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    and it seems logically impossible, but the operation does not change length, simply the ‘extra’ skin around shaft?

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    Yup. It just removes unnecessary wrapping around your shaft; the shaft inside isn’t touched, and so of course stays the same length.

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    while being cut does not affect the length of your penis one way or the other, i actually gained a little girth in the head following my circumcision. i had a tight foreskin, that, it turns out, had been restricting the head from filling out completely, so following my circumcision, my coronal ridge flared out noticeably. My cock head has that nice ridge on the rim now, which feels better during penetrative sex for both me and my partners.

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    length would be great, but woudn’t he lose some pleasure?

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    Hi! After circumcision the size of the glans increases greatly. The sensitivity although reduces but its a blessing. It takes a long time to orgasm during sex.

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    subrata, can you please elaborate on how the sensitivity has changed? my husband may be getting circumcised soon and i want to know, and want him to know what changes to expect. we have a slight concern that it may make the pleasure worse for him, but we won’t know until he goes through it and it heals, but we sometimes feel like he should not do it because once it’s done there’s no going back.

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