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    When I met my husband he wasn’t circumcised. After being together for a while and being comfortable with each other I one day retracted his foreskin and said “you should leave it like that.” When he asked me why, I was honest and told him that I think it looked better than when his head was covered. He said he would think about it but didn’t make any promises. For the next month or so, whenever I saw him naked, I’d pull back his foreskin and he’d leave it that way – he just never did it on his own. Our relationship progressed and my little “game” went one for a few months.

    He eventually began to travel for work and these trips would sometimes last up to two weeks. After one of these extended trips, while he was changing, I went to pull his foreskin back but noticed I didn’t need to. He told me that the day after he left he decided he would keep this skin pulled back permanently as I liked it so much and he was getting more used to it. For a few months, his skin would still occasionally roll forward, but eventually it got “trained” to stay back.

    I had asked him a few times if he ever thought about getting circumcised but he hadn’t and since his skin was permanently retracted I never pushed the issue. A couple of years later we were married and had a son, who we both agreed to get circumcised. One year, after a physical, my husband told me he’d talked to his doctor about getting circumcised and was referred to a urologist. My husband had set up an appointment and was getting circumcised the next month. I was pretty happy and he was circumcised and healed without any issues.

    When my kids were older we started going to a lake house every summer with my BIL, his wife and his kids (his sons were also circumcised). One year my SIL walked in on my husband and I changing and she saw my husband was circumcised. Later that night she pulled me aside and asked me about it. I told her my story and about my husband’s circumcision. She said she wished my BIL would get it done but he was perfectly happy being uncircumcised. She said she would try to get him to keep his foreskin retracted.

    The next year, she confided in me that my BIL had gotten to circumcised. He had tried to keep his skin retracted but it wouldn’t stay and instead of trying to leave it that way, he just decided to get it removed.

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    Choice Maker


    Thank you for sharing this story. Is there any chance you would share this site with your husband or brother-in-law? I’d love to have their experiences first-hand in the forums.

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    I am married and am considering getting cut myself, primarily for the aesthetic appeal. Did you or your husband notice any difference in pleasure/sensitivity afterwards?

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    Hai! We married in 2005 and found that he is suffering uneasy with his lengthy foreskin while at sex. He always used to pullback foreskin looking like circumcised. After normalcy it comeback covering tip of penis. Then I came to know circumcision and I took him to a doctor and he was circumcised in presence of me and now afterwards no smegma or uneasy. Now he is proud to be a circumcised men.(pl don’t publish my email)

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    I am from the Fiji island and I am married to a man who is uncut it looks weird and the cover doesn’t pull up all the way it looks like a turtle neck I want him to get a dorsal cut to relieve the cover so I feel the head inside it gets stuck so we are pondering on my he issue

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    I was circumcised at my own request some time after I was married. At the time my wife was at best indifferent and probably thought I was a little mad. She has since changed her mind and now greatly prefers me circumcised. My wife also thinks Jewish women are so lucky and she would be especially pleased to attend a Bris.

    We have not had a boy, but if we had, we both agree we would circumcise him. and we would have wanted any son of ours to be circumcised at home by a mohel (although we are not Jewish), we just think they are the most expert in doing infant circumcisions.

    I have two regrets:

    I wish my mother had got me circumcised as a baby.
    I wish my wife had known about circumcision and if I wasn’t already circumcised, had insisted on it before we married.


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    I am a 29 year old American male who is uncircumcised. My girlfriend (27) had told me about her newborn nephew being circumcised and that got us talking about our potential future child. She insisted that he will be circumcised even though I’d rather let the boy make that decision for himself when he is older. But even if I try to reason with her she seems to have her mind set. No matter what. So it makes me wonder what she wants from me and my penis. I told her if the baby gets circumcised then I have to get circumcised as well. She agreed. So yes, I’m excited to one day get circumcised when I get a little more money saved up. And I will choose a high and tight circumcision style for myself. It must be done for my girlfriend, and for myself. I am so excited and can’t wait to be fully American and to start a circumcised legacy for my family. And lastly I can’t wait to sexually satisfy my girl with a penis that she wants and prefers. And I know it will feel great.

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    I was in a similar situation when I started dating my wife. She came from a culture where circumcision was done routine and was surprised to find out I was uncut. She began to pressure me about getting circumcised and was adamant that any future son would be circumcised. I began to read up on circumcision and found that there was several medical benefits and was hygienically better. I eventually booked an appointment and scheduled the procedure. I was done low and tight with the frenulum removed. I have no regrets and my wife loves it. We recently had our second child that was a boy and had him circumcised.

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      Which cultures you are talking about? Makes me wonder…

      Either way, welcome to the tribe of tbe marked ones, Mark;)
      All the best!

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    Aurora, Great story! Wives who prefer that look should help him like you did. I think most women prefer the clean look, I do also. My husband was done at age 20 and has never regretted having it. Now at 56 years old he has lost just a small amount of sensitivity which allows him to last longer. I must say that it improved our sex lives because he always ejaculated so quickly but since the clip, can go longer which matches us perfectly.

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    I think that while circumcision is debated for health and aesthetic reasons, a big part of it is family–almost tribal–solidarity. I was not circ’d at birth. When I was old enough to notice, I realized my dad was circumcised. Realizing we were different made a huge impression on me, though I do not remember saying anything about it, as such things were never discussed in my family. Years later I my dad brought the matter up and urged me to get circumcised. He’d had his done shortly after I was born! I wish my parents had had me cut when I had my tonsils out, or some other time when I was small. But at age 16 when dad mentioned it, the thought of going to the doctor, having an operation, etc. was too scary and, frankly, embarrassing. Dad never pursued the idea and our discussion was not thorough or had in a way to relieve anxiety or assure me. I was virtually the only uncirc’d kid in school and was very sensitive to the difference. The teasing was awful! But I never admitted this to my father or anyone else. After I was grown, I finally got it done and was so glad I did. Dad had already passed on, so I never got the chance to talk things over with him. People often say they are going to leave their boys uncirc’d so they can have a choice, but in our culture there is not much “out and open” way for guys to make this “choice” without embarrassment or fear of the surgery. Are there others who came to their decision by the example or discussion with relatives? Also, would Choicemaker comment on influences from his father or brothers, if any.

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    Did you ever ask why they didn’t have you circumcised? Especially since your dad was circumcised shortly after your birth? Why did he have it done?

    My dad was circumcised when I was a teenager. Neither one of my parents brought up that he was having it done.

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    I was likely not circumcised because I was born in a rural hospital where the attending physician was not resident. I also had an aunt who was vocally opposed. My father had his done so that he would last longer with sex. I should also add that all other male family members: grandfather, cousins, etc. were circumcised.

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