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    I’m from the US and was cut when I was 33. When I got circumcised, I had been married for about 7 years, but my wife and I have been together since we were 21. I’m the only guy she’s ever been with so for her my being uncircumcised was never really a big deal. In fact, when I first brought up the idea of getting circumcised, she thought I was crazy. She had no problem when we had our sons cut at birth, but thought it would be too painful for an adult to have it done.

    I eventually began to keep my foreskin retracted and it stayed retracted more-or-less all the time, although it did roll forward once-in-a-while. So eventually having my glans exposed was the look we were both used to. One day I was walking out of the shower to our bedroom and didn’t notice my foreskin was covering my glans; however, my wife saw it. She came over and said something like “your foreskin is covering your head again, can you push it back again?”

    So I did, but I also asked her why and she confessed that after having gotten used to seeing my penis with the foreskin retracted, she much preferred being able to see my glans all the time, even if I was soft and just walking around our room naked or changing. So I asked her if she had changed her mind and if she wanted me to get circumcised, and without any hesitation on her part, she said “yes.” Like she didn’t even think about it. A few weeks later I scheduled an appointment with a urologist and my foreskin was removed.

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