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    Adult circumcisions are almost universally reported as being a positive influence on sex. It’s better sex and there’s more of it.

    With a foreskin, the thrusting of vaginal intercourse results in penile shaft skin sliding across the inner penile shaft structure, leaving the shaft skin mostly motionless with respect to the vaginal walls. As long as there was no such thing as lube, this meant sex was still possible in “dry” conditions. Times have changed.

    Shaft skin sliding across the shaft structure doesn’t really feel that great for either partner. After a circumcision, the penis slides across the vagina and not itself. This feels better for her, this feels better for you, and for those situations when you’re both horny but natural lubrication isn’t enough, god invented KY. Sex just feels better.

    When combined with reasons like the improved hygiene, better sex becomes better sex more often.

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    It’s been nine years since my operation and I’ve been in a few relationships since. The boost in confidence from a more positive self image was a big thing, and feeling ‘ready to go’ all the time from being uncovered and the contact with the inside of trousers was great too. Women have been super positive about it, as I’m not from a circumcising culture and it’s new to them, a couple of partners paid massive amounts of attention to it as a result. When they asked about it I’d explain it would let us feel a lot more of each other.

    Some things change sex-wise and it might take a while to figure out- I found I was inadvertently coming a lot further out of her on the ‘out stroke’ which could dry her out after a while (as so many others found, I lasted a lot longer). Part of it was the great feeling against the back of the rim and the pulling of the skin tight, but I had to consciously limit the length of my stroke until she was very wet and occasionally revert to shorter strokes, something that could be difficult to remember when approaching climax. Things like thrusting with a slight circular motion of the hips helped the stroke length issue and felt great for both of us.

    Orgasm inside a partner does change- I’ve always found, bare and covered, immediately after climax my glans becomes very sensitive, and before the cut it wasn’t such an issue when I’d reflexively keep thrusting or my partner’s vaginal contractions would ‘grip’ me fairly tightly but the first few times at least (without anything to slide back into) the sensation from the glans could be a little overwhelming, and not really in a good way

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    Gaurav Jain

    @jack Hey whats your style of cut? Low or high and tight or loose cut

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    I have technically been circumcised twice. When I was 18 for medical reason I had just a bit removed to solve the problem. I was satisfied and enjoying sex way more than before. Several year later I had a friend and noticed he was cut and we talked about it a lot. I discussed with my wife and decicded to have a high and tight done. That has been 5 years ago and I love it. No regrets

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    I have a moderately high and fairly tight cut, hard I don’t have loose skin on the shaft and day to day the corona is always exposed. I was somewhat lucky in that the amount of excess skin that needed removing to get what I wanted (no loose skin on erection) was enough to leave the glans exposed soft.

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