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    There are many discussions about circumcision and personal hygiene, sensitivity, etc., but isn’t a big reason oral sex–that is the greater likelihood of receiving it? Now that oral sex is so widely accepted in society, perhaps this ought to be a greater concern for those thinking about circumcision for themselves or their sons.

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    I’m from a society where being cut isn’t the norm, and so oral sex isn’t too contingent on it, some girls do and some don’t, but it’s definitely a confidence boost to know that I’m not going to have any problems and don’t have any loose skin to keep off the head. I have asked for (and gotten) oral sex because it can be tricky for inexperienced girls to bring a cut guy off with hands or feet and no lubricant

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    So much better to give oral to a circumcised man. My boyfriend is uncut and before we do oral I asked him to freshen up. Then I always hold his foreskin back tight in order to have that “circumcised feel”. Foreskin is not a pleasant feeling in your mouth.

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    Jeasica. Can you elaborate on why foreskin is unpleasant in the mouth? I am a man so i no experience with that. What is bothersome about it?

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      Hi Ronald,

      At least for me I dislike the feeling of it in my mouth. The sliding up and down and all the loose skin just doesn’t feel comfortable. Also if he is really sensitive like my BF then sometimes he can’t handle direct contact with the head and we have to keep it covered and that is a very bizarre feeling (when you can’t feel the head). Not to mention there is always a bit of a “man” smell you could say, so hygiene plays a major factor. Freshening up before any oral contact is a must. Also, when his foreskin is up and he requests that I put my tongue inside it is always a weird feeling. Or when it’s rolled back behind the head you can feel this bump of skin behind the head.

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        Have you discussed circumcision with him?

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          Yes, we have begun to discuss it. He was a little put off when I brought it up but he has been receptive to the idea

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            John F Tomko

            That’s good! I got circumcised 5 months ago. Anything I can do to help lol?

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            Why are you hitting on a woman in a relationship? That’s super creepy. Besides, women for like micropenises.

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