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    I am a newbie here so if this is already discussed please excuse the re-post. I found a technique which is a version of a high sleeve resection where the skin is not removed from the glans end of the willy but the base end near your belly. 1. Anybody done this? It was I believe started by a Dr. in New York named Dr. Eid. I am putting the website below that has a full write-up with pics under “cosmetic circumcision”. Also, I believe the frenulum procedure may be a frenuloplasty or in some cases frenulectomy. 2. Anybody have any experience on the first one? 3. If I have to have a frenulectomy to get it tight, dudes are not experiencing loss of sensation with that?
    Thanks a lot!
    Here is the site: urologicalcare.com click on cosmetic penile surgery and scroll down.

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    I’ve heard talk of this method in a few different places. I think it was originally supposed to be the favoured style in Japan too.

    From what I’ve read, most of the commentators with medical knowledge say it’s a pretty risky way to do the surgery. I can’t properly recall right now, but either the chance of lymphatic problems or nerve problems is significantly higher should something not go right when you take skin from the base of the penis.

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      Jack and Mason thanks so much for those thoughts! I will keep this in mind. I am currently trying to find someone who has had this done exactly this way. If you know someone or another forum I could check please let me know! Thanks a lot.

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    Hello Jack,
    I looked at this doctor’s photos online. I have no idea about his competence, but I would say it stands to reason that you might have more recovery to do if you put the incision way close to the groin. If you are trying to preserve the inner skin, be aware that this is the skin through which sexual infections can pass more easily, and also it is looser, and may not result in as tight a cut as some desire. I know some wish to avoid any color contrast that results from having the scar visible on the shaft, but some people (myself included) are glad to have the scar. It proves that we are circumcised! Just some thoughts.

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      Sorry Mason didn’t realize this goes to the specific reply lol.

      Jack and Mason thanks so much for those thoughts! I will keep this in mind. I am currently trying to find someone who has had this done exactly this way. If you know someone or another forum I could check please let me know! Thanks a lot.

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    Anybody else have any thoughts/experience on this?

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    FUTURETXBAREHEAD – The one thing I’d think about when considering this, is why is this surgeon in NY the only person who promotes/does this style of circ? I’ve never seen any other doctor reference this way of doing the operation (I know I said I’d read somewhere this was a preferred style in Japan but I can’t read Japanese so I wouldn’t know how to prove this).

    I had a look at some of the photos on his site and it does look like the procedure leaves a fairly loose ‘foreskin simply retracted’ look. I can understand wanting to preserve the inner mucosa, but I think if you find someone who knows their craft well, they should be able to give you a higher cut with more standard techniques anyway.

    I’d just be a little wary that all over the internet, it only seems to be this person who claims this technique.

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      Jack-those are my thoughts exactly. I know the medical world moves slow to new techniques, but I wonder why nobody else is doing this. I’m glad you looked at the pics. I thought it looked tight? I saw one that didn’t yesterday but I wondered if that was just the erection inducer wearing off. From all I have read on the web I definitely want it tight (he was wary for doing it tight, I may have to persuade him some) and I want the frenulum removed (which will allow for more tightness too right?). It appears that those two things are what most guys say is great. And of course having had my foreskin my whole life and loving it I don’t want to get rid of any of it and neither does my Urol. Thoughts?

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    Jack-forgot to mention that his sec. said he doesn’t really do this much anymore…also gave me pause. She alluded to the fact that he prefers to do implants…

    Another forum I’m on said they’ve heard nothing but good about this doc but my doc doesn’t usually do it this way. I think he does traditional high maybe more loose but I’m going to ask for tight which I think he should be able to do. I’m going to ask him to use the prostaglandin erection inducer like Dr. Eid. I don’t see how you could do a tight circ well without a full erection?

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