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    I am coming up on 8 months after my original circumcision. While I’m satisfied I had it done, I’m not really satisfied with the cosmetic outcome. I was left with a lot of redundant skin that bunches up and covers the coronal ridge when flacid. When erect I still have a lot of skin mobility and it easily pulls over the coronal ridge during normal activities.
    The doctor discussed style with me and we decided on a high and tight style, but I certainly don’t feel this is what I got. The scar line also has pretty bad track marks, which I can live with, they don’t honestly bother me, but it would be a plus if those were reduced a bit too. I researched heavily and traveled to a well respected doctor. He has told me he will not perform a revision as he wants to ensure I have enough skin to “grow.” I am not a doctor, but given the amount of loose skin when erect, I can’t see how this would be a problem. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you feel confident when choosing a doctor a 2nd time? We’re you satisfied with the results of the revision?
    Any support or advice is appreciated.

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    Gino Reyes

    Hey Ryan- I too have a botched circumcision when I had it done as a teenager. Now when flaccid, my foreskin fully covers the penile head making it looked uncut. I consulted with my urologist who wouldn’t do a re-circumcision as well. He felt that I wouldn’t have enough skin when erect. I trust him highly and it is true that when erect,I don’t have a lot of skin left.I would suggest to consider that situation. I think as long as your penile Head is still out and exposed when flaccid,you are still “considered” cut. I’ll keep it that way if I were you. Better safe than sorry, buddy.

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    I realized last year that I had a loose or partial cut when i was a teenager when several girls asked me why i was never circumcised. I was shocked at first and explained that I was. Then later on I realized that there is still a lot of skin, and really I look uncircumcised. I am considering a tighter cut just so ladies don’t keep asking me that.

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    I was circumcised as an adult too. I was considered high and tight at the time. I was given an erection to see where the cut should be and penis was marked with sterile pen. My scar is about 1.25in from my coronal head when erect. However, because I’m a “grower”, my shaft skin will roll over my head and cover about 1/3 of the head when flaccid. It drives me crazy! To compound the problem, when I’m erect it’s almost perfect with very little skin movement and it can’t be pulled over the head at all! Because of that I can’t get a revision. That being said, getting circumcised was the best thing I ever did for me. Sex is better I’m still sensitive despite what the anti circ crowd says will happen. But everyone is different, some that have been circumcised as adults may have lost some sensitivity.
    I would tell any guy considering circumcision to absolutely get it done.

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