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    Giles Orbanek

    Made the decision at age 21. Had been born a “preemie” and then my parents forgot about it. What surprised me the most was how quickly I forgot about what having a foreskin was like! That was mkmost 25 years ago. My choice was msde simply because I felt myself “the odd man out,” since everyone I knew (friends, cousins, et al) was cut. Even today when I see what I have, Ion’t think about what I saw before my circ. Had my sons circ’d, so they will feel normal. My circ was done with a local. Except for the initial shot I felt no pain,even when healing.

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    Bravo to your parents for giving you the choice (even if by forgetfulness)! Every baby should have the choice you had. Circumcision rates are falling, and your sons may be “abnormal” among their peers, but you took away the choice that was rightfully theirs. More and more men are coming out and saying they’re mad as hell that this was done to them before they could resist, and they’re not going to take it any more.

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      Bruce Douglas Thurston

      I do not remember much about what it was like to have my head inside the foreskin. The only things I can remember is that the head was exytemely sensitive after I masturbated and I had a lot of bad odors. Most of the sensitivity is now gone and all of the bad odors are gone.

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    Choice Maker

    I would like to take this moment to remind posters that this site is about voluntary adult circumcision, not infant circumcision. I’ve taken great pains to remain neutral on the latter subject to not attract rants and/or flames from either side, and I’d appreciate it if contributors would limit their discussion of infant circumcision as well. There are plenty of places to talk about that, but here is not really the best.

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    I am glad that this group exists to discuss elective adult circumcision. The name of the group CHOOSING CIRCUMCISION speaks for itself. Thank you for running this excellent site.

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    I do remember some of what is was like with foreskin, but the memory is fading. I’ve been cut for 23 years. Really enjoy the my circumcised penis. The circumcision was my choice. Had it done high and tight. What an improvement.

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    Rick Benrath

    I too was a preemie, and when I ask my mother before her passing why I was CIRCd she said it was the suggested thing to do, I to was upset after talking with her about how nonchalant she was and the Dr’s were then and to some degree now. When UNCirc became a very active talking point I decided to do alot of research. Now if we were meant to be CUT then why were we born that way? Why did our foreskin not fall off at birth if it was not needed? As I stated did extensive research. Now I have 4 daughters and 4 Sons and looking at the world view some even CIRC their Daughters. I for one could never imagine this it is HORROR to think of it. Now my sons were given the choice they are NOT.CIRCd even though the Dr’s and Nurses Pushed for this. Now additionally I restored in 3 yrs, and at the time invented a safe way to do CIRC reversal. I had purchased the known products of the time. when the pain got too much out of the ordinary I stopped and developed a safer better way at least for me and others. Now in closing if I were to have a choice or any of my family to have a choice that would be for me. It is not about SEX however it was much better. It is about being whole. I applaud the Master of this site and say that we as a people (Men and Women) need to stop taking choices away from our Future. I for one gave my boys and maybe in turn my girls a choice. Thank You Owner and Manufacture of PPB’s.

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      Choice Maker


      I’m not going to delete this post out-of-hand because it’s vaguely on topic, but this site is not the place for ranting about routine infant circumcision, either for or against. As adult men we have the opportunity to make this decision ourselves. As infants, it is legally up to our parents, and I am not going to debate the ethics of RIC here.

      As a general principle I support men finding ways to achieve the penis they want to have, whether that be through circumcision or foreskin restoration. If you want to talk about foreskin restoration after having an adult circumcision you are welcome to do so. Restoration from a RIC is off-topic here, but there are plenty of other websites where such discussions are welcome.

      Simply put, my purpose is to help men make a choice about themselves. I am not willing to wade into the quagmire of RIC advice to parents, and I ask that contributors do the same.

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I’m not officially circumcised yet. What I mean by that is that I used rubber bands to make the head of my penis permanently exposed and it worked, but, a lot of excessive skin is hanging on the left side and bottom of my penis and it does not look like a real circumcised penis even though the head is permanently exposed. I actually enjoy and really love having the head of my penis exposed and I can’t wait to get all of that excessive, unnecessary skin cut off once and for all!!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    My biggest hangup about getting circumcised is having sufficient funds to pay for it. I’m praying and hoping that God will work out a way and I firmly believe He will, so that I can get circumcised the right way. To tell you the truth about it, aince I got the head of my penis permanently exposed I can definitely do without that disgusting foreskin!! I literally HATE the foreskin with a passion!!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Since I got the head of my penis to be permanently exposed, I got a really good taste of what it’s like to br circumcised, and I can honestly tell you from the bottom of my heart, I literally love it and I only wish I had been circumcised when I was born, and I am definitely going to be circumcised the right way! Whatever it takes, at any cost, I am going to get it done!! Now, I definitely do “NOT” recommend self-circumcising yourself with rubber bands. Get circumcised the right way!!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I did a self-circumcision which did NOT turn out the way it should so I want to have the surgery (circumcision). However, as a result of the blotched up self-circumcision I overcame my fears of not being able to adjust to being circumcised without all of the mental and psychological problems getting circumcised might cause. I really do enjoy having the head of my penis exposed 24/7 but I sure would like to get rid of all the excessive skin that was left on my penis which the blotched up self-circumcision did. I am ready mentally and psychologically to do it. Bruce

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    I have gotten to the point where I undoubtedly prefer being circumcised even with the botched up circumcision that I did. I have found a place up in Cleveland, Ohio that performs “revision circimcision” and it sounds like it is the solution to all of the problems I’m having with my penis, so I am going to check it out and see what I can get accomplished because I sure do want to be circumcised the right way!

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    Bruce Douglas Thurston

    Since I got the glans permanently exposed 24/7/365 I really do NOT want any remembrance of what it was like having my glans inside the foreskin. IF I do, I’ll put on a condom & wear it because condoms remind me of being uncircumcised with the foreskin covering the glans. The only difference is that the condoms don’t have an opening at the end of it to let the urine & semen come out.

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    I am intact but can’t remember how it feels like for the glans to be covered all the time. It was like in my later teen years the foreskin didn’t grow enough to match the rest of the penis, resulting in me always having at least half the glans exposed. A year or two after I started wearing boxer shorts a lot instead of briefs and I think partly my penis hanging down and the free movement in the boxers caused some semi-arousal and caused my short foreskin to go right back behind my glans. I think because of the compression from the foreskin no longer being there, was the reason I realised my glans was developing a distinct flare that it didn’t have before, further helping the short foreskin to remain completely retracted. I stil. Remember to this day how full on it was initially getting used to the glans staying completely exposed 24/7 and how it dried and changed colour after a week or so of continuous exposure. Combined with the reduced sensitivity that followed, I was afraid initially that using my penis wouldn’t be as enjoyable, but over time I came to love the bare glans. The exposed feel, how the sensitivity would increase when in a moist place and the cleanliness because I no longer had a daily build up of smegma to a greater or lesser degree. Some years later, somehow the tension on the underside caused my frenulum to tear, which stopped me doing much for nearly 2 weeks. And to look at it now you’d think I’d had it removed apart from this little flap in the v groove on the underside of the glans.
    So for all intents, my glans is the same as a cut guy. The only thing missing is I’d rather feel the skin pull taught on the shaft when hard, which I would only get with a circumcision except simulating it by taping the loose skin back. I would rather have the remnant of frenulum removed also, but like others money has been an issue and I guess a bit of apprehensiveness about having it done. I’ve often wondered how common or otherwise is it for an intact man to end up with his glans exposed all the time and back to the subject line, I don’t remember how it feels. I don’t remember what it felt like to pull foreskin back and forth over the glans as I could when I first discovered masturbation, because my adult foreskin isn’t long enough. But I’m happy the way it turned out because of how clean it stays and looks nicer too I think.

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    Danny C

    To answer Jacob’s question, I started keeping my foreskin permanently retracted when I was 11. As I got older it seemed like my foreskin got shorter and it never covered more than the ridge of the glans. Every girl I was with assumed I had a loose circumcision. Eventually I got sick of pulling at the base of my flaccid penis to retract the skin all the way. I wanted the skin to be tight as possible so I got circumcised at 23. I remember the mechanics involved with having a foreskin but I don’t remember all the sensations involved.

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    Like Danny I too started keeping my foreskin pulled back at an early age. At first it was to look like my friends but then after I had experienced having the head bare it was because it felt so good too. I really didn’t know what circumcision was at that young age, I just knew I was different! After a few years I learned about circumcision and I knew I would have it done. And I did! It was not just a physical operation for me, it was also an emotional one because finally being circumcised made me so happy. Oddly, I finally felt whole after loosing that piece of skin. Still love the look and the feel of being circumcised.

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