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    Has anyone had the Pollock Style circumcision done in Canada? I’m considering getting it done but am wondering if anyone has had this style done and what they think of it? He is based in Vancouver BC

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    Hi Brian,

    I asked this question a few weeks ago under the circ styles heading. Its been 3 weeks and no one has given any feedback yet. So kinda just have to hope for the best. How soon were you looking to getting it done. Im going to try and get in before the end of February.


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    Hi Kyle
    I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but haven’t committed. Please post back here with how it goes and how things turn out I am very interested! He does lots of children and everyone seems to be happy with the results and he’s been doing adults for a while now and there doesn’t seem to be any bad feedback out there so it must be good!

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    Alden Penney

    I am 18, uncut and considering getting cut. What should I go for in style? What is a Pollock style circ? Any help would be appreciated? Thanks, Alden

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    Hi Brian,

    I will be sure to keep you posted. He seems to be the only one to do adult circ. in the vancouver area.

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    Hi – I live in Vancouver and was circ’d by Pollock in October 2014. Let me know if you’ve got questions.

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    Hi Sam,

    What was your recovery period like time wise? Were you happy with the procedure and recovery? Anything you were unhappy about? Cost?

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    Hey Kyle,

    Recovery period was pretty quick, I cant remember an exact timeline but it went quickly, about 2 weeks for the skin to heal together. Completely pain free, never had to take any ibuprofen (or tylenol) or anything aside from the one given right after the surgery. Cost was $150 or so for the initial consultation, the circumcision was an additional $2000 i believe.

    Pretty happy with the result so far – was extremely convenient (I dont know anywhere else in van that does adult circs for cosmetic reasons). Only wish would have been the removal of the frenulum as mines a bit short to begin with, but pollock doesnt do that – only the clamp, cut, and glue.

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    Hi, Sam
    Thanks for the info.
    Where did your scar end up, is it close to the head? Do you have any inner foreskin left or was it all removed during the circumcision? Did you end up with a tight or loose cut?
    I was also looking at Pollocks website and it looks like he now offers frenulum removal if your still looking to get this done.

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    Hey Brian, whereabouts on Pollock’s website does it mention Frenulum removal? I would still be interested in having that procedure done.

    As for my circumcision with Pollock, my scar ended up about an inch and a half behind the head (when erect). Since he uses the mogen clamp, I’d say the result is a high and medium cut (since done in adulthood). It’s loose when soft but when hard is a little taughter. There is still inner foreskin left since all clamp circumcisions leave some behind.

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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the info! Glad to hear a first hand experience from someone who has gone to Dr. Pollock as an adult!

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    Hey Sam,

    One last question… Did they use a local or general anesthetic for your procedure?

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    Hey Kyle,
    It was a local anaesthetic that was used. They apply some sort of numbing cream and then wrap it up in saran wrap then send you back to the lobby for 10-15 minutes while it numbs things. Then they bring you back in and apply the local. Definitely felt the pricks of the needle but after a few seconds was totally fine.

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    Hi Sam
    Here is the link

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    I went in for a consultation today and booked the appointment. He showed me pictures of how it looked after, but only flaccid. He showed me one that had excessive swelling that he said wouldn’t go away and then how it looked normally If things went fine. Has anyone else went in and got it done? Are you happy with the way it looks flaccid and erect?

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    Hi, does Dr.Pollock do fren removal at the same time? If so is it for extra cost or the same?

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    I was circumcised in Vancouver, BC in 1999. The best way to get it done is to go to your doctor and ask for a referral for a urologist. Many urologists will do it and if they won’t (there are some that won’t) then ask your doctor for another referral. I think I paid $500 for my circumcision when I was 20. It’s an elective surgery so is not covered by healthcare costs in Canada unfortunately. But sounds like much cheaper than the $2000 asked by Dr. pollock. However if he does a good job, then the price is worth it. You only have one penis. My surgery was also done at VGH and under local anesthesia. It was done in an hour or so and I was awake for the entire process. Healing was ok except for the nighttime erections. I might have popped a stitch but your body adjusts to it and any opening will heal as a scar.

    Overall I don’t regret getting circumcised as an adult. I love the way my penis looks and am not ashamed showering at the gym. In Canada it’s 50/50 those who are cut and uncut. I prefer being clean and the look of the cut penis. No one complains about having a circumcised penis for sex, though for being uncut, there are those against. To each his own.

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    Got a pollock style circ a few weeks ago, Turned out High and loose.

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    Hello Paul,

    Which pollock clinic did you go to? Did you also get your frenulum cut? How are you doing so far?

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