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    Is it possible to get an adjustment to a circumcision many years after the fact? I was circumcised as a newborn but it was apparently incomplete because I have more than an inch of visible foreskin tissue left between my scar and corona. It’s usually on my shaft but rolls up onto my glans several times a day, often while I am sitting. I never thought much of it until I got to be an adult and realized there was an error with my circumcision.

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    You can get revisions done to remove excess skin, mine has definitely loosened up a bit since my cut but luckily I still don’t have any ‘coverage’ while soft. The important question is how tight the skin is on erection- if you’ve got no folds, rolls or loose skin when hard, that’s as tight as your cut should be. Having a bare head when soft is ideal, but don’t risk complications to achieve it.
    The visible foreskin may be an inner foreskin remnant, rather than excess foreskin.

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