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    People want and need to make their romantic partners happy. That’s just part of being in love, and it goes for women and men alike. We want our partners not only to love us but to desire us, every part of us. This is especially true for our penises, and in many cases, this is just not possible without a circumcision. Partner preference is a very real and very legitimate reason for a man to choose circumcision: our lovers and spouses are simply more important to us than our foreskins.

    Some partners bring up their preference directly, some make subtle hints, and some try to hide their feelings about intimate contact with foreskin. No matter how expressed (or unexpressed) is our lovers’ preference for circumcised men, we want to make them happy.

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    my reason for getting circumcised was my fiancees preference. Although, after my prior divorce, i started to stretch my foreskin to make it longer. I was wanting it to cover the head when erect. Over a few years i made good progress and it became very long. Hanging over the head substantially when soft. It was almost as long as the shaft itself. Anyway then i met somone new. And we decided to get married and she mentioned that she thought i had an abnormally long foreskin. I then relized she was right. My streching went too far and it almost looked disfigured. Anyway. I did get circumcised twice. At first i had it done and a little was taken off. The dr said that was still a lot to remove. It healed. A year later. I talked to my fincee and we both felft there was still to much skin. She mentioned that when she lookes at it or touches it all she sees or feels is skin. So i had a revision. The dr was surpised that i was even circumcised before. There was a lot of skin from my years of stretching. Now it is completely the opposite. Very tightly cut. I cant say it is better or worse. The whole thing has just been an interesting journey.

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    Ty, why did you want a longer foreskin in the first place?

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    My wife and i have been married 3 years and together 7. it is fair to say we have been more open sexually the last 2 years which has been great. We had tried watching some films in bed before making love and she commented a lot of the guys were circumcised and we got talking over a few weeks (always in bed and when aroused) and she admitted she really liked the circumcised look and feel (an ex had been circumcised).
    I didn’t say anything then but then one night when we were whispering, i asked if she would like me to be cut and i was amazed at how enthusiastically she responded. Since then i have felt i somewhat pressured to have it done and i suppose i would like to as well. Had a consultation at a private clinic but thats as far as it has gone. Wife was with me when i went

    has anyone been in similar position and went through with it?

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      I’ve never been in your exact position, but I certainly wish one of the women I’d been with previously HAD expressed a preference. I was circ’d a little over a year ago (medical reasons), but I really love the result and wish I’d had it done 20 years ago. If any of the women I’d been involved with had expressed a preference, I’d have gone for it years ago.

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