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    Interested in getting circumcised, but do not want to get too tightly because I still want to be able to masterbate like I do now with my foreskin (I.e be able to pull the skin over the head). Has anyone gotten a loose circumcision? Interested in hearing your experiences/partner experiences.

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    Hi Jim,

    Not sure i am going to be of help answering your specific question.
    But i am curious why your looking to get circumcised so loosely? I would wonder if there was any real benefit to being circumcised as loose as your talking as i would imagine you would have allot of foreskin left.

    I am currently waiting to have my circumcision and am planning on getting done low and as tight as possible which is the style i prefer. I am going this way as i think it will leave my glands permanently exposed and give the best asethic look and most health benefits.

    But i do imagine masturbation and sex will be different.

    Cheers James

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      To me a loose circumcision looks the same when hard as a tight circumcision. I think you get pretty similar aesthetics without loosing some of the benefits you get with some foreskin left.

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    Aesthetics alone can be a difficult thing to achieve, a lot of it depends on your individual anatomy- for guys who grow a lot on erection, there needs to be more ‘slack’ in the skin after the cut, and if you’re a ‘shower’ you can get cut so your head is similarly exposed soft or hard. Circumcision isn’t always the best thing for masturbation, I found the improvements were mostly sex-related as the glans moves over the vaginal walls a lot better than a hand without a foreskin folding over it.

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    Hey guys,

    I am also planning on getting a lose cut due to medical reasons, as I see it as he best way to reduce the risk of a loss of sensitivity (pleasure wise) that some men who were circumcised report. I know aesthetically it can cause they folded skin look, but can this be fixed by just allowing the skin to go over the head? No wrinkles will show and it just looks like someone with a shorter foreskin? Please let me know if this thinking makes sense. Thanks

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