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    Just got back from getting cut. This site helped educate me a bit during the 2 weeks I had to wait for my procedure. I got cut due to an infection that wouldn’t clear up, but I have always wanted to be circumcised. Not sure how it looks since it’s bandaged up still. The doctor told me that it wouldn’t be cut too tight since I am a grower naturally and my skin gets really tight when erect anyways. We will find out soon enough.

    I had a bit of a reaction during pre op from the meds but once I calmed down I went into the surgery room and I only remember them putting a mask on me and then waking up in recovery. When I woke up my blood pressure dropped a bit so it took a few minutes to get back to normal. I was sweating like a pig and really dizzy and pale. The nurses and anesthesiologist were amazing though. Made me feel really comfortable during the entire thing.

    My dick is a bit sore right now so i am taking some pain meds and antibiotics. The head is a bit swollen and really sensitive. They told me to remove the bandage in 24 hours and not to shower for 3 days. This is going to drive me crazy since I normally shower twice a day.

    Overall, the procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Getting my wisdom teeth removed hurt so much worse, but then again I was awake for the whole thing that time. I hope the recovery goes well so I can get back to having sex with the wife with my newly improved member.

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    Congrats mate!
    I’m hoping to be done by mid year and joining the ranks!
    You on Kik at all? Would be keen to follow your progress man,

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      It will be 4 weeks this coming Wednesday since the procedure. The first couple weeks were very uncomfortable. The stitches were bothering the hell out of me but now I only have 1 left that should be falling out soon. Tried rubbing one out to test the waters and it feels so different. Very tight when erect like my dick is going to explode out of its skin. Had no problem ejaculating. I’m hoping the tightness feeling subsides a bit overtime because it can be a bit uncomfortable.

      Will post again in a few weeks if anyone is interested in updates.

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    Thanks for the update! Keen to chat a bit more about your procedure – are you on Kik?

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    My fiacee is jewish and had preety much been telling me for 1 year that i needed to get circumcised. I just got cut 2 days ago because i was able to get a quick appt after NY day . I was very nervous about the pain but so far there has not been any. There is this wierd sensation like i can feel my foreskin but i know it is not there. It is very swollen and bruised. The stitches are poking me but the worst is occational nighttime erections that stretch the healing skin. So i have missed sime sleep but its not painful. My fiancee is very happy although so feels bad abou t how the wound looks. We really want to test it out but still cannot do that

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    Congratulations, Ryan, for loving your fiancee enough to have yourself circumcised for her. You will not be sorry, as there are many benefits for yourself and for her. Just be patient, the healing takes some time. In a few days the appearance will approve. Just take your time getting back into action. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon. Keep us posted on your progress.

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