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    I was born in the early 1980’s and grew up in the USA. Even though I was born when circumcision rates were quite high, I was not circumcised at birth because I was born in Europe. We move to the USA when I was two months old, an age when I think I could have still been circumcised without difficult but I think my parents were not aware of it. Fast forward four years and my younger brother was born and he was circumcised. The difference wasn’t discussed until we were older so I just assumed he was born that way. When I was around 11 or 12 I asked why mine was different than almost everyone else’s, including his, and my folks explained what circumcision is and that it’s not done in Europe, so I wasn’t but that it’s common in the US so my brother was.

    I eventually got circumcised a little over two years ago for a number of reasons. First, I had kept my foreskin pulled back for about ten years and found it more comfortable to keep my glans exposed. Second, I didn’t like the way the skin moved up and down while having sex. It felt like I was having sex with my own foreskin rather than my partner. Third, I joined a gym with public changing areas and didn’t like being the odd man out. Interestingly, a few years ago, my parents were visiting and my father came with me to the gym andI noticed that he had gotten circumcised. I guess we all assimilated into this aspect of American culture.

    Has anyone else grown up with a brother or father that didn’t match? What was your experience like?

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    My father didn’t match; he was circumcised, but my parents felt that whether I would be should be my decision. I never really had any strong desire to be “like” my father, but I did feel embarrassed to not be “like” the other boys my age. Not that my parents didn’t offer it to me when I was old enough to ask why I was different; they did, I simply didn’t take them up on it.

    Fast forward two decades to when I finally made the decision myself: by this time, fitting in was really not one of my motivations.

    Anyway, I don’t in any way regret that my parents let me choose for myself, but I also don’t in any way regret my decision having finally made it.

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    Yeah, I can relate. I was born 2 months premature and my parents could not have me circumcised at the time. I was left with this super long tapered foreskin. Two years later my little brother was born and had his circumcision. When we were teens I would compare mine with his. I was jealous of his symmetrical perfection. I took pains to be with him naked: I showered with him and sometimes shared a bed when he had nightmares. Before I left for college when he was still a sophomore I confessed my envy. He expressed the exact same envy but for mine. He had faked all those nightmares in order to share my bed (platonic).
    In college I finally got the courage to get cut. Although the results were not everything I had hoped for he was by my side, missing his own senior prom to support me.
    Now I am grown up and I have never told this story before. Aaron is still my best friend and now we match.

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    I was born premature in 1956 and was not circumcised as a result. My brother was born in 1962 and my folks had him cut. I have always been self conscious about my uncut status especially since I have a relatively small penis. In school I hated the locker room. out of about 40 guys in my gym class, I was the only uncut one. In college it was more of the same. Oddly enough as rare as it is to be uncut in my age group, I had an uncut roommate. Unlike me he was very proud of his foreskin. Maybe that was because he was very large.

    Despite my foreskin, I found a wonderful woman and have three great kids.

    I still think about getting cut quite often. I am now 60 and think I may finally do it for my self. I talked about it with my brother recently and he said he wouldn’t do it if he were me. For me my foreskin has always been a nagging embarassment and I want it gone.

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      Since you’re getting older, there’s a very legitimate medical reason to start considering a circumcision: at some point in the next 20 to 40 years you aren’t going to be able to take care of yourself anymore, including personal hygiene. Hopefully it will just be a matter of old age, but things like alzheimer’s can be a serious problem for this.

      The issue is that, once you stop washing yourself, your caregivers (family or nursing home) are unlikely to retract your foreskin to wash underneath it on a daily basis. This may result in frequent infections, probably discomfort, and certainly smegma plus a foul odor. You may wind up getting circumcised anyway if the infections are problematic.

      If you’re already considering doing it, I’d encourage you to think about your future as well.

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    I am American and have a circumcised father, but I was not cut at birth. I had some uncircumcised friends growing up so I did not feel completely odd with my foreskin, and conformity with society is not a big thing with me.

    I was cut at 17. I can’t fully explain why it had such intrinsic appeal. I can only say I was attracted to circumcision in spite of the fact that I had other friends I could identify with (as uncut). I don’t think it was a ‘father issue’ either. From what I can tell he is neutral about the subject.

    Part of my attraction was hygienic, as my foreskin was long and would get wet and smelly despite trying everything to alleviate that. I guess my point is that circumcision can have some intrinsic appeal even when societal pressures and conformity are not a central issue.

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    I’m circumcised and as far as I know other male family members are not, so it’s me who is non-matching in my family. I really couldn’t care less about that, but If I had a son I’d prefer for him to be circumcised at birth and my wife would too. The main decider on being circumcised (or not) seems to be religion or family tradition.

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    I stumbled upon your website by accident. I was particularly interested in the stories of Aurora and ManAwake, since they are similar to my own experiences.

    I was uncircumcised when my wife and I were married. After about a year, she began to urge me to get circumcised like her brothers. She has five brothers and one sister, with my wife right in the middle. Her father had all of the boys circumcised as teenagers for reasons of good health, so my wife and her sister were completely familiar with the procedure. The two girls have always been close. I finally did have my foreskin removed since it was so strongly recommended by both my wife and her father. The doctor did not remove my frenulum and left just enough skin to be attractive. Before circumcision, sex was like masturbating into my foreskin. After circumcision, My wife said that she could more easily feel the head of my penis in her vagina. I can honestly say that, in my case, the sensations were in no way decreased.

    Some time ago, I was looking for a replacement part when I found myself near my sister-in-law’s (SIL) and her husband’s house. I was Sunday, so I stopped in. They were very happy to see me. My brother-in-law (BIL)was mowing the grass, which was hot, dirty work. When he was finished, we stripped down and jumped into the pool for a skinny dip on a silly dare. Big trees and bushes insured privacy. My BIL had always been indifferent to circumcision. I think he was scared because he assumed it would be painful at his age. He showed no interest even though he had a lengthy foreskin that looked like it had been trimmed with pinking shears. After awhile, my SIL joined us in a very skimpy bathing suit. My BIL didn’t seem to care. My SIL noticed that I was circumcised and was very interested in that fact. She started to ask questions about how long it took to heal and if it was painful as an adult (no). The following weekend, she took my wife aside to get the full story. My SIL revealed that she was unhappy with the look of my BIL’s penis, and thought my circumcised appearance was much more attractive. She asked my wife if I would help convince her husband to get circumcised and, if successful, take him to a doctor to have it done. She thought that my presence might reduce his reluctance. After hearing my story of better appearance, better sex, better hygiene, with negligible discomfort, my BIL agreed. The doctor who did me routinely performs adult circumcisions, therefore I took my BIL to him. So, my brother-in-law and I were circumcised by the same doctor, but at different times. My BIL and I are about the same age; now he claims that we had a brother-brother circumcision. We both wish we had done it earlier.

    My wife’s mother and father, her aunt, at least one of the brothers, my parents, and of course my SIL and BIL know about my circumcision. The aunt knows because she is a nurse and we asked her thoughts before I was circumcised. After many years of experience she feel that this is a simple procedure that every man/boy should have. The relatives may know about my BIL; I suspect that they do. I don’t say anything unless they bring the subject up.

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