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    Hello. I’m interested in getting circumcised and I believe the place that would be most convenient for me to go is the Gentle Procedures Dallas clinic. Has anyone ever gone to this specific clinic for a circumcision? I’ve talked to others who had the same Pollock technique done, but at a different places. Some are happy with the results and others are not. Because of this variability I would like hear from those who have gone to the Dallas clinic. Any and all help is appreciated

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    Hey. I’ve heard of them. Are you in Dallas, or close to Dallas? There’s a great place in San Antonio, that I’m going to. I am 2 weeks away. Why do you want it done?

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    No, not from Dallas. But their prices and payment plans seem pretty good compared to elsewhere. I’m also considering gentle circumcisions in Culver City. I haven’t heard of this San Antonio clinic. Could you provide more information?

    I want to get circumcised for aesthetic and cleanliness. That simple.

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    Research, San Antonio, The Urology Place

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    i recommed against Pollock and Dallas. There are more quality places out there.

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    Could you explain why you recommend against it?

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