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    its very common for foreskins to stink even after washing. I googled “foreskin stink after washing” and found over FOUR MILLION items!!! Most of them are desperate questions posed to various websites that provide answers to health questions.
    About half the entries seem to come from sex partners of men afflicted with foreskins, and the other half are from the unfortunate men themselves. Your heart goes out to all of them because they are dealing with a mixture of disgust, regret, embarrassment, and hopelessness — all easily curable by circumcision.
    Here is a sample of what these wretched fellows and their partners are saying. I took all these from the first two pages of the google site…. there are thousands of pages more. Information like this should be made available to any parents who contemplate leaving their son with a foreskin. I read some people who say foreskins do not smell but I am sure these are circumcised men who do not know from experience. I support circumcision 100 percent.
    My penis smells fishy under the foreskin, even within 10 mins after a shower. I wash regurlarly, but the smell keeps coming back.
    Hey guys, I know this sounds gross, and I’m generally a pretty clean person… but this is extremely weird. for those not familiar with the term “smegma”, its a fishy dirty aromna. However I wash myself quite often and very thoroughly. Even after a long shower or bath the smell still persists…. I can’t seem to make it go away.
    I am 21, I have an uncircumcised penis… (thanks to my parents…grr..) My girlfriend constantly complains about a residual pee smell on my penis, and I feel dismal. I wash daily, once or twice.
    Hes circumsized and keeps the area fairly clean by using a baby wipe to clean it between showers but nothing seems to work. The smell is lightned after cleaning or using the shower but never fully goes away. Any suggestions on how he can kill this bad odor?
    lately my Penis has had a STRONG fishy smell to it….I shower and wash daily. I used soap, and am very thorough, but I smell it even after just showering. I am not currently sexually active, so that isn’t the problem.
    My c o c k/willy really smells even after a shower can any tell me wot that might be? it is not a std as i have only slept with my wife.
    Why does a man’s penis sometimes smell like fish even if he just took a shower?
    Well im getting this weird smelly/cheesy smell under my foreskin even after showering and getting rid of any smeg. Its ruining my life.
    My boyfriend is european and uncircumsized. I have noticed a fishy smell from his penis when his foreskin is pulled back. I notice it even after he washes himself with soap and water.
    im not circumsized,the smell is really strong and is there even after i take a shower
    My boyfriends willy really smells even after a shower can any tell me wot that might be?
    I’ve tried cleaning thorougly with warm water under and soap for lengthy periods of time. The initial scent goes away however if I dry it with a towel to test if the smell is still there – …and it smells bad.
    My girlfriend constantly complains about a residual pee smell on my penis, and I feel terrible. I wash daily, once or twice, and I always make sure I wash under my foreskin with soap.
    My boyfriend has an uncircumsized penis. Sex with him is awesome, but I hate to go down on him, because it just SMELLS really BAD! I know that his bacterial smell comes from being uncircumsized and all…..I have even started taking baths with him, so I can wash it.
    My penis smells fishy under the foreskin, even within 10 mins after a shower. I wash regurlarly, but the smell keeps coming back. I have no std’s. Anyone know how to make the fish disappear, it’s quite embarrassing.
    is there a way 2 control the bad smell under my foreskin? i wash but it comes back right away sometimes….smell still comes and even right after showering
    kay this is really embarrassing but I have a sex problem. I’ve been going out with my man for close to four years…. god this is so embarrassing, my boyfriend’s penis is really big, it’s perfect, but it smells. No matter how much he washes it and cleans it and everything, it never tastes good…I’ve said it to him and he was okay, he’s not offended, but there’s nothing he can do… I cringe whenever he takes it out because the odour is so strong. Even after washing it thoroughly in the shower!
    How do i get rid of bad smells under my foreskin? I wash daily and thoroughly,but after about an hour i get a (dirty strong-ish) smell under my foreskin.
    My husband’s penis has a fishy odor??
    He is uncircumsized.
    Has no infection, hes been tested.
    He doesnt have smegma.
    He DOES NOT have and STD he has been tested. The odor is just in his area where the skin overlays the head of his penis.
    He washes daily and very well.
    Even after we wash it soon as its dried I will smell it and it still smells like fish.
    Help becuase I love going down on him but the smell is really making me nauseous.
    i do pull it back and clean…is there anything besides soap and water that would help make the smell go away..it is kinda fishy…and it smells really bad
    im not circumsized,the smell is really strong and is there even after i take a shower

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    The anti-circumcision crowd will tell you that all you need to do is retract the foreskin and wash with soap and water. If that were enough, these posts in all these message boards would not be so numerous. This is where frustration comes in. These posts show that the anti-circ crowd is full of BS.All uncircumcised teen and adult males should be offered circumcision as a part of their routine health care.

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    Try washing your foreskin with only water and no soap. The chemicals in the soap may be too strong and your body is over compensating for the washed away smegma. Fresh smegma does not smell. Keep washing with water only for a few weeks and the odour should improve.

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    Has anyone ever thought one reason for a stinky foreskin that the smell won’t go away, might be a type of food you are eating? Rich food, shell fish, acidic foods, to much alcohol consumption. I was uncircumcised as a child, but never had a smell problem, I washed at least once a day (shower). But as I got on my own a started trying foods and drinks that I wasn’t allowed at home, I noticed a problem with a smell down there. Been circumcised since my middle 20’s love it would never go back.
    Just a thought, and something I noticed.

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    Pop Corny

    Please read my story I posted as a reply to “partner pressure”.
    My husband thinks he doesn’t smell if he showers twice a day. First of all, your gonna kill your skins external immunities if you shower that ofter-hopefully your NOT using soap that often!
    By the way, he ALWAYS smelled to me. I was with cut men for many years before him, never smelled anything abnormal, just skin and pheremones. With him, its ALWAYS repulsive to me.
    Also, I later, almost died from it. I posted part of my story as a reply to “Partner pressure”. Please read it!
    I hope that information can give some insight to women or men who are concerned about foreskin issues!

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    I always had a bit of OCD about hygiene and this kind of thing was something of an influence in my decision to finally have the cut. I never really had major odour issues, but it’s inescapable that sweat and smegma (and associated bacteria) continuously collect under a foreskin. I kept the skin back, and stopped wearing underwear but the first isn’t an easy option for some men who have overly long foreskins. A relatively high, tight cut keeps the inner foreskin (which has glands that produce what becomes smegma) open to the air which stops bugs growing. A low cut removes the inner foreskin almost entirely and may (don’t quote me on this though) allow for fewer skin folds in the flaccid state as the outer foreskin is thicker.

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    Foreskin is nasty!Getting circumcised was the best thing I ever done! So happy with my penis now! Eliminated the smell and smegma ! I had it cut really tight with cut line very close to my glans!I removed the frenulum myself several years sooner! I held an ice cube on that area and took a razor blade and cut it off close to my glans. Left a nice triangle shape on bottom side of my glans..Cut it down the shaft about 3/4 inch.. Didn’t bleed much and turned out fabulous! I wanted to do my own circumcision but always chickened out! Had a urologist do that.. Suprised he never ask me about frenulam.. I hated my foreskin all my life but was to embarrassed to discuss it with the doctor! My advice is get a very tight circumcision and be sure they remove the frenulum. . @I love my circumcision and wish I had done it years sooner!

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    Yikes, I hope most people will consult a urologist for foreskin or frenulum removal! You will find that any experienced doctor has had many such requests and they treat the issue in a matter of fact way. Ideally circumcision removes enough foreskin that the glans and corona are fully exposed even when soft. That is not always possible when adults are circumcised, but since inadequate foreskin removal is by far the most common complaint of the small minority of men who are dissatisfied with their adult circumcisions, it’s worth having a careful discussion about this with your surgeon and reminding them of your wishes (if a tight cut is what you want) on the day the surgery is done! Frenulum removal, like adult circumcision, is a personal choice, but I had mine removed as my doctor told me that removal of the frenulum would help keep any slack foreskin from pushing down upon the coronal ridge. It was the last part of the incision to heal, but I have felt no loss of sensitivity from its removal as in my case, at least, the sensitive nerves seem to lie beneath the skin at the base of the penis, not in the frenulum itself.

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