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    I’m booked in for a circumcision on the NHS because of scarring/phimosis, but I’m worried about sensitivity of the glans. I usually don’t wear underwear when it’s really hot, which helps with sweat/hygiene etc but Im worried it will be very painful with the gland uncovered. It wasnt always like this, but when I force the skin back touching the glans can hurt. Will I have to wear soft underwear after the operation? How does everyone cope with having the head out all the time and rubbing on clothes, esp. rough ones like jeans?

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    You will get used to it over time, though it may take awhile. It is typically a bigger adjustment for those who have had phimosis or infections. Be patient with yourself, and hey, a thin pair of briefs is probably well worth it for the benefits you’ll likely discover once you’re circumcised!

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    It’s not a problem at all, I haven’t worn underwear with regular clothes in years, and I’ve been circumcised nearly the whole time. Support can be important right after the op, but once the stitches were all out and the scabs fell off, I could dress normally again.

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    You need to give it time to get your glans adjusted to new feeling of being exposed. Over the time it will get tough and keratinized.
    Which is I think the best tjing about getting cut. To have a tough keratinized glans penis.

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