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    I live in a country where circumcisions are not common and those done for the treatment of phimosis are quite loose. How can I explain to the doctor that I want a very tight circumcision? Ideally, there would be absolutely no skin movement possible when erect, but of course there still needs to be enough skin to not restrict the size of the erections.

    How do I explain that to the doctor without him thinking I’m weird or him leaving too much skin because he wants to play it safe? (I’m going to a specialised circumcision clinic for both children and adults.)

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    Hello. A good method is to take a pen and mark where on your penis the circumcision line should be. Show is to your doctor while explaining your desire for a tight circumcision. You also need to consider how much inner vs. outer penis skin is excised. The closer the circumcision line is towards your penis head, the more inner skin is removed. The closer to the base of the penis the circumcision line, then the more outer penis skin is taken. Google “circumcision styles”, this may help you become more informed.

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