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    Even a relatively short foreskin can ‘roll’ quite some distance over the shaft- before my op I could get quite a lot of movement of the skin when erect if I put my finger at what is now the scar line (~1 1/2″ behind corona when erect), and I was usually at most 1/2 covered when soft. Now of course the skin moves very little until quite close to the base of the shaft. As most guys here agree, this is great for sex (fucking your partner not your foreskin, feel more of them, make the most of the glans rim etc etc etc) but when you don’t have a partner things can get a little more complex. I expected that things would change, and according to online advice, as part of my ‘initiation’ into the roundhead club I bought some lubricant as apparently ‘all cut guys need it’. It definitely made things easier early on, especially when I was paranoid of splitting the scar or whatever, but as time went by I was able to come up with other techniques that didn’t necessarily need ‘greasing’, from simply a very loose grip concentrated on the corona/frenulum to using soft fabrics right up until the ‘moment’. How did cranking your own engine change for you guys after the op, remembering we are a classy web forum?

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    Not a lot. Didn’t habitually use lube before, don’t use it any more now. Even before I was circumcised I didn’t have enough foreskin to completely cover the head so my technique really hasn’t changed, it didn’t need to. It was more of a change for my wife, she need some retraining before she could “relieve” me; but now she’s readjusted it is no more difficult than before, maybe even a little easier.

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