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    Hey, I’m 24 years old and considering circumcision. In my city the only doctor specializing in circumcision uses the Pollock Technique with the mogen clamp. I am having trouble figuring out what type of circ this method produces. I want a high and tight cut. Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of this method? Any info or opinions are appreciated. Thanks

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    Mine was done by Dr.Pollock and it turned out high and loose, dunno about other peoples…

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    I have heard really good things about Dr. David Cornell in Atlanta; consider traveling there for the operation if you are particular about the result. Also consider Dr. Karen Boyle in Baltimore.

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    Dr. David Cornell in Atlanta did my revision in 2005. Perfect work and I could not be any happier. His method is flawless and best for adult males. Reason for revision was the poor job the Navy did on my initial circumcision (to much skin left). Google his name for directions to his center in Atlanta.

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    My circ done by the Pollock technique also turned out High and Loose.

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    I am considering circumcision and, like the OP, can only find clinics offering the “Pollock technique” in Southern Ontario (ex. Gentle Procedures clinic). My preference is for “high and tight” with the frenulum removed. Does anyone else have experience with the Pollock technique?

    I would like to minimize the scar line as much as possible. Is there a technique that results in a minor, relatively unnoticable, scar line?


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