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    Sometimes it’s just medically the right thing to do.

    Tight foreskin, called phimosis, is a problem. If your foreskin doesn’t retract easily when you are erect, you have it. Mild cases can be ignored, but if retracting the foreskin from your fully covered glans while erect causes any pain, and especially if there is risk of tearing, circumcision is absolutely medically justified.

    Chronic infections under the foreskin (balanitis) can also warrant a circumcision; anaerobic bacteria simply don’t grow on a circumcised man. If antibiotic and steroid creams have become a regular part of your life, circumcision is a great alternative to a glans covered in scar tissue.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I definitely need to have circumcision revision done to my penis!! I want my self-circumcised penis to LOOK like a circumcised penis and not a vision from the most horrible nightmare I ever had!

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    I finally made the decision to get circumcised for recurrent balanitis/balanoposthitis. I’m early 50s, and have had periodic bouts since I was about 18. For many years, they were just a periodic irritation that would resolve on their own in a week or two. Over the last few years though, they have lasted longer and been a bit more severe. I made the decision to jump off the merry-go-round a couple of months ago, and my surgery is scheduled for February of this year.

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    I just came across this site as I was searching for info. on circumcisions for my husband. My husband is 62 and diabetic. We had an incident recently where his foreskin tore during sex. His doctor told him that he recommended circumcision because this can become serious for a person who is diabetic. I don’t know if that is true, which I why I am researching this for him. So far, I have not found much info on this specific problem. But the doctor also told him there were some other options such as taking time away from sex to heal or using some skin creams for healing. I thought that would be a better first choice because it seems like having surgery would be really painful as an adult. The urologist that we saw said that most adult men that elect for circumcision as an adult don’t find it painful and usually experience “mild discomfort” for a few days up to 1 week and easily control pain and swelling with just ibuprofen. So my husband and I discussed it because it really is his decision, but I am conflicted because I don’t want him to have surgery if he can avoid it, but at the same time it seems that because of his diabetes a circumcision now would be a better long-term choice for his overall health. Does anyone know anything about circumcision benefits for diabetics of his age? I asked 2 friends who are nurses but they really had no idea since it was not something they had knowledge of. And I told my mother and father about this situation for some advice and also because my father is 77 and diabetic so I wondered if he had any opinion. This was when I learned that my father was circumcised as a child so he really had no advice to give. Then it all came back to only what the urologist told us. I am trying to learn as much as i can so we can make an informed decision. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge with me.

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    Great question.
    Go to this site it will answer all of your questions about circumcision and diabetes.
    Circumcision in Diabetic Men in NYC – Treatment of …
    I hope this helps.
    Best of luck

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