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    Hey everyone I’m 26yr just got circumcision today with pollock Technique in toronto.I didn’t had my frenulum removed, don’t know yet whether its tight or not as bandage all over the P. Will share pics after bandage is removed.
    Any suggestion will be prefered. Should i change bandage my self or wait for doctor as its too tight.

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    Too tight as in uncomfortable, or too tight as in restricting blood flow? There’s a fair amount of swelling that usually takes place right after and the tightness may be deliberate (I don’t know a great deal about the Pollock technique) to reduce that and hold things together when the skin is in the initial healing phase. My bandage was fairly tight as I recall (this can be important if you’re cut high), but it’s been a while since I had the op. I changed the bandage after a couple of days.

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    Its been two days,changed the dressing today (myself).Is it normal after erection in night that there is some blood in mornings on bandage nothing too serious, but good thing is there is no pain & not much swelling just little below frenulum.
    Took a good look todays seems like my cut is moderatly high, not too tight as well on flacid, but tight on erection.
    Will post a link too photos after one week.

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    Congratulations to you Pirate! Welcome to the fraternity of cut men! Treat yourself kindly and don’t rush things. That’s the most important advice we can all give. You have to be patient. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact your surgeon. For all the hype surrounding the procedure, circumcision really is minor surgery (for me it was far less painful than having a wisdom tooth out!) and in a month or six weeks the swelling and discoloration will be gone. Each person is different, so full healing may take a bit longer (or maybe less), but you’ll be functioning normally before you know it. Sensitivity issues will resolve gradually also. You will not lose sensation, but sensation will likely feel different, especially if you’ve not been in the habit of retracting your foreskin. Rushing things will only lengthen the healing process, so take it easy and enjoy your new bits.

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    Thankx for replies guys really appreciate that.
    Day 5 now I think recovery is going pretty good, now with the looki can say it’s a moderately high & loose cut. Any reviews on this style would be great.

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    I’m following your posts with interest pirate – I’ll be joining you in this in less than 2 weeks!

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    Thanks For Replies Guys.
    Well almost a week now looks pretty good still little swelling, near to frenulum other than that looks good. Honestly in my opinion one thing that is most difficult & helps with recover is too maintain your tool Flaccid with no erection. Otherwise its going pretty good will start work tomorrow.
    Question for guys who already went through this phase, How long do i have too keep bandage on, like when applying antiseptic cream, as now it doesn’t stay for long.

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    Richardson Richard

    Hi! I really need your help about the circumcision procedure.

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    Hello Pirate!

    Congratulations! I’m following closely as well. There is a pollock clinical in my city as well (Dallas). And I’m considering it also.

    Take pictures of your recovery if not to post then at least for you to see your progress.


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    Week Its Almost 9 Days since the procedure, difficult time is gone. I’m still having little trouble with underwear as my “TOOL” not used to open bud feeling is good. Just little worried about the inflammation at the bottom, its getting better every day stitches are starting to dissolve now.
    Pollock Circumcision Technique was performed in Toronto: Just a warning as clamp is used as a adult you might not get too tight circumcision (Varies from doctor), But good thing is a lot of inner skin will be saved. Below are my circumcision Before & after
    recovery pics will be adding more after some time will looking scary first but now its getting better every day.

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    Are you sure you got the Pollock technique? In some of your photos it looks like you have stitches. I thought that with the Pollock technique they used glue instead for better cosmetic results. That was the main reason I was considering this method. Would love some clarification

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    Sorry about not saying about stitches. Yes my doc offered me glue, but as i’m truck driver have to do some heavy work & its winter stuff gets stuck.
    So it was my request to get stitches as it didn’t leave much chances to open a wound. Glue i felt unsecure but sure if you do esy job just sitting all day its great for those…

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    Any updates, Pirate? You’re pushing up on three weeks and I’m guessing things have settled down substantially for you…

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    Yes Looking pretty nice now all stitches out except one. I have posted the pic on link,
    Well its high & loose Circ. but as i’m a grower its damn great for me. When erect i realy feel different no more foreskin, (can’t image when i will have sex).
    As per the wounds they have healed pretty good, inflammation has gone down.

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    Thank you for the updates! It helps me a lot as there is a Pollock clinic near me.

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    Hi Pirate, I was wondering if you could share the name of the clinic that you went to in Toronto for the Pollock method circumcision? I was calling up a few places I found on google for adult circumcision in Toronto, and two of them don’t do it for the time being, and the third one didn’t have very good reviews. Your help is much appreciated!

    If anyone knows of any places in Toronto for adult circumcision, I would be grateful if you could share that info. Thanks all!

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    Dr. Roland Sing $1500 PRE-DEPOSIT $500 Don’t know much but have good reviews on RateMDs. Couldn’t connect with them actually. TRY MISSISSAUGA clinic they got two.

    Dr. Nguyen $1000 PRE-DEPOSIT $150 I went to this one DOC told me he had about done about several 100 patients. Showed me a pic for complications in one of his patients. He has actually 3 clinics, I went to pickering.


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    Pirate may i ask how the pollock type looks?

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