Hope all goes well.

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    Well the glans might be reduced a bit in light touch sensitivity, but I have a different question. With no foreskin restricting the head, doesn’t it expand a bit and fill out? Wouldn’t this feel amazing?!?! I think it would

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    This was a major worry of mine, but honestly it didn’t happen. I had myself sorted out after a year in a very warm country, after I got back I had to switch from light clothing like shorts, cargo pants and combat-type trousers to jeans and other heavy/rough materials, largely due to climate. I was concerned that contact between the glans and material would desensitise me but it honestly did no such thing. One important point though was that I didn’t have any problem that stopped me from keeping the skin back, and that was how I wore it as often as possible before the op. It’s been a long time since and there’s been no loss of sensitivity during sex, the sensations from the head don’t go away but you learn to tune them out and you can ‘tune back in’ as needed.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I did a self-circumcision and since I did, I have less sensitivity in my glans. I really like this because before the glans got so sensitive especially when I masturbated I didn’t want to touch it after I masturbated. I like it better without all of the sensitivity.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Since I got the glans to stay exposed 24/7/365 when I masturbate I feel more sensation & sensitivity in the shaft and the F-SPOT on the bottom side of my penis. While I’m coming to a climax & just before I ejaculate my semen, the feeling I get in my shaft feels so good, I could shout for joy because it feels that good!!! I guess I could say it feels so good, I just about think I died & went to heaven!! It is really AWESOME!!!! Now I believe I know how a guy who has been circumcised since birth gets all the excitement when he has sex.

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      how did you get it to stay back ?

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    You cannot make it stay back unless you put a tape or something to hold it.

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    I was circumcised at age 23 and had had plenty of sex before hand and have been without my foreskin for about 20 years now.

    Firstly – everyone has different experiences. I’d love to tell you my own experience is exactly how it is for everyone, but how would I know? All i can do is say in my case, I couldn’t be happier post circumcision.

    First – don’t confuse sensitivity with pleasure. Just because something is very sensitive doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good. In my case, the sensation changed but I my pleasure went up.

    Before, when I had my foreskin, I experienced pleasure over a wide area of my penis, but it was never especially ‘direct’ or specific. Just a general “that’s really nice” sensation.

    After my circ, my sensations seemed to concentrate in the area around my scarline. It’s a much more intense sensation. I have it in a smaller area, but in that smaller area, I feel a lot more concentrated pleasure. To me, this is the better of the two options. To someone else it may be the opposite. The overall change in feeling was very small though. I wouldn’t have a problem if i had all my old sensations back again, but I prefer the way it is now. It’s not a reduction, it’s a change. That’s all. And honestly, it’s not a huge change.

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