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    N A

    So I made a thread here earlier in the year about having a circumcision, which I’ve now had (due to medical reasons).

    However, I don’t have a frenulum left. Does this mean that the triangle area will not feel any particular sensation? :(

    People on here have had their frenulum removed and say there’s no loss of pleasure so am confused. I’m in day 9 of recovery.


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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Is the frenulum that tendon on the bottom of the glans? If it is, I somehow lost it w/out having surgery because it’s not there. The sensitity decreased when I got the glans to stay exposed 24/7/365 by doing a self-circumcision and I like it much better with the decreased sensitivity.

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      @Bruce: How do you do a self-circumcision?????

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    So i had to get mine cut because it was to tight how long before you notice the swelling went down I’m about 2.5 week after surgery getting Circumcised stitches are all out getting hard hurts still and i feel like i can’t get a full hard on it feel tight in the shaft like if it won’t go no more. How long before the sling is back to moving freely?

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      Residual swelling might keep things tighter than the end result for a week or two. It’s apparently more common with higher cuts as the inner skin swells more easily. Mine was somewhat similar but the swelling went down earlier, everybody is different though

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    Hi! Residual swelling goes away with time. But the triangle of frenulum, glans ridge and the circumcision scar are most sensitive. If you are high or moderately high cut the inner skin too is very sensitive.

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