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    Has anyone experienced partner pressure before? Two of my girlfriends so far have been vocal about their preference for circumcised penises. Would love to hear other accounts so I can know how normal this is. One was fairly quiet about it at first, but as soon as I mentioned that I was considering it, she was very supportive, and even took initiative in searching out local doctors and possible ways to have it covered.

    I’ve heard of women with a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to foreskin, but haven’t met anyone this extreme.

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    Joe Frazer

    Anon: hadn’t thought about it in years but when in High School, two of the girls I dated would not have sex with me since I was unclipped. They considered the uncut penis unclear and possible with germs that would give them a bladder infection. In those days, I normally wore my hood back but somehow these girls knew (from others or other guys who did know I was uncut) and refused to have anything to do with my penis. One girls suggested circumcision but I was not really interested then. That’s all my experience can give you.

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    I suggested circumcision to my husband the first time I noticed his foreskin. It took two years and he finally did it. I told him how much better it would look circumcised, and he would get blowjobs too. I brought it up every chance i could, and had some of my friends talk to him about it. Ladies, if you want your man to get circumcised, my advice is to bring it up everytime you see his penis.

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      were you both pleased with the results after? Why was this of such importance to you and your friends? Are you both still satisfied? What has been the best part of having him get cut

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      This subject comes up in womens conversations from time to time and almost every woman I have heard comment prefers circumcision. I am a widow 62 years of age and I date different men but like most women prefer them “clean cut” because of yeast infections that I get every time I am with an uncut guy. Most younger guys don’t have a foreskin, so I usually date younger. It’s just nicer!!

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    How do you bring such a sensitive subject up to a man? I have been seeing someone for six months who just turned fifty, is not circumcised, and will not even go to the doctor for his own health much less a circumcision! The problem is I can rarely climax with him (have always and multiple times with other men), and when I do, it is frustrating and so much work. I can get past the unattractiveness of it because I am in love with him, he is a WONDERFUL man. He is a bit overweight also, which does not help physically either. I am contemplating breaking up with him because I am not satisfied sexually. Ugh, what do I do?

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      Choice Maker

      What you need to do is have that awkward conversation about it. It’s not an easy thing to bring up, yeah, but you just have to be direct. No other way to do it. If you’re both seriously in love then he probably cares more about your opinion of his penis than he does about his own.

      Anyway, let me know how it goes.

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      Hi Mary
      A simple approach would be to be pull his foreskin right back and tell him how sexy and attractive his naked glans looks and had he considered the advantages of being circumcised. You can sort his weight out later

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    I experienced lots of pressure from partners to get circumcised. Perhaps it’s because the vast majority of men my age are circumcised (about 95 %).

    Before my circumcision, I had some partners make grimacing faces when they saw that I was with a foreskin. One partner would insist on pulling the foreskin all the way back, and hold it tightly with her hand before she would orally pleasure me. Most were polite but I could tell they were not impressed with my foreskin.

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      That’s what I do to my boyfriend. Pull his foreskin back tight and hold it at the base for oral. Foreskin does not feel nice in your mouth.

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    Hi Mary and everyone,

    My husband was uncut when we started to date and after we got married I brought it up again as before he didn’t want it done. I explained to him the issue I had, just like guys complain about us all the time lol.

    I said I would worship him even more if he has it cut for his wife, I think if the wife wants it the husband should go get it done and please his wifes request.

    On another note, I know of 4 other women that asked for their husbands to be cut, and they all ended up getting done

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      Martin Stevens

      Hi Jane & Mary

      As as man I think its not silly at all for a woman asking her husband to get circumcised so don’t be afraid to ask. It’s a way of truly honoring your wife and do wish my wife would ask me to have it done for her.


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      Lucky husbands not every man gets to be cut for his wife, all part of the job description. So hot, hope to join the club in future sooner rather than later.

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      Jane, my wife had the talk with me about getting it removed, she much prefers it bare. After much consideration I went to her friend, a lady urologist. It was done in a local clinic with my wife in attendance. All lose skin was removed and frenulum removed. Almost 4 weeks later we had intercourse and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was! Its like it was so sensitive that I felt so much more. Now, one year later the sensitivity has subsided a little but still very nice. My wife looks forward to giving me oral but before she never wanted it. So far I have no regrets about doing as she said, I was the only non cut guy that she was ever with and now she has changed my life for the better !!

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    heyhi, my name is jonas
    i m from germany, hetero male, 29
    circ is rare over here and all over europe but during the last 5 years i developed a strong desire to meet a pro-circ woman who wants me to get circumcised and takes me to a doc … crazy … know :)

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    I grew up in the Philippines where most males are circumcised as adolescents. I fell in love with a British man on holiday in Manila and was surprised when I discovered he was uncircumcised. I retracted his foreskin and told him it looked more beautiful like that. A few days later we stopped for coffee at a downtown market. He asked me to marry him. I asked him if he was willing to have a circumcision for me. I pointed out a clinic offering painless circumcisions across the street. He hesitated so I suggested we at least enter the clinic and take a look. He agreed. The doctor examined him. He told us he could perform a circumcision right away and left us alone to talk. Our eyes met. I told him I would marry him as soon as he had healed. He picked up the consent form and signed it. The doctor returned and I left the room. Thirty minutes later my future husband was tightly circumcised and neatly bandaged. It healed quickly. We married and were both more than happy with the results!

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    Uncut Canadian

    From my experience, I have been the one trying to convince my wife to give me her blessing to get the cut. Before my wife and I got married I asked her if she would like me to get circumcised and she said that “it” did not bother her. Well, “it” has bothered me (aesthetically speaking) for the past 10 years and now I want to go through with the procedure. For the past 6 months this subject has been our “pillow talk” and my wife is now on board with me getting the procedure.

    The difficulty is that we live in Canada, the procedure is not very popular anymore and you need to have an issue to qualify for funding. In my case, my GP is not very supportive and wouldn’t even give me a referral to the urologist (time for a second opinion maybe, we may end up going state-side to get it done). The private clinics close enough seem to be set on doing the procedure their way and not to the client’s request. Anyone experience this in their quest?

    My concern is I don’t want my wife to miss the old me. Now, we have only had each other for partners, so we have no history and don’t know anything different (we do experiment pulling the foreskin back all the time).

    Is there anyone out there that has been through something similar in terms of trying to convince their wife/partner for their blessing?

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    I also don’t think it’s strange for a wife to ask her husband to get circumcised if she prefers it. My wife indicated early on that she would like me to get circumcised. I set up an appointment with a urologist and a few weeks later I was circumcised and have no regrets!

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    Getting circumcised for your wife is a really big compliment. After my child bearing, my husband got a vasectomy and circumcision which was a great way to do his bit presenting himself to me beautifully clean cut. I love him for it all the more! There are some good dutiful men out here getting done for their wife.

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      GOOD for you Haley!! Like you, the vast majority of women much prefer a circed guy. I myself kept having problems until my husband got the clip. Now I never have any infections and It turned out great for him too. I learned firsthand that foreskin can be very problematic. I am now 48 and love sex more than ever, at least 3 times a week! He is 61 and is like a 25 year old, always ready!

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    Pop Corny

    I had a zero tolerance. I wish I had stayed that way.
    I was raised in a family with 3 brothers and a dad -all intact.
    I had done my own research, etc. HATED IT. Swore I would never be with a man intact, then fell in love-found out LATER he was intact. HATED IT. I cannot do oral, I have HATED our sex life, usually lack of. I am young and want to be with someone …else?
    We were intellectually a perfect match, and didn’t have sex till after the wedding. Its been a miserable marriage, I have had 2 diseases from him, recurring candida issues ONLY AFTER SEX WITHOUT A CONDOM!!!
    Finally after years of HPV destroying my uterus, and treatments only help if I’m celibate. Finally, I had an ectopic pregnancy, and almost died! The fertilized egg would not implant due to small cyst formed by HPV.
    Now I refuse to do anything without a condom, and my health is getting better.
    I had gained 100 pounds after being married (in 3 years) due to immune system insufficiency.
    I am looking forward to losing those since I will not allow myself to be recontaminated while I’m using colloidal silver, lemon juice and cranberry. All of those three have proven very good before, AS LONG AS I DON’T HAVE SEX WITH HIM WITHOUT A CONDOM.
    BEST OF ALL, he finally decided to get circumcised!
    Wasn’t able to breastfeed due to my immune system, made me anemic, caused problems even recovering from the surgery THAT WAS CAUSED BY THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!
    He said he wants it and will be happy to be cleaner and last longer than 10 seconds in bed, and its NOTHING compared to the hell it has caused FOR EVERYONE IN OUR FAMILY.
    He was crushed about our second baby dying and almost killing me before the doctors even figured out what was going on.
    I was bleeding to death and they thought my low bp readings were flukes!

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    My wife never pressured but rather hinted that she preferred circumcision. I resisted her hints even though I had severe problems with premature ejaculation (PE). My glans was overly sensitive and I could only last a few minutes (five minutes or less) once inside her. I was afraid of the pain of circumcision and I was also “proud” to be different from most other men in the U.S. because I still had my foreskin even though my foreskin caused me to be sexually inadequate due to PE.

    Two things happened that got me to finally get circumcised. My wife and I had gone to spend a long weekend with her sister and husband at their lakeside cabin. While changing into my swim trunks, my sister-in-law “walked in” on me while I was nude. After the initial embarrassment and nervous laughter from both of us, my SIL expressed her surprise that I was uncut. She was very forthright with me. I had a long foreskin that formed a wrinkly “nozzle” at the tip of my penis. My SIL told me that most women, her included, found a penis that looked like mine to be unattractive both visually and sexually. She also told me that my wife–her sister–had confided in her that she was sexually unsatisfied because of my PE problem caused by my being uncut. She told me half-seriously that if I didn’t get circumcised she would circumcise me herself.

    The other thing that happened–more serious than my SIL’s disapproval of my uncut penis–was that my wife had an affair with a family friend that we’ve both known since college. Our friend, of course, is circumcised. When I found out about the affair my wife told me that the only reason why she was involved with “Roy” was because he was able to last much longer than me during intercourse. My wife is able to orgasm easily during intercourse but she needed a man who could last longer than three or four minutes in order to do so. She told me she still loved me and wanted to stay married to me but I would need to be circumcised.

    A few days after my wife and I had this difficult but necessary conversation about her affair I was circumcised. There was no pain during the procedure–there is something called anesthesia–and only minimal discomfort during my four week recovery period. All I needed for the discomfort was Tylenol.

    It took a few months for me to get used to sex with a circumcised penis but the sexual benefits are tremendous. I have been able to bring my dear wife to orgasm, even multiple orgasms, since I can now last much longer during intercourse. My own orgasms are stronger, more intense, than when I was uncut. My erections are harder as well. Also, both my wife and I have noticed that my glans has grown larger. She says it now looks like a fireman’s helmet instead of a little acorn, and that the larger size of my glans adds to her pleasure during sex.

    My wife told her sister about me getting circumcised and my SIL, with my wife present, had me show her my circumcised penis. My SIL congratulated me, told me I now looked like a “real man” even though I am not as big as her husband! Anyway, getting circumcised saved my marriage and has greatly improved our sex life. I would advise any husband to listen to his wife’s hints or requests about getting circumcised and not waste years with unsatisfactory sex the way I did.

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    It’s interesting being that I’m American and matured sexually during a time where a very large majority of men (I’d say 90% in the high school I attended) were circumcised, that no woman I’ve been with have really ever said anything about it. It would definitely have made a difference if any of the women I’ve been in LTRs with had expressed a preference for cut men, but none ever did. This has actually surprised me – from what you see/read, I would have thought that one of the women I’ve been with would have at least said “Oh you’re not circumcised!” but none ever did. And no, I’ve never been refused oral because of this…

    My current wife is basically the same – once while we were fooling around in bed she did ask “have you ever wondered what it would be like to be circumcised?” But that is about all any of the women I’ve been with sexually have ever said about it. Now that I’ve made the decision to get circumcised, I wouldn’t say she’s eager, but I know she is definitely curious what it will be like. She seems most concerned about me being in pain during the healing.

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    Johnny B

    I had a very long foreskin, and, essentially, no problems with it. But, falling in love with sexy, intellectuam lady, 10 years my senior in my late 20s,changed it all. She didn’t insist, but she heavily prefers cut penis… So, I underwent surgery and had my cock cut to please her. It was very painful and somewhat embarrassing but I don’t regret it, as our marriage and sex life both thrived. She also enlarged her tits for me, and had a tattoo with my nick on her shoulder done for me. Do it, if it’s for someone you really care about, but don’t take it lightly- circ will change the way it feels, looks, and in part, your manhood works. Good luck!

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    I finally decided to get cut a few years ago at the insistence of my girlfriend who strongly preferred a circumcised penis. She was now the third girlfriend in a row that suggested i should be circumcised. Her feeling was that uncut penises were dirty and strongly believed in the medical benefits of circumcision for both of us. I had always secretly thought about getting circumcised for all the benefits and finally took the plunge with her encouragement. We were both very happy with the result and I was given and high and tight circumcision with the frenulum removed. The relationship did not work out but I now have a new girlfriend who is very happy i’m now circumcised as she said she would hesitate to date someone uncut.

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    Got circumcised in 1990..

    Started when my girlfriend at that time and I went to nude beaches.
    One day there were a couple at the beach, the man had his glans all exposed.
    My girlfriend found it SO nice… she got hot.. and most of the day she tried to retract my foreskin to expose my glans.

    Unfortunately my foreskin was too big/long so it just rolled back as it always did.
    Later that day we got to talk with the couple and learned he was circumcised!

    To make a long story short that was when the idea of getting cut was formed.
    two weeks later when the summer was over I went to at plasticsurgeon and had it done.
    One of the BEST things I have ever done for myself

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    Fifty year old woman here and I do not know even one woman who prefers the foreskin! My three boys were all done by a female MD friend who assured me that it should be done. I am a widow for eight years and date different guys but if I see that they are not fixed then I move on because I cant have sex with an uncut guy. A woman has every right to insist that he remove that part that hides a terrible smell and yeast infections. Most young guys are bare and much cleaner and more attractive !

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      Marli, A pretty 50 year old woman in good shape should not have any problem’s getting young studs to take good care of her. I too am single and a bit younger than you and I agree with you, I love guys who are about 10 years my junior, plenty of staying power !! Its so important for them to be clean cut !!

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      Agree with you Marli, I am 54 and still love sex. It seems that men my age cant keep up and some have to have the pill to get up. Younger guys, many in their 30’s ask me out frequently and have dated several. My first time with a much younger fella, I was in heaven! Almost all my guys who are 15 to 20 years younger have had it removed and can go for a long time! My current guy friend is 36 and it looks like marriage is just around the corner.

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    I’m a 26 year old Irish-American, and my fiancee is African, from Senegal. She absolutely abhors foreskins. She was surprised that I had one, being American, but I told her that not every boy here is routinely circumcised. She’s one of those women with a pretty much zero tolerance policy. She hates the way my penis looks and feels, and she says she can detect odor although I try to keep as clean as possible. She said she would never go down on me until I was circ’d. She barely tolerated regular intercourse. I gave in and had it done, tight and complete with the frenulum removed. I healed well and had no complications. My fiancee was ecstatic, and since I’ve was cut last fall we’ve had a fantastic sex life. We’re going to be married next month (June, 2018).

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    My wife really didn’t pressure me, maybe because I kept my foreskin pulled back all of the time. She liked the way it looked pulled back because it looked circumcised. Sometime when the foreskin would roll over the head and she saw it she would make a comment. Not derogatory, but just a comment like “that has to feel different with the head covered, wouldn’t you like to not have to pull back the skin?” We talked about circumcision but no real pressure from her. Maybe some subliminal pressure on thinking about it.
    I did circumcision when she left town to visit her parents and surprised her when she got home.

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    Kerri Wilson

    Very strange reading about women disgusted & infected by a natural penis. I have satisfying sex several times a week with my uncut husband, almost always orgasm, & zero issues with stds. Not sure if the cut or goodbye group are flaky or mental, but what a manipulative self absorbed attitude! I wouldn’t put up with a man who would leave me unless I got cosmetic surgery…

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    A few previous girlfriends just asked if i ever thought about geting circumcised. I took it as just a question, not a judgement. I dont know if that is a common question. Would like to know other mens experiences.

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    Yeah, I’d been asked my opinion on circumcision a few times by girlfriends while I still had a foreskin, if we hadn’t been intimate I took it to be a way of ‘subtly’ bringing up the fact that either she would like to be on closer terms with the organ in question, covered or bare, or that she is hoping I’d be one of the cut ones. A long-term girlfriend asked me once and sure enough, she lit up when I said that I could see it being a good thing. I’m from a culture where it’s rare, though.

    I still get the first one since the operation, and it’s great to see the reactions when I clue them in- always positive, and listening to the followup questions is great for the confidence. If a girl is asking, she’s hoping you’re cut.

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    What kind of follow up questions? I have had a few girls find out that i elected to do it as an adult and they could not understand why. They thought it q
    Was a strange choice to undergo the pain.

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    They assumed it was for hygience or to fit in but when i explained that i had pain and tears on the skin, they understood.

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    I guess it’s different if they have found out another way, but if she’s the one bringing it up it’s a good bet her interest isn’t in the health aspects.

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    My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and we are talking marriage. My boyfriend is uncut and I have brought up the topic of circumcision recently with him. I told him how much more attractive it looks with the head out and also the hygiene benefits. It will undoubtedly lead to spontaneous oral as that never happened before freshening up. He was pretty upset at first questioning why but I was honest in my opinion, hopefully he come around to the idea

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    I tried posting before. Not sure what happened

    to save writing it all again, my wife admitted after we watched some porn one night how much she liked circumcised. We have talked a lot since but when i asked her outright how she would feel if i had it done she was incredibly enthusiastic.

    We had a consultation and the Dr said a lot of guys were now choosing it just for personal preference but thats as far as we have got and i need to finally decide. Has anyone been in similar and done for wifes preference. I have to say part of me does feel i want to have done especially for her

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    Hey Jessica, wondering if you still check these forums. I’m in a similar situation and could use your advice!

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      Hey Jeff,

      Yes I do check the forum from time to time….what’s going on?

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        Jeff C

        Would be easiest to communicate via e-mail but I’m not sure how to facilitate that on here…

        What percentage of women do you think would prefer their partner to be circumcised for the sake of better sex?

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    Did you BF ever go through with it?

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      Hey Suze,

      No he still has not gone through with it. I bring it up every time we have sexy time and his penis is around me so it’s not for lack of trying. He’s still struggling with the decision and I am being supportive while still voicing my opinion and preference.

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    Robin-Frans Winkel

    “Meanwhile, Intact America, an anti-circumcision group, saysthat boys can be taught the good hygiene necessary to ensure that their foreskins don’t harbor disease. As the mother of boys, I wouldn’t entrust my sexual health to the grooming habits of young men.

    And why should women?

    We bear the brunt of the communal sexual and reproductive health load in our bodies. We take birth control pills and fertility drugs laden with side effects. We have unnecessary C sections and hysterectomies. We are surgically sterilized at five times the rate of men. We have elective surgery, both cosmetic and bariatric, to attract them. We diet obsessively.

    Opponents would argue that we have choice in these matters, while baby boys don’t. To which I say, “Hooey!” Absent the enthusiasm of a male OB-GYN and the cultural ascendancy of second-wave feminism in my formative years, I doubt I would have had an irreversible tubal ligation at age 23 or taken birth control pills at 16.”

    Christine A. Scheller

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    Do many men really do this because their wife or girlfriends has asked them to? Seems like an unusual request.
    What is their reason. In my whole life I have only met 2 women who asked about 1. 1 was jewish and the other muslim.

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    I’m gay and I have only encountered 1 guy who refused to go on a date with me because I wasn’t circumcised. I personally have never liked uncircumcised men but I’d say 75% of the men I’ve encountered are circumcised so the odds have usually been in my favour.

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    I’m sure peer or partner pressure plays apart in more instances than we could ever imagine. Yes it’s certainly a very personal decision, but the decision can certainly be impacted to help someone move forward.
    I always kept my foreskin pulled back growing up through teen years and young adult. It did not have a lot of overhang so it worked. Everyone thought I was circumcised both guys and girls.
    On one occasion though I had a few dates with a gorgeous Jewish girl.
    When things finally got to the point of sex I forgot to hold the base to keep the skin back and tight and it slipped forward when she tugged it. That brought things to a halt. She said she wouldn’t have sex with an uncircumcised guy. That event really impacted my psyche! I already knew I would get circumcised one day but that moved it forward for sure.

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    For those who agree to be circumcised for you wife or GFs I would congratulate you as it shows your love and respect for her and he wishes. After all it does go into her. When I was first ask about it, I was like ya right. Are you serious. . . I dont think so. No. I of course had friend circumcised but my dad intentionally left me intact, as he said it was mine not his so circumcision was up to me. I liked my foreskin and it caused me zero problems so I never seriously thought of getting it circumcised. Until my then GF now wife started talking about it. I said no and that didnt effect her to much.
    She would mention its couple times a week or more. She she would play with it and say how she liked the looks of seeing the head alway exposed and said it would feel better to her if the skin stayed back when we had sex. She ask me if she could shave my pubes which I agreed to.
    Then she would get me hard by playing with It but before allowing me to penitrate her she taped my shin back with a medical paper tape to keep it back and said she didnt want my foreskin going into her any more. The sex with the tape holding it back was amazing she seems to really enjoy it more as well. Afterwards she said she wanted me to start keeping it back with tape. She played with it and said I needed to try to get used to it being back to see how it felt and if I liked it being back. I didnt as not only did it feel weird being taped back but it was uncomfortable rubbing on my clothing. I untapped it. At bed time she was not amused. She said come on get it taped back. I know you not used to it but this is to get you used to it being back. So I did and she said something like that looks so much better. It stayed back all night and she seemed excited. After I showed she watched as I retaled it. She even put some orajel on it which helped as it was not used to being out that long.
    After work she met me at the door asking if it were still back I said yes. She took off her tee shirt and shorts and kissed me and said ok, do me. WOW was all I could say. After wards she ask it I was ready to have it fixed so it stays back. I replied if that’s what you really want I will.
    She had already made an appointment for the following Friday
    We went to it but I didnt like the doctor.
    She had researched it and explained my options.
    I liked the idea of a gomco clamp being used as it seem to remove the skin behind the karona ensuring the skin would always stay back.
    I told her if I were going to do it I’d rather have a woman doctor do it. She ask I would be ok with her seeing it done. I said no in fact I was going to insist on it. So the search began.
    With he encouragement I kept it taped back most of the time.
    After a few weeks she found an female urologist that also did circumcisions. Gomco clamps was one of the tools she used and was willing to allow my then GF to be with me while it was being done.
    We set the appointment a week after the consultation. I have never seen my now wife more excited. She held my hand all the way through it.
    It’s one of those things we went through together and I feel we are closer because of it. The sex ow is different for me be still great and I have no regrets in doing it for her. She happy with the results and so am I. I’m glad i was left intact so i got to make that choice for myself and glad she got to go through it with me.

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    Ed, great story. You finally agreeing to get circumcised says a lot. Old saying happy wife happy life! Anyway, you helping her feel you better only intensified her sexual experience. Good thing! You getting used to your bare head during sex and after has to be a win for you too. Congratulations on getting circumcised to the benefit of both of you.

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    Ed, can you say the name of the doctor who did you?

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    I have had 3 partners pressure me and I am 51. my first wife did not care, but after I got divorced 10 years ago, my next girlfriend was from Jordan. She hated my foreskin from the start and was very vocal about it. She was very clear that if we ever got married I would need to get circumcised. She complained for 2 years, but then the relationship ended. I was relieved that I did not have to keep hearing about how gross foreskin was. she had a cultural bias but I could not get her to understand that. Then I met someone online. I mentioned to here that I was not circumcised even before we started dating and she said she had a preference for circumcised men because that was what she was used to and she felt that most women felt that way. then we started dating and she never pressured me, but after a few months I asked her is she still felt that way about foreskin and she said that she preferred circumcised. I asked her if I should get circumcised and she said that was up to me, but she would support me if I decided to do it. that relationship only lasted about 4 months. a few months later I met a jewish girl. we dated for several months before she mentioned that she was not a fan of foreskin. I thought she probably just felt that way because she is jewish and so all the men in her family were circumcised. after 1 year of dating I asked her to marry me and she said yes, but she was hoping I would get circumcised for her before getting married. I though about it a lot and reflected on the past several years with other girlfriends, and so I sat down with her and we discussed it. she expressed that it was really important for her faith and that she was hoping I would convert. I started to consider it seriously at that time because we were serious enough to be getting married and making her my wife, and she seemed to need that to happen for her faith and for her family to accept me. at that stage it seemed like they were good enough reasons. I saw a local urologist and I did get circumcised, more for her than myself. she was very pleased. she did proudly tell her family and they seemed to accept me more, although they never specifically mentioned the circumcision. I feel very good about the decision since then because I did it for someone that I love and I resect her judgement.

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    Good for you Templeton. You made the decision for her and yourself. If you weren’t ready you would have felt like you were beaten into submission, as it were. Most guys that were uncircumcised and got circumcised as adults have a story or stories about their journey to circumcision. Like you I had a comment or two about my uncut status over the years. One in particular was from a Jewish girl I liked a lot. She actually thought I was circumcised because I kept my foreskin retracted all the time and when erect it was nearly perfect. But she went off when she found out I wasn’t circumcised, wouldn’t have anything to do with because she said I misled her! That was my first experience with real partner pressure. The only difference between you and I is I actually wanted to get circumcised, and finally did. The best thing I’ve ever done for me. Not only a physical thing thing for me but also a mental/emotional thing. Kind of a completeness, even though I lost a little piece of skin!
    Thanks for sharing your story. All the best

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    i have a partner that has been preasuring me a bit. we have been togethre for 1 year and i am the first uncircumcised person she has been with. from day 1 i knew it was new to she was kind of diappointed. i notices first just from her boy language and then her not giving blowjobs. after a few months we got more comfortable with each other and i asked her about the blowjobs. she told me that she was surprised that i was not circumsiced. she said “i thought boys just had it done as a baby”. after my gf mentioned that, i started to ask a few close female friends and they confirmed that they just assume that automatically it is done at birth. One of my female friends told me that she was once, a long time ago, in a relationship with a man with foreskin and flat out refused to give blowjobs because of the smell. and it happened again with another man. she said she has basically compared both circumcised and uncircumcised and it just seemed that all the men with foreskin all had that problem. so now that i have learned all this, i am trying to decide if i should do it or not. i am 1 year into our relationship so it is getting serious and my gf is clearly unhappy. she did not order me to get circumsed, i can just tell she does not want that skin and smell there and so far she has not been able to get used to it. so i guess her opinion is not going to change. i am most concerned about losing sensation, the long healing time, and just how a penis will work again when the skin is suddenly gone. has anyone else had an experience like this? i keep flip flopping on the issue and now i have told myself to just wait another year in case we break up and i end up with a different girlfriend who wont care about the skin/smell issue. on the otherhand, there is part of me that just think i am delaying the inevitable. it has been a very difficult decision to make and commit to.

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    I understand your concerns.
    Pleasing a partner is a significant part of a relationship. The complicated part is mixing personal wishes and desires with the partner so both are happy and satisfied.
    Sex is as much mental/emotional as it is physical.
    Regarding what you said about concern about long healing time. Most guys are healed and ready for sex in four to six weeks. For me it was four weeks. Sexually, again for me, circumcision was a great decision!
    My sensitivity was still very good, but the feeling was different. In a good way for me! I no long had the foreskin to deal with and it felt better or let me put it this way, I could feel her more. Which felt very good. She said she could feel me better too, which she liked…a lot.
    If you are ok with getting circumcised and you already know your girlfriend likes a circumcised penis, then go for it. I think it would be a win win for both of you.
    Regarding the smell associated with foreskin, I hated it. I feel clean now. That would be a win for you as well!
    Then the other win for you, the BJ’s which she would enjoy giving you. A win for you both!
    I think you’ve basically mad3 up you mind based on what you’ve shared. Having doubts and questions is natural. And it’s good to seek answers from guys that have actually experienced what you’re asking about.
    You’ll make the final right decision.
    Let the forum know how things go.
    All the best.

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    hi charlie, you did a good job summarizing the positives. now that has even more convinced me to go ahead, and another point would be that both me and my gf find a circumcumcised penis to be better looking.

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    Hi Thom,
    I agree wholeheartedly, the circumcised penis is more visually appealing, and stimulating.
    That was one of the factors that played into my desire to be circumcised.
    The emotional satisfaction I had after getting circumcised was and continues to be huge. Though my wife never actually never said a thing about me not being circumcised, she knew my desire because I kept my foreskin retracted all the time and I told her I wanted to be circumcised.
    She was very supportive. I wanted to surprise her so I waited until she left town to visit her parents for a week and did the procedure then.
    She was shocked when she got home!
    I’m glad you’ve made the decision, you and your gf will most certainly be glad you did this.
    Thanks for the response. Have a great weekend.
    Let me know how you do after the procedure.
    All the best

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    My wife in insisting that I get circumcised the problem happened 2 years ago after my foreskin tore. I applied some cream and I healed in a few weeks. Then it tore again. This time an infection developed. It took 3 months to heal and the smell was really bad. After it healed, sex was never the same. The whole experience left a bas taster (literally) in my wife’s mouth). She’s been hesitant to even get near and does not want to see the skin tear again. She told me to get circumcised. I would be better for me, but I said let’s wait and see if it happens again. We almost never have sex now.

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    Hi Seethatram,
    I guess the question is why are you resistant to getting circumcised?
    If your sex life with your wife is important to you, and her, why wait to see if it tears again? Especially if she doesn’t want to have sex now because of the past negative events with infection. You know sex for women is 90% mental/emotional! If the women isn’t happy then the sex will be less satisfying! That’s just fact! Plus, once your are circumcised and healed no more worries about tears in foreskin, no infection, more satisfying sex vaginal and oral. Win, win, win win for both of you.
    It’s ultimately your choice but if you think about it, it only makes sense based on the history you gave about what you’ve been dealing with.
    I hope this helps, it’s just my opinion. All the best to you, thanks for posting. Hopefully some other guys, maybe ladies will reply with their thoughts based on experience.

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