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    I have always been curious about circumcision and have spent over a decade reading about it.

    One question that persists is the degree to which an adult getting cut has full choice over what style they get (e.g. high and tight, low and loose, etc.). Some sources say that anyone can get any style. Others claim that an individual’s anatomy plays a role in determining what styles are possible.

    I want a high and medium cut (not too loose or tight). The pollock method (mogen clamp with skin glue instead of sutures) is the method most accessible and cheap in my area. I know this question is best suited for a urologist/surgeon but I’m curious also what you think. Given my anatomy, do you think a high cut is possible?

    Here are some pics of my erect penis:





    I have a fully functioning penis + foreskin. That said, as you might have noticed from the pictures there is a natural limit as to how far back I can retract my foreskin comfortably while erect. This has never been an issue for sex, hygiene, etc., but I’m concerned that because I can’t pull it back flat and smooth (to have the “cut look”) that I therefore have a limit as to how high my scar line can be placed. Does this make any sense?

    My penis is curved downward, meaning that there is more (fore)skin on the top than on the bottom. This becomes quite noticeable when I retract it fully when flaccid — the retracted skin causes the head and penis to curve down a lot.

    Flaccid pictures with full retraction:




    You can see that it’s partly a matter of the shape/curve/skin distribution of my penis and partly my frenulum. Maybe a high cut would be fine and it would simply be a matter of taking more off the top than the bottom and removing the frenulum to untether things a bit?


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    Firstly, congratulations on having a very impressively sized unit!

    In my very non medical opinion, I’d say you’d be fine. The only concerns I’ve heard raised re: anatomy and style tend to relate more to the growers than the showers, and you look like you’re more in the ‘shower’ camp.

    The issue with growers – and this was the case for me too, which I was told is quite common for people who are smaller when soft and grow a lot on erection – is that the higher cuts that leave more inner mucosa can result in that mucosa not allowing the interstitial fluid to circulate very well when they bunch up behind the glans when soft. When erect everything is as it should be, but soft, at least in my case, I always had a puffy collar of skin sitting behind the head, looking more like a rolled back foreskin than anything else.

    I saw a few surgeons and urologists when I went for a revision and they all said they see this type of result quite often, and always in people like me – the growers, and never in the showers. Interestingly enough, they also all said it never seems to happen with infant circulation, no matter how big your penis is as an adult or how much or how little it grows.

    It’s a long answer but I think you have nothing to worry about. Hopefully someone with more medical knowledge than me can chime in and help out.

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      That’s very helpful. Thank you for your reply!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    With the way your penis looks with the foreskin pushed back as far as it will go, I would recommend that you get a high and tight circumcision. I’m not a doctor, I’m just a guy who really likes the high and tight circumcision. Whenever I get circumcised, I want as much skin cut off as the doctor can cut off so that I will not remember ever being uncircumcised.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    If you get the high and tight circumcision be sure to have the frenulum cut off. It will make a much better circumcision.

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    Having excess skin on erection isn’t reallyan issue, its more about the difference between hard and soft. For everyday health and hygiene, you need the glans and sulcus (the area behind the corona) exposed when soft, and for sensation of “full-contact” sex you need no loose skin on erection. I’d say the erect state is what limits you- some guys have such a size change that tight shaft skin on erection still means their glans is covered when soft, which leaves you without all the hygiene benefits.

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