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    Hi, i got circumcised two months ago and was very careful during healing, but it still feels weird, like i’m missing something. My doc told me it was the best way to cure tight foreskin and so i had it done but now the strange feeling of contact with clothes or even taking a piss keeps reminding me that i don’t have a foreskin anymore and everything has changed down there! Its pretty rare in my country unless you’re jewish, so i’m also an odd man out! How long until it becomesnormal?

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    Hi Mference,
    What you are experiencing is quite usual for someone who has had a circ due to tight foreskin. You could not expose your glans. Right? So now an inside part is an outside part? Things will settle down gradually. Give it another month or six weeks. Things will be different, but it will not be bad. Two months is not a long time in the big picture! Be patient with yourself and you will be amazed (and relieved). Take it from someone who’s “been there and done that”.

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    I am 21 year old guy, i was uncircumcised since birth and didn’t had any problems with it. But from few years i started disliking the feeling of foreskin on the glan of my penis due to which i try to rool it behind the gland most of my time. But whenever i sit it came back and cover the head again which frustrates me . From last two years i am sexually active and i got to realize that i feel a strange stretch while intercourse, in the beginning i though this stretch is normal because it wasn’t painful. But one day, from an article i learnt about the tight frenulum. After that i self examined myself and thought this might be the reason of stretch.
    Then few months passed and i started thinking about getting circumcised for various reasons. My reasons behind considering circumcision are cosmetic reason as i liked the way it look, cleaner, no more stretch feeling, also i suffered from premature ejaculation and thought having my glan exposed all the time and rubbing againt underwear will desensitize it a bit which will help me to have better control over ejaculation. Then i talked with my girlfriend about the idea of getting circumcised and she supported me with it. Then next week i went to a doctor and talked with him about it. He asked me if i want it due to medical or cosmetic reasons and my answer was cosmetic. He asked me if he can check my penis to see if there is any issue and i am fit for circumcision. Then he hold my penis and grabbed the foreskin. He pulled the foreskin to see if i feel any discomfort then he pushed all the way behind the head of penis, where he noticed that pushing it all the way back makes my penis point downward, while holding the skin back he took a look at frenulum. Then he checked the frenulum and told me that my frenulum is tight, it not to severe but tighter than average. Then he advised me to get my frenulum removed while circumcision. I also asked doctor about the style of circumcision, he said i can have any style style i want but i wanted his opinion. Also, i told him that I’m over sensitive and i hate the feeling of anything covering the head of my penis. Then he told me that tight cut half inch behind the glan looks better than all and it will never cover the glan. Then i decide to go with recommended style. So i made an appointment for surgery and he also told me to take 3-4 days off from work.
    Now, it’s the time of getting circumcised. I went to his office as he is going to do it in his office not hospital. They called my name and nurse took me to the room, she asked me if I’m shaved which i was because hair can cause problem while bandaging. She told me to lay down on a bed, on which they are going to perform procedure. I was getting nervous because i never had any surgery before. Then doctor came in, at that moment i was undressed and was only in hospital gown. He took a look at my oenis and told nurse to clean it with some liquid they has in glass bottle and he left. Then she started cleaning penis and area around it. After she was done, she asked if i am nervous and i said hell yeah. She tried to calm me down and said it is a minor procedure not surgery. Then the doctor came in and he started the procedure. He used local anesthetic and adked me if i feel anything, i said no because it turned numb. While he was doing it, I reminded him about style and he laughed. After procedure begin I started feeling calm because there wasn’t anything horrific. He threw some good jokes while procedure which helped me to stay calm. Procedure took around 40 minutes and he told me to take a look at it before dressing. The results were better than my expectations, i was impressed. He said a cut at an angle which is parallel to the head of the penis. I personally think, cut parallel to the head of the penis look far more better than Paras to the base of shaft. Then, nurse started to put toght bandages on it. After she was done, i she told me to sit on the bed for few minutes begore standing. After that i got dressed and came nack home. After 6 hours from procedure i started felling pain it wasn’t anything severe max 3/10. Then i took oainkiller and it went away.
    Next day i went to his office for follow up appointment. Nurse took me to a room and removed all the bandages and thrn doctor came in to check it. He insoected all the stiches, it was pretty swollen and gland turned pretty dark almost black. He said everything looks normal and the reason behind the color if head was lack of blood circulation in penis due to tight bandages. He told me that i can have shower now amd there is no need of bandages. So, now I don’t have any bandage on it. I came home, took shower and tried my best to nit have any erections because they are discomforting and painful as well. Swelling starts to go down as the days passed. After a week from procedure i went back to his office for follow up, he said everything looks great and I’m recovering faster than average. Also, he told me clean it well with soap and water. He told me to rub the stiches lightly with wet cotton clother to remove all the dried blood because it will slow down the healing process which i lter did. After 10days, erections are not a problem anymore and i resumed almost all the activities except heavy workout.
    Now, its been 4 weeks and yesterday i went for my last follow up appointment. There were two stiches which didn’t dissolve so they removed it but stiches on the places of frenulum are still there and told me leave then like it for one more week and they will go away by itself.
    Recovery period is over now which was 4 weeks. So, i can have sex with condom but i need to be a bit careful. So, i chooses to not have sex upto 6weeks. Right now it looks normal and way too better than it was before, actually i love this new look and it brought some good things. Before circumcision i used to have night fall problem at least twice a week but I didn’t have a single nightfall in a month even I didn’t masturbe from a month.
    I will post my next review as soon as i will have sex to let you guys know the difference. It’s the best decision I ever made.

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    Its been a couple more weeks and still theres a lot to get used to, i mean i don’t feel terrible about being cut but I’m still too aware of my head moving about, its not even the sensitivity but i’ve had to switch to tighty whiteys because of hardons that keep happening otherwise. The skin on the head kept peeling off but its stopped now and theres no pain, so thats a good thing at least.

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    Hi Mference, it’s good that things are returning to normal for you- the peeling is to be expected, it isn’t a problem, it’s the skin of the glans adapting to a new environment.

    It took me a while before getting used to some of the new sensations, and to stop thinking about my circumcision as a ‘change’ and more as ‘the way things are’, and honestly it feels pretty natural to me now, and it’s weird to think of having a skin flap covering my glans or loose skin on the shaft. Theres a lot of little things that become different- I can remember such trivial things as having to squeeze out the last drops at a urinal by pressing sequentially up the shaft where before I’d just be able to pinch and roll forward with the loose skin.

    Analogy wise, perhaps it’s like how you would take your shoes and socks off to take a shower, walk on a beach or go swimming- in a lot of situations you really don’t need socks and they get in the way, and it’s normal and far more enjoyable to have bare feet. Similarly, sex, masturbation and hygiene mean you need a bare glans at least some of the time. There are situations where you need to have no socks on, but none really where you have to be wearing them, dress codes aside, so if your socks are badly fitting, or causing you problems or you just decide you prefer not to wear them, you can put your shoes on barefoot. It feels different, but there’s no problem functionally or day-to-day, you can walk down the street in shoes or on a beach barefoot. With circumcision, likewise you can wear trousers/underwear for covering/protection and when having sex or showering, the glans is exposed as it should be anyway.

    Lastly, don’t worry about it being weird or unusual to have no foreskin. It’s the most common surgical procedure in the world, it’s a 100% treatment for tight foreskin and a lot healthier and more hygienic. I’ve never heard a negative comment from women, whether girlfriends or hookups and there’s been no loss of sensitivity.

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    Hey, just thought I’d post an update- things are pretty much “normal” now, or at least Im not always surprised when i notice theres no skin there!

    Thanks for the replies and advice- @Mason, you were right, and the self consciousness about being cut goes away when I think how worried i got before about the state of my foreskin. @Jack thanks for the advice, if i had to choose between never having my head uncovered and always having it uncovered its an easy choice.

    Sensation is a lot different but not worse, before was a struggle sometimes and the head was very sensitive right after, but now I’m mainly concentrating on keeping my sensitivity as I’ve heard horror stories about rubbing from clothes roughening up the head. @maryin you said you stopped having wet dreams? I’ve had a few since because i couldn’t do anything for six weeks, but even since i started wanking again i’ve ejaculated at night- i’m 18 andhaven’t had that for five years. @jack you said you had no loss of sensation?

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    I haven’t lost any sensitivity, though you could say that’s a hard thing to define. I’ve found sex better than before, but to be honest I’d only had sex with two people before my op, with far more ‘practice’ using the new tool. There are things that change, and you need to adapt your ‘technique’ to a penis that doesn’t have mobile folding skin. You’ll lose sensation from the foreskin that was removed, but the new sensation, from feeling the head on the out stroke to the sensation of shaft skin tightened the whole way in, more than compensates. Sex is one time where I’m still very aware of having had myself circumcised, and in a good way, though to be honest actually having foreskin is quite a distant memory. Day to day though, what seems ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ changes over time, and for me, it’s definitely having the head uncovered and the resulting feeling against clothes.

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