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    Some men just feel better about themselves after a circumcision. Some men just know that they -will-, once they do it.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I know that once I get it done, I am going to be pleased with the fact I got circumcised and now I can spend the rest of my life enjoying my circumcised penis.

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    I’m seeing this the way Bruce does.

    I knew that my penis would NEVER be uncut again—as long as I live. I’m loving it!

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    Yep. From seeing myself in the mirror and everyday reminders from my head against the fabric of my trousers, to knowing there’s nothing coming between myself and sex partners, it’s a big boost in a lot of ways!

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    Yeah man. I feel immense confidence with my cut pecker. Like Connor McGregor confident. As with any man, sex is the best. With no foreskin, my bare knob feels the penetration and the complete inside of my partner. Jacking off is great as well. With that said I would say I have a good, even cut, meaning there’s enough shaft skin left. Yet, my head is always out.

    Pissing/Urinaton: This is great. I was always grossed out when I had to pull my foreskin back to take a leak. And in order to piss in a straight stream. Now I just unzip and point. Then a quick shake.

    Condoms: Yeah you know what I’m taking about. I fucked hated when I had to put a rubber on and it would feel so unnatural inside. Now they’re totally snug and it’s feel like nothing.

    I feel more confident in the gym or other places where we have to change out. It’s a masculine thing.

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