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    Even a relatively short foreskin can ‘roll’ quite some distance over the shaft- before my op I could get quite a lot of movement of the skin when erect if I put my finger at what is now the scar line (~1 1/2″ behind corona when erect), and I was usually at most 1/2 covered when soft. Now of course the skin moves very little until quite close to the base of the shaft. As most guys here agree, this is great for sex (fucking your partner not your foreskin, feel more of them, make the most of the glans rim etc etc etc) but when you don’t have a partner things can get a little more complex. I expected that things would change, and according to online advice, as part of my ‘initiation’ into the roundhead club I bought some lubricant as apparently ‘all cut guys need it’. It definitely made things easier early on, especially when I was paranoid of splitting the scar or whatever, but as time went by I was able to come up with other techniques that didn’t necessarily need ‘greasing’, from simply a very loose grip concentrated on the corona/frenulum to using soft fabrics right up until the ‘moment’. How did cranking your own engine change for you guys after the op, remembering we are a classy web forum?

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    Not a lot. Didn’t habitually use lube before, don’t use it any more now. Even before I was circumcised I didn’t have enough foreskin to completely cover the head so my technique really hasn’t changed, it didn’t need to. It was more of a change for my wife, she need some retraining before she could “relieve” me; but now she’s readjusted it is no more difficult than before, maybe even a little easier.

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    Before cut it was a to and fro motion but now circular motion on the glans

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    Tim A Simpson

    It did change for me and was a surprise to me (something I had not considered). It has been fun finding out. I use to jack with hand high, pull down tight. Now it is reverse, hand low, pull up. It seems I can’t edge like before but time will tell. I’m only 10 weeks into my new self. I do not regret the change. I think it looks great, hangs longer and is so much easier to take care of! I am wondering if the rim will flare some now that it is free of skin??

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    Many do experience a flaring of the glans, particularly if you are younger when the procedure is done. Did you end up with a result that keeps all skin off the corona (base of the glans) even when soft? That in itself gives the glans more prominence. Good luck with you healing and discovery!

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    Tim A Simpson

    Yes, skin never goes onto rim. With practice, I found out this week I do like the pull down method I use to use. It works just like before. Oils are great now too! I still have a bit of ache around the cut and I think that makes me fearful pain will ensue with jacking, so I hold back. That will eventually fade, right? I am using vitamin E cream several times a day to help fade the scar. I still have stitch bumps that are fading too. I am 11 weeks out now.

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    Arney upchurch

    I am getting Circumcision on the 28 of June. I am very worried about the way I can masturbate after the procedure I’m so used to my foreskin being the lube that it scares me. I keep my foreskin retracted most of the time now my head is pretty much desensitized but when I try to jack off with my head exposed I can’t get off?

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      Before I was cut low and tight at age 27 (two decades ago), I was worried about the outcome, too: Would the sensation be good? Would masturbation be fun? Would the healing go well? What about the look? What would women think about it?

      I’m very happy I got circumcised and I would never go back — even if I could. I love the sensation, masturbation is fun, I like the look, my wife is very glad.

      All the best!

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    Arney, I understand your concern as I got circumcised as an adult.
    I think that when you’re healed and ready to jack off my suggestion is to use a good lube to make your penis slick and your hand will slide easily up and down your shaft and head. Your hand will be the substitute for foreskin, as it were! I predict that you’ll find this slick feeling very stimulating on the head and your psyche will adjust to your new penis as you learn new ways to stimulate it. Make it fun! I feel confident that a few months from now you’ll love your circumcised status, I know I did and still do! Personally I would not go back to being uncircumcised!
    Best of luck to you.

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    Arney upchurch

    Well my Circumcision went great low and tight all the stenches are gone have jacked off a couple of times so far it’s awesome I do miss my foreskin but wouldn’t go back

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      Good for you! It’s perfectly understandable you miss the foreskin. After all you got used to it for a long time. Don’t hold on to the feeling you lost, for you will forget pretty soon how having a foreskin even felt (for me it was something like one or two years).

      Congratulations on getting a low tight circumcision! May you soon adapt to the new feeling and never want to go back! That’s what I did 15 years ago. I’m very glad I got cut low and tight…

      All the best,

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    Hey arney and stefan ,

    I am getting circumcised soon low and tight how have you found the sensitivity post cut?


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      James, confide that everything will be alright. I did and it is for me!

      all the best, stefan.

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    Good Luck

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    James, I love my sensitivity. It’s just right now, not overly sensitive so sex still feel great and lasts longer. Enjoy your new penis.

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    Arney upchurch

    Hey James I have had a lot of sensitively lose mainly when getting head can’t get off that way anymore jacking off takes a lot longer and feels totally different not quite as good as before but intercourse is better but overall im not happy so far hope it gets better yours might be better good luck

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      Hey Arney, don’t be afraid: Things will get better!

      If I calculator doesn’t fail me, it has been only 4 weeks since you got cut.

      Give it more time, it’s going to take multiple months (not just a few weeks) to adapt to the new feeling… For me, it was something like 6 months before I got used to my cut and began to really enjoy being circumcised low and tight.

      all the best, stefan.

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    Arney upchurch

    Hey Stefan I sure hope you are right because my sensitivity keeps getting worse can’t feel the head at all there is a little feeling on the scar line itself but all the rest feels like shaft skin no sensation did yours do this?

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      Hey Arnie, my experience was not like that, but I had started keeping my foreskin retracted at all times long before I was cut (a year or so). So when I got circumcised my glans had already dried out (and that felt normal to me.)

      If you did not do that, then your glans was probably hypersensitive immediately after the cut and is now in some state of nervous overload. I had something like that when I started keeping my foreskin retracted, and it took two months (and probably a few weeks more) to normalize. Wrapping the glans in cotton wool and avoiding (over-)stimulation helped too.

      get well soon! all the best, stefan.

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