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    Hi Guys,

    A little bit about my situation, I was circumcised due to a lump on my penis shaft. This is the 9th day after the operation and the doctor has given me a low and loose cut(?) I believe and my frenulum removed (to my horror). I didn’t specify the cut I wanted because I didn’t know about it beforehand.

    The glands exposed is very de-sentivised… previously when I expose my glands and touch it, it is highly sensitive, and it was quite painful for me to pull down my foreskin anyways and the foreskin couldn’t roll up as well, stuck at the glands. (I guess tight foreskin issue? I am 24 years old this year).

    My key questions are :
    1. I read horror stories online that sex will be less pleasurable especially with my glands so un-sensitive. Is this true!? I am very very worried especially with my frenulum gone.
    2. How should I masturbate? I used to masturbate a lot but now it just looks so weird and gosh I am living in fear everyday.

    I need some help and information guys.. thank you.

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    Sounds like your issue was a medical one, so there might not have been any option as regards the kind of cut you got. Low and loose means the scar line is relatively close to the glans and loose means there’s more remaining skin- depending on the size change on erection you will probably have at least your corona (rim of the glans) covered when soft if you have a loose cut. The swelling has probably taken up some of the slack so soon into your recovery so your result will likely be tighter.

    Most guys here had a choice of style and generally go for tighter cuts that keep the head free all the time, me included. I’ve been bare for nine years, and sex still feels great- better, in many ways but some of this will be psychological, and if you’re unhappy with the result this might not be true for you.

    It’s been a while since your post, anyway, how did things work out?

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    So i had to get mine cut because it was to tight how long before you notice the swelling went down I’m about 2.5 week after surgery getting Circumcised stitches are all out getting hard hurts still and i feel like i can’t get a full hard on it feel tight in the shaft like if it won’t go no more. How long before the sling is back to moving freely?

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