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    Has anyone had the Pollock Style circumcision done in Canada? I’m considering getting it done but am wondering if anyone has had this style done and what they think of it? He is based in Vancouver BC

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    Hi Brian,

    I asked this question a few weeks ago under the circ styles heading. Its been 3 weeks and no one has given any feedback yet. So kinda just have to hope for the best. How soon were you looking to getting it done. Im going to try and get in before the end of February.


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    Hi Kyle
    I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but haven’t committed. Please post back here with how it goes and how things turn out I am very interested! He does lots of children and everyone seems to be happy with the results and he’s been doing adults for a while now and there doesn’t seem to be any bad feedback out there so it must be good!

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    Alden Penney

    I am 18, uncut and considering getting cut. What should I go for in style? What is a Pollock style circ? Any help would be appreciated? Thanks, Alden

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    Hi Brian,

    I will be sure to keep you posted. He seems to be the only one to do adult circ. in the vancouver area.

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    Hi – I live in Vancouver and was circ’d by Pollock in October 2014. Let me know if you’ve got questions.

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    Hi Sam,

    What was your recovery period like time wise? Were you happy with the procedure and recovery? Anything you were unhappy about? Cost?

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    Hey Kyle,

    Recovery period was pretty quick, I cant remember an exact timeline but it went quickly, about 2 weeks for the skin to heal together. Completely pain free, never had to take any ibuprofen (or tylenol) or anything aside from the one given right after the surgery. Cost was $150 or so for the initial consultation, the circumcision was an additional $2000 i believe.

    Pretty happy with the result so far – was extremely convenient (I dont know anywhere else in van that does adult circs for cosmetic reasons). Only wish would have been the removal of the frenulum as mines a bit short to begin with, but pollock doesnt do that – only the clamp, cut, and glue.

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    Hi, Sam
    Thanks for the info.
    Where did your scar end up, is it close to the head? Do you have any inner foreskin left or was it all removed during the circumcision? Did you end up with a tight or loose cut?
    I was also looking at Pollocks website and it looks like he now offers frenulum removal if your still looking to get this done.

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    Hey Brian, whereabouts on Pollock’s website does it mention Frenulum removal? I would still be interested in having that procedure done.

    As for my circumcision with Pollock, my scar ended up about an inch and a half behind the head (when erect). Since he uses the mogen clamp, I’d say the result is a high and medium cut (since done in adulthood). It’s loose when soft but when hard is a little taughter. There is still inner foreskin left since all clamp circumcisions leave some behind.

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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the info! Glad to hear a first hand experience from someone who has gone to Dr. Pollock as an adult!

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    Hey Sam,

    One last question… Did they use a local or general anesthetic for your procedure?

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    Hey Kyle,
    It was a local anaesthetic that was used. They apply some sort of numbing cream and then wrap it up in saran wrap then send you back to the lobby for 10-15 minutes while it numbs things. Then they bring you back in and apply the local. Definitely felt the pricks of the needle but after a few seconds was totally fine.

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    Hi Sam
    Here is the link

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    I went in for a consultation today and booked the appointment. He showed me pictures of how it looked after, but only flaccid. He showed me one that had excessive swelling that he said wouldn’t go away and then how it looked normally If things went fine. Has anyone else went in and got it done? Are you happy with the way it looks flaccid and erect?

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    Hi, does Dr.Pollock do fren removal at the same time? If so is it for extra cost or the same?

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    I was circumcised in Vancouver, BC in 1999. The best way to get it done is to go to your doctor and ask for a referral for a urologist. Many urologists will do it and if they won’t (there are some that won’t) then ask your doctor for another referral. I think I paid $500 for my circumcision when I was 20. It’s an elective surgery so is not covered by healthcare costs in Canada unfortunately. But sounds like much cheaper than the $2000 asked by Dr. pollock. However if he does a good job, then the price is worth it. You only have one penis. My surgery was also done at VGH and under local anesthesia. It was done in an hour or so and I was awake for the entire process. Healing was ok except for the nighttime erections. I might have popped a stitch but your body adjusts to it and any opening will heal as a scar.

    Overall I don’t regret getting circumcised as an adult. I love the way my penis looks and am not ashamed showering at the gym. In Canada it’s 50/50 those who are cut and uncut. I prefer being clean and the look of the cut penis. No one complains about having a circumcised penis for sex, though for being uncut, there are those against. To each his own.

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    Got a pollock style circ a few weeks ago, Turned out High and loose.

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    Hello Paul,

    Which pollock clinic did you go to? Did you also get your frenulum cut? How are you doing so far?

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    Hey guys,
    So I figured Id post since I found it really hard to find info when I was thinking about doing it. I just got circumcised by Dr Pollock this morning. Cant comment on how it looks bc I cant take the bandage off til tmrw.
    They are great at the clinic, super friendly nurses.
    They charge 2000 for the surgery and 150 for the consult. I thought there would be taxes on top of that but there werent. After I had the consult and chose to go ahead with the surgery the actually waived the consult charge so I only ended up paying 2000 flat.
    The worst part is the needles they give for freezing, but then after that I literally didnt feel a thing. Still waiting for the freezing to wear off, so cant comment on the pain yet.
    Overall, so far, its been a good experience. I had it done due to phimosis ps.
    If you have any other questions Id be happy to help.
    Good luck!

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      Wow. That’s pricey. I may have to re-think the procedure. Can you follow-up after it has healed and let us know hot it looks? I’m worried about the scar line. Also, does the Pollock style remove the frenulum?

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    Hey Matt,
    Yeah it wasnt cheap, but from what I tead online he is supposed to be really good and that made me a bit nore comfortable. The other thing I notice is that all the info online from guys who got it done with stitches complain about intense pain during erections, and I have to say with the skin glue Pollock uses its nothing more than a bit of discomfort. Plus apparently the scar line looks better due to not having stitches.
    I’ll try to keep posting in the coming weeks, but if I forget feel free to drop me an email to remind me – blake.peets@outlook.com

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      Thanks for the reply. I look forward to hearing the updates.

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      Hey Blake,

      How is the recovery coming along and what is the outcome like?

      I am considering going for a Pollock style circ in Australia and am keen to hear how it went.


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    Hello everyone,

    I’m considering the pollock Circumcision but I want to make an informed decision. How was the procedure? How was the healing process? Did you experience any loss of sensitivity after? How does the scar look/how far below the head is it? Which circumcision style it it (high and tight)?

    Any details help.
    Thank you!

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    Hey Guys,

    I am also considering this type of circ would love to know a few ofthe same things as Simon. Did you experience any loss of sensitivity after? How does the scar look/how far below the head is it? Which circumcision style it it (high and tight)

    Cheers James

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    Hey Guys:

    I can’t answer you about the Pollock Circumcision since I was done some years ago. But I can answer you on some of the others as to my own personal experience. The healing process was simple for me as the bandage was changed daily along with some cream to keep everything moist. My scar was quite small, very thin, and just below the head. I had a high and tight with the frenulum removed completely and I gained in sensitivity and did not lose any. The recovery took about four weeks and I was shown how to jackoff with lotion which I do need now for that particular sexual function. I don’t need it for regular sex and the one thing that happened for me was that I came harder circumcised that I did before I was clipped. Back in the day it was better to be clipped but today it is a matter for each individual. Good Luck and enjoy the sex.

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    Hey everyone, just wanted to gain some in-site as some time has passed between threads, Looking to get a pollock style circ. Have the consultation booked for next week. My main question for the gents that have had this technique done is how it turned out cosmetically after adequate healing time, how long it took to get back to work specifically in an active job and if you had any regrets or complications arising from it. Thanks

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    Hello Spleb. I am also considering pollock circumcision in Canada. Can you please e-mail me? I have questions. How much is the consultation? My email is Canada7911@hotmail.com

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    Are there any outcome images?

    Is the shaft tight when erect? How far back is the scar both flaccid and erect?

    Cosmetic results out of 10?

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    Hey Spleb/James,

    I had a Pollock circ in Ontario about seven weeks ago. I would say it is low and loose, which seems to be a common scenario. The healing went very well and the scar line is hidden behind the head when flaccid and about 1-1.5″ from the head when erect. It isn’t super tight on the shaft when erect, the tighest part (no issue though) is where the remaining part of the frenulum is attached – it was released from most of the head but not the part at the start of the shaft (can’t say if that’s common or not, but it was super tight before and is fine now, still nice and sensitive like before). When flaccid, I’m not content with it. There is definitely redundant foreskin – a tad in warm weather or when barely erect – pushes up against the head, a little wrinkle – and it covers about half the head in cold weather after bending to tie shoes and standing back up, for example. I had a lot of foreskin before and more than double in size when erect, so I’m sure it was a tough guess to make on how much to take off – I’d mentioned my fear of having it too tight/painful when erect, but after doing more research post-circ, I’d guess that is unlikely to ever happen with this technique and wish I wouldn’t have said that. If I could go back I’d say take as much off as you think is safe, and completely separate the frenulum; would’ve mentioned the size difference soft to hard too in case that affected their decision. I have to wait about six months for the last bits of deep tissue to heal before they’ll consider a revision, but I will likely go that route, since this was a cosmetic surgery I really do want an optimal cosmetic outcome. In the meantime it’s nice to need little-to-no lube, but still have a good looking erection.
    The scar line is so minimal, I’m very happy with that. I think if your surgeon is willing to be bold with how much skin is removed, you’ll really be happy with this technique.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Wow Ryan,

    1-1/2″ would be a relatively high cut. Most Urologist will try and leave you with only 5mm, sounds to me that you got about 15 times more then they suggest by WHO, so I’d say consider yourself lucky. Now as far as tightness I would definitely get that tighter. If your concern that you’d like to have more inner foreskin, what I’ve done is stretch using a device concentrating only on that portion of skin. You have a lot to work with as I had a 3rd of what you started with and right now after almost 2 years stretching got my scar line at 1″ from the gland, I started with 3/8″. By the way Dr. Cornell out of Atlanta did a great job on my revision circ., really respected my wishes of not cutting any more inner skin. I plan on seeing him again once I get my desired high cut look for him to tighten it up for circ. #3.

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    Hello all,

    It has been some time since I had last posted, had been doing more research and trying to make my final decision. I had attended the gentle procedures clinic in Toronto and had my consultation. I found it was more of a q&a session with a brief inspection of my penis to verify there would be no issues. I have put down my deposit and am about 3 weeks away from the appointment. I made a doctors appt for tomorrow to discuss with my physician before finally taking the plunge, however I find myself doubting my decision from time to time. My fiance is on board with it however claims that everything is fine and she is happy with it on her end and I should leave it alone. For me personally it goes deeper than that as it is embarrassing for me to look in the mirror at it the majority of the time as well as with my vocation hygiene can be a little difficult up keeping. I understand the material would most likely be better suited in a different forum however with this procedure being a ” Pollock style ” circ, figured I would incorporate it. Have any of you guys had feelings of changing your decision last minute? I assume it’s somewhat normal but don’t want to make any irrational decisions. Thanks

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the information thus far. I went in for the consult at the east GTA Pollock clinic and the doctor recommended that I get a frenuloplasty and a circumcision due to medical reasons – Thai is due to a tight frenulum and tight foreskin. I am planning on getting a loose cut so as to reduce the risk of potentially losing sensitivity. I am planning on getting the operation done in a few weeks. Does anyone have any idea how much time I should expect to take off work, and how they found the healing times and pain through this method? Also, what pain medication do the Pollock clinics typically give?

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    Hi guys

    I was originally really keen to have a pollock circ seemed the easiest procedure to have done as well as great Scar results you get with the mogen clamp no stitch marks. But have decided against it as it results in a high cut as the mogen clamp is tug and chop method so their is always inner foreskin left the lenght of the glans.

    I have decided to have a free hand circumcision low and tight as i prefer their appearance of this style and there are greater heath benefits.

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    Hey guys, I’ve got my appt coming up in a few days for a Pollock style circ, pretty stoked about it as I’ve been waiting years to have this done. Just wanted to say thanks for the information and support and I’ll update you guys as I heal up.

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    Dear Spleb,
    I predict you will be happy with your decision. It is natural to be a bit nervous. I found my procedure was comparable to getting a cavity filled at the dentist. Actually, the dentist’s injection of anesthetic can be more painful! Be sure to tell the doctor in plain language what you want. Be very specific. After all, you are paying him! If you think you might not remember, write out what you want, and bring a photo. Your physician will have (or should have) done hundreds of circumcisions. He will not be embarrassed, and you should not be either. Procedures like this are how he makes his living. Then after the surgery, be good to yourself the first few days. Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. You will want to be careful. There will be some swelling and bruising. Even a little bleeding. Make sure you can call your doctor if you feel uncertain about anything during recovery. After the first four or five days, you can relax a bit. You will still have some bruising and swelling, but the healing will be well under way. Wear good supportive underwear when you are up and about and draw your legs up toward your chest when you sleep. Don’t consume lots of liquids after dinner and empty your bladder before bed. That will help with nighttime erections. They may hurt or sting for the first couple of days, but the stitches are not going to give way. Write to us here with your questions and give us a report on your healing. I wish you much happiness. Remember thousands of men have had this surgery. In fact, next to vasectomies, it is the most common procedure military urologists are asked to perform!

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    Hey Mason,

    Thanks for the reply. In terms of being specific with what style I can choose. My options are limited as this is done with a Mogen clamp through him and not freehand. I have done my research and believe cosmetically I will be happy with it as well as it will not be excessively taut with erections and will leave a looser cut when healed. In terms of closing up the wound I believe there are a few stitches and glue that will be used. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and record my healing process as this technique can be difficult to find cosmetic results for. I’ve decided to take 10 days off of work. Hopefully this will be long enough as my job is physical in nature. I’m not concerned about the pain as in my vocation I’m soar daily or cut, bruised or burned lol. Between taking some time off work and having this done it should even itself out. Thank you for your support and I’ll update soon!

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    How’d it go spleb? Would you have gone with pollock technique again or would you have gone to a urologist? I’m considering pollock but really doubt they can give the cosmetic results. It seems using the clamp that there will always be some foreskin left no matter what. The pollock seems like a half circumcision. I went for the consult and just got rushed out so now I’m doubting that the pollock technique is the way to go. Also it seems like the frenulum would still be tight after getting the pollock. What are your thoughts after getting it done?

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    Andy I’m concerned that it would be a half circumcision. I want high and tight.

    Spleb did you get it done yet? How are the results??

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    Hello all, I am in my mid twenties and 1.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Lichen Scleroses. Basically its made my foreskin sore and tighter with redness and white stains. When I first saw the doctor he gave me a cream and in the first few months it didn’t really help but around the 6 month mark it got better white stains almost all gone but still a little redness and it was much less sore. Since then I haven’t really used the cream unless it Flared up a bit but recently I’ve had redness and it being more sore. I am going to back onto my cream and hopefully it can really minimize the symptoms. That being said it’s a chronic disease so it will never really go away. Long story short I have been considering circumcision but at the time my dermatologist recommended against it and said just stay with the cream. I am gonna keep trying the cream for now because I don’t want to lose my foreskin and it’s sensation. But long story short I am wondering if anyone else had a circumcision for this reason and how did it go? What type did you get. My tightness only effect me when I am erect and I caught my disease early because it became really bad.

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    Hey all. I had the Pollock done here in Australia.
    Happy with it a week in… no pain meds needed at all.

    The anaesthetic needles were the worst part of it all.

    I’m wondering why so many are commenting wanting high-tight done.
    It will leave you looking smaller and semi erect when flaccid.
    Or is it the Porn look?

    I’m just glad to have it done and no more issues with the sausage skin.

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    Andrew, congratulations, I’m glad you’ve had positive experience with your circumcision. I know that when you’re fully healed you’ll truly like it even more. Thanks for the update.

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    I was offered the Pollock technique but it’s do hard to find information or result pictures. Also the thought of an accidental glans amputation terrifies me

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    Steve, statistically there are no “accidental” glans amputations! One can read about these events and yes they have happened in the past, but not with adults being circumcised by physicians. As far as pictures go, a circumcised penis is what it is, the only difference is the placement of the cut and resulting scar. It’s either a low circ or a high circ based on the amount of inner foreskin that is left. It’s great to get knowledge about any medical procedure one is about to have but don’t let fear stop you from getting circumcised, especially by a physician in a clinic that specializes in circumcision! Best of luck on your journey. If you truly desire to be circumcised then go for it.

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