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    I got circ 4 years ago, and it healed up well i think… not sure. My only problem is when flaccid the right side looks like the way it should look(?) ,but on the left the skin or scar stands out.. It doesn’t cover the glans or anything like that.. When erect it disappears and looks and feels ok, after that it gets flaccid again and stands out more or looks like swelling (I think because the skin streches,and gets sensitive),but an hour or so and gets back to “normal”.. So do you guys think this is OK? Any idea? Please help

    I took some pics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V7RLHyOcrueDZYS-XpcRLIVj9xpcgSlX?usp=sharing

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    Hi Steve,
    I had something like you describe during the healing process from my circ. The doc said it was seepage from the lymphatic system. It is common where scar tissue is involved. It is the last bit to heal. Mine went away with the passing of time. It would reappear when vigorous sex occurred. The doctor said to use lube and be gentle. After a bit more time, this also resolved itself. If you are still having trouble, I urge you to consult your surgeon. It will put your mind at ease.

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    Thank you for your help, I’ve already consulted with a doctor and he said it is totally fine, and dont need to worry about it.. So in this case nothing can go wrong I think…My first time is getting near,and I got nervous because of this… So anyway thanks again :)

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