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    It’s embarrassing as hell, but it’s true: women with uncircumcised male partners get more urinary tract infections. If she gets a lot of UTIs, her doctor has probably already asked her if you are uncircumcised while trying to figure out why. Ask her what her doctor said to her.

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    My partner has been getting many infections and we are also trying to conceive. I went with here to her gyno exam, and to my surprise the Dr. wanted to inspect me, which was fine since she’s the doc. As soon as she saw that I was unicircumcised she said oh there’s the problem. And she asked my why I was unicircumcied. i explained that i was from France and it’s not done there. Also, my wife is Mexican so she didtn’t know any better. The Dr. said why don’t you just go ahead and do it then. It will help with the UTI’s and will improve the chance of getting pregnant. That was news to me. She also told me to wear boxer shorts, not briefs. Has anyone hear of this to get pregnant? get circumcsed and wear boxer shorts? To complicate things, my penis is curved. I have Peyronie’s Disease. So I discussed it with my wife. She is willing to do anything to concieve. I’m not as convinced. I am mostly worried about how circumcision might affect the curvature because it already causes pain for my wife. We dont need anymore complications. Could really use some advice, especialy from someone with Peyronie’s Disease, or a Urologist.

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      Get circumcised if you want but know that it will NOT improve your chances of conceiving.

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