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    I got circ 4 years ago, and it healed up well i think… not sure. My only problem is when flaccid the right side looks like the way it should look(?) ,but on the left the skin or scar stands out.. It doesn’t cover the glans or anything like that.. When erect it disappears and looks and feels ok, after that it gets flaccid again and stands out more or looks like swelling (I think because the skin streches,and gets sensitive),but an hour or so and gets back to “normal”.. So do you guys think this is OK? Any idea? Please help

    I took some pics: [REDACTED]

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    Hi Steve,
    I had something like you describe during the healing process from my circ. The doc said it was seepage from the lymphatic system. It is common where scar tissue is involved. It is the last bit to heal. Mine went away with the passing of time. It would reappear when vigorous sex occurred. The doctor said to use lube and be gentle. After a bit more time, this also resolved itself. If you are still having trouble, I urge you to consult your surgeon. It will put your mind at ease.

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    Thank you for your help, I’ve already consulted with a doctor and he said it is totally fine, and dont need to worry about it.. So in this case nothing can go wrong I think…My first time is getting near,and I got nervous because of this… So anyway thanks again :)

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    Choice Maker

    I removed your link, not because I necessarily think it’s unacceptable, but because I don’t currently want to risk it. Textual descriptions are totally cool, but I’m not ready from a potential liability perspective to allow people to post images.

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    I would have liked to see this skin swelling, I have had issues with the remaining mucosa swelling for several years. In fact I have my penis re circumcised to try and get the swelling to resolve. It is better today, but I suffered for several years with that problem. Life would have been so much easier if my mother would have just circumcised me when I was born. Being one of the few in school with a foreskin was not pleasant.
    When I got married, my wife never said anything about my foreskin, as I had kept it retracted, I started when I was 8 years old. Hated the fact that all my friends were circumcised. At 13 it stayed retracted all the time. The only time it would be pushed over my glans, is when my wife would play with it. She knew about my desire to be circumcised, but said nothing about me having it done.
    After I had my modified dorsal slit, I thought I was finally circumcised, but I had remaining a lot of loose skin. I think I had less bunching of skin behind the corona when I just had my foreskin pulled back.
    My wife did not notice any difference after my surgery during sex. I still had most of my original foreskin, it just now sort of all hung at the bottom tip of my penis. I could cover all of my glans just like before my surgery, but now afterwards the remaining foreskin would retract on its own and leave most of the glans bare.
    To me I was finally circumcised, what I had dreamed of for so many years. I did not really know how loose my results were for several years. I just knew that I asked to be circumcised and some of my foreskin was trimmed and my glans would not stay covered anymore.
    When our son was born, she had him circumcised right away. When I looked at his circumcision I realized that all of his foreskin was removed and not any skin could be push up to touch his rim. His circumcision was so different then mine. At that time looking back at what I saw in the locker rooms, I realized that all of the circumcised boys were done the same way, all their foreskin was removed.
    She left me a few years later, my second wife’s previous husband was not circumcised, so all of my loose foreskin was not anything for her to be concerned about. We talked about having me redone, but she did not see any need. I talked with several doctors about redoing my penis, but no one impressed me enough to go back.
    I lost her after 20 years, we had a good sex life.
    When I married my third wife, my life and foreskin changed. Her previous husband was circumcised very tightly. She did not know just how to handle my penis with all the loose skin. She never said anything, at first as the glans was usually bare, but as time passed, my glans was being covered more and more. I would come home and she would find that my foreskin was completely over my glans. She would either reach over and push the skin back or tell me to fix my penis so that it looked normal.
    We found a urologist in Minneapolis, who we could trust to remove all of my loose remaining foreskin. I was finally really circumcised, no skin could be pushed over the rim from that day on.
    My problems then became the remaining mucosa was all swelled up behind the rim. It was like I had a large donut resting behind my glans. The frenulum was now very tight with an erection and pulled the tip down.
    I swelling lessened over time, but the frenulum breve did not change.
    She was so much more happy that her husband was now fully circumcised.
    We found two years later a urologist in Atlanta and he removed all traces of my frenulum and in doing so re circumcised me and took some more skin from the top side. I again had all the mucosa swelling. It too lessened in a few years but never completely went away.
    We talked with a well known urologist in Miami and he suggested that I undergo a fourth circumcision and he would try and connect the skin so the lymph fluid would drain properly. It did work better, but for several years, I still had swelling when we would have intercourse. Now after ten years, only on rare occasions do I get a little puffyness.
    My late wife might be the only woman in the world that actually watched her husband get circumcised three separate times, she stood right next to the table each time.
    Today I am without my very special lady. I miss her everyday.
    My life growing up with a foreskin. Would have been so much easier had mother circumcised me when I was born. She was saving me from the pain.
    Actually caused a life of frustration.

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