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    Hi Guys,

    So just am in the process of considering having a adult circ no issues just for personal preference. The clinic i have contacted prefer to circumcise Low and medium tightness which i think the tightness will be fine as i am a grower.

    Am really wondering about the sensitivity of having a low circumcision thought and if i should include the frenulum or not? Visually i probably would prefer a low cut any way over high but have come across varying opinions on style and sensitivity.

    Your thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.


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    It is a good thing to consider having circumcision for personal preference. I had a low tight circumcision (I am myself a grower and the skin is tight when hard, what I like!). The important thing for having good sensitivity is that glans is always completely – including the crown – and definitively bare when soft, even when the weather is very cold : to be sure, my surgeon removed my frenulum. (but I think that is almost automatic in the case of a low circumcision because the cut-line is very near the glans crown.

    I hope this message was useful!

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    Hi James,
    If complete and full exposure of your glans is a goal, then a low cut is probably best for a grower. I had my frenulum removed and it was the right decision for me. The frenulum’s purpose is to draw the foreskin down over the glans. Remove the foreskin, and it no longer has a purpose. It is part of the foreskin. Be aware that the No. 1 complaint of men circumcised in adulthood is incomplete foreskin removal. So make sure you discuss this with your surgeon for the best possible outcome. You really do not want to go through this twice! After you are circumcised sensitivity is different. Some say it is less, but I think different is the word to use. You will have to get used to this. For example, you masturbate with different technique. Penetrative sex is different. Just walking about in your underwear feels different. Not better, not worse, not more, not less. Just different. Be prepared for this and enjoy the experience. Millions of men have gotten shed of their foreskins, and only a very few have been unhappy. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out for you!

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    Thanks Mason

    Just to clarify your comment about incomplete foreskin removal are you suggesting a tighter cut?


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    Hi James,

    I was circumcised at 28, it was my personal preference and like you I would say I am a grower. My cut is low, but the surgeon left the frenulum which I am now looking to get removed. Wish I had of requested it at the time, but the guy doing it didn’t discuss much about the options. Whichever you choose, you won’t regret it, I love being cut. But I would recommend getting the fren removed for reasons mentioned above.

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    Just wanted to say Thanks Guys for your info and feedback.
    Has helped, have decided to go with a Low cut as tight as practical going to ask the Doc for his guidance on this and include the Fren.

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      Why do you want to be cut?

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        Hi Tom,

        Personal preference particularly the look i think is better

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    Good luck James, you won’t regret it and it would be great to hear about your experience with the clinic. I for one would like to be recommended a good clinic as I am considering getting the fren removed. All the best with it mate.

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    I was cut really low, and I loved it, but extremely high (almost at the penis base is cool), too. The main thing, is go as tight as possible

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    Thanks Manuel,

    I have done more research and agree a tight cut will be the best not sure the point of getting circumcised if you still ha loose skin left.

    since my last post here i have had an initial consult with the Dr for my circumcision he explained the procure which will be freehand and performed examination As well.
    He checked out my penis and foreskin and Said everything was completely normal,we then discussed style and i asked if i could have a low cut as tight as practical with my frenulum included.

    Which he is happy to do and i think will look great.

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    I have a slight difference of opinion, I truly believe it has to do with a matter of preference. The style is gonna be with you till you die, so get what you like the best. I happen to like that two tone look because to me it says proudly circumcised. I feel like a low cut sometimes looks like it could be an uncircumcised guy with his skin peeled back just behind the head. Unfortunately for me, I got more of a lower cut than I wanted, I had asked for a high and tight but didn’t get. What I do have left I do definitely feel a lot more sensation in that area than I do from the outer foreskin. Chances are you’re gonna lose a little sensation, maybe not, so make it worth it and get the style that you think looks best on your body. This is just a matter of opinion, we all know that our bodies are just a little different from each other so go with what you think looks the best on you. That way if you do lose a little sensation it’ll be worth it because you will have a rock star penis. It sucks to be me, I got a double whammy but I do prefer being cut.

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    Thanks Chris

    I Can understand what your opinion, i am expecting some loss in sensitivity after i have the snip. But prefer to get the style of cut i prefer which is the low style particularly because visually i am not a fan of the two tone look you mentioned.

    I would be more disappointed if i did not get the style i prefer vs loosing some sensitivity.

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    Danny C

    It’s different for everyone. I got cut 13 years ago and I’d told my doctor I wanted “a tight circumcision that leaves a decent amount of inner foreskin, but not too much”. I didn’t specify anything with my frenulum. I ended up with a cut that’s almost as tight as can be. The scar placement is on the lower side, but it looks a lot like the IMC picture of a normal circumcision. I’d always wanted to be cut; however, the main reason I got it done was that I thought it would make me last longer in bed. Because of this I asked the doctor to remove more inner foreskin than I should have. I still have the frenulum. I’m still very happy with the result but around 10 years later I realized I regretted not getting a high and tight cut with frenulum removal. The reason I wanted the high and tight with frenulum removal is because I always wanted to look like everyone else down there and that’s the most common style. I still have my frenulum and wish it was gone. What I’m trying to get at is make sure you think about everything, not just sensitivity. My sensitivity has changed but I would say I cum quicker and harder now. It’s incredibly hard to describe to someone that hasn’t had it done. I’d recommend the tape method to figure out where you want your scar placement. Hope that helps.

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    Thanks Danny,

    for your insite the circle clinic i am going to prefers to cut low and tight.
    Which i am happy with as most of my sensitivity comes from my glans.

    Cheers James

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    When are you getting it done?

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    Personally, I’m glad I kept my frenulum. My head is mostly desensitized, but I get amazing sensation playing with my frenulum.

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    Getting it done in the next couple of months

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    Ive been also thinking about getting circumcised but im undecided on which style will be better for me. Im not a fan of the high cut two toned look. Especially since im not white it wont look too good in my opinion. Im thinking between low and loose or low and tight with frenulum removed but im a grower so im concerned a tight cut will be uncomfortable when i have erections. Also there will be no skin movement at all when erect so my wife wont be able to stroke it like usual. What you guys think?

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      Ask your doc about the details, in particular if tightness might be an issue in your case.

      Inner foreskin is less stretchable than outer foreskin and shaft skin, as far as I know. This is why a moderate low-tight cut should not be a problem if you have a grower-type penis.

      Yes, your wife will need to relearn / rediscover how to handle your member once you have been circumcised. But that shouldn’t be a problem… When I got my low-tight cut, my wife took a lot of learning sessions of the special kind, LOL.

      all the best!

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    I went with the high but a little loose as the skin is still movable when erect, well to some degree. I personally wish I had gone for the tighter no mobile skin when erect. I’m probably going to get a revision to accomplish that.
    And yes it took the wife a while to grasp how to stroke my penis after circumcision. She kept trying to pull the skin over the head to the point it got a little painful in the heat of the moment! But she finally got it down and she really loves it now, the look and the feel.
    Just make it fun and not critical as she learns.
    I know that I can feel her so much better with no foreskin moving over the head during intercourse. And she says she can feel me better regarding the head sliding inside. For us circumcision has made sex so much better.
    All the best to you

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    Thanks guys for replying. I think i will go with a low and moderately tight circumcision. I dont know when ill do it. I need to save towards it. I was looking at a clinic in my city but they do pollick method and i heard pollock Doesn’t provide a low and tight result. They also use glue which is supposed to be better but i just read on the website in the procedure faq’s of the circumcision center in Atlanta, Georgia that glue shouldn’t be used in adult circumcision. Dr. David Cornel is very renowed. He’s supposed to be one of the best. So now im not sure if ill go through this clinic.


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    I would like to be cut but so used to having foreskin in Canada here it costs a lot to have it done

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    @ Anthony

    I live in Canada went to a urologist admitting I wanted it done for cosmetic reasons. It turns out I need it done for medical reasons so no charge!

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    Im in Canada as well. Montreal.

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    @Anthony, @JJ, @Michael

    Where I live (in Europe) all medical (=paid for by health insurance) circumcisions are done in the low/tight style (“radical circumcision” = less than 1cm inner foreskin remaining, frenulum excised).

    In Canada the situation might be similar… so take additional steps if you don’t like that particular style.

    Note that I’m not against low/tight circumcision; all I’m saying is: get informed upfront and make an informed decision!

    In fact, I got a “radical circumcision” and I’m loving it! But YMMV!

    all the best, Stefan.

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    I think a lower cut makes it easier to fully expose the head- inner skin folds on itself more easily and is less ‘stretchy’ over time. My cut was high and tight, and so there was no issue with sensitivity or loose skin during sex, but ten years on, the skin does settle on the rim of the glans and in the cold even rolls over slightly. It’s not a big problem, occasional erections and everyday stimulation from the inside of trousers leading to semis keep the head free, but it is apparently a thing with high cuts, lower cuts keep the head bare and so don’t provide anywhere for bugs to grow. Also, the weaker inner skin is more easily damaged and so is usually preferentially removed when you’re having it done for medical reasons.

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    Jack, you and I sound identical with our circumcisions. Mine was high and tight too, but over the years has gotten where I experience the same thing with the skin rolling up slightly! It actually drives me crazy having the skin roll over the rim to the point that I’m going to get a revision to tighten it up. I specifically wanted a high cut to keep the more sensitive inner foreskin. And I loved it. Still do when I’m hard because even though it’s loosened up, when hard the skin just moves a little and can’t be pulled up over the head. But I can’t stay hard all of the time….ha!
    Have you considered getting a revision?

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    Hi Guys,
    I was circumcised a few days back. I chose low and tight radical cut with complete foreskin and frenulum removal. My reasons were aesthetic and also to have better lasting ability during sex.
    I was never able to last long enough and the orgasm was always underwhelming and there was no sense of buildup and release.
    Now that I am on road to recovery, I will report my experience with my “new” organ!

    PS: this website has been a great source of information to decide the type of cut I chose. I thank the admin for creating it.

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    Congratulations on getting circumcised. Yes, please do let us know how you like the new you with sex.
    As I’ve stated on this site before, sex for me got significantly better after I was circumcised. I was prepared regarding some guys issues with overly sensitive head after circumcision because I had kept my foreskin retracted for years so my head was used to being exposed. Sex got better for me because I did not have to deal with foreskin rolling back over head during sex, allowing me to actually feel more. Plus, for me my circ scar had sensitivity. That being said, every guy is different with their own sensations. Plus the mental/emotional side of sex played into it for me.
    Since I had always wanted to be circumcised, when I did it there came with it an emotional completeness which made me feel great. Aesthetically I was happy too as it looked like I had always wanted it to look which gave me more confidence in locker room at gym.
    Thinks for your update, keep us posted.
    All the best

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    @ Charlie (or anybody else)

    Did anybody apply bio-oil or Vitamin E cream to their circ scar. If so, when did you start applying it, how often and for how long?

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    Yes I used Vit E after the the wound was closed and scar was pink with the new skin. Probably the fourth week for me.

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