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    Should I or shouldn’t I. That’s the main question. After years of adolescence of wondering what it would be like, going on and off the idea. I spoke to an adult circer recently who got me onto it again, and now I have a specialist appointment coming up so he can examine me.

    I was frenuloplastied as a kid, so I have a lot less of it and more pull back. Since then, I’ve somewhat made it a thing for me to pull the skin back as much as I can. During masturbation, bathroom use, cleaning, sometimes in my underwear for the friction. My glans is so much less red now at 25, but I still find it reacts negatively to moisture.

    The thought of being cut turns me on too. I embrase it greatly about my partner. Yes, slight envy, but I honestly feel it may be a great solution for me. My foreskin feels almost really redundant sometimes. I want to feel that tightness. I’ve been sucking the same dick religiously for 5 years, and I want to feel what he does, because it looks mindblowing

    Any major ‘size growers’ from flaccid had it done and good results?

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    Dear Jeremy:

    My organ (my wife and I call it a dong) goes from three/four inches to almost eight. I was circumcised when an adult by the military. I had a high and tight cut with the frenulum removed. It has always looked good and my wife likes it whether sucking on it and taking it in. she loves the fact that she can feel it come inside her. I hope that helps.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Even though they say all kinds of negative horrible things about circumcision that are enough to scare you to an early death, I still believe that all males should be circumcised no matter what their age is. When I was yoinger I wanted to be circumcised but I was too afraid to talk about it with anyone because I figured all they would tell me is that I shouldn’t have it done and I should just forget about it. Well, that’s easier said than done. There have been times when I wanted to be cicumcised so much I was actually ready to take a pair of scissors or a razor blade and cut off the foeskin myself, but I didn’t do it because I decided that would do more harm than good. It has been a literal hell and I do mean hell because I really do want to be circumcised more than anyone can possibly imagine. I guess the only one who can possibly know how much I want to be circumcised is God. I want to be circumcised so much I actually cry out to God and literally beg Him to provide a way for me to get it done. I have done very much rwsearch about circumcision pro and con and I have come to the very firm, no turning back decision is for me to be circumcised. I WANT TO BE CIRCUMCISED!!!! Bruce

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I did a self-circumcision by putting rubber bands on my penis that turned out to be the worst so-called cir umcision that I have ever seen. The way my penis looks right now definitely is NOT the way I want to be circumcised! I want to be circumcised, yes, but I want my circumcision to LOOK like a real circumcision and NOT something that an escapee from the insane assylum tried to do. Right now, with the way my penis looks, I am too much ashamed and embarrassed to let anyone see it, especially a doctor!! However, when I go to a really qualified experienced urologist who can do “miracles”, I will let him see it and then, I’ll pour out my guts to him and get it off my chest so that he can understand why I did such a thing to my penis and then I hope and pray I can finally get myself circumcised the right way. Bruce

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