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    I had an interesting observation and I’m just curious if it has any Merritt, it’s kind of pointless, but it just piqued my curiosity. As someone who has been uncut most of my life, and got a somewhat loose cut earlier this year, my flaccid penis hangs pretty much straight down. My best friend and roommate is cut really tightly and his seems to always be pointed more forward out from his body (yeah we’re strangely comfortable around each other.) I’ve noticed this on other circumcised men in locker rooms and such too. Is this forward hanging angle a result of a tight circumcision, or just normal anatomical differences? I guess I haven’t really observes enough uncircumcised guys to know, but I figured if anyone here got a tight cut later in life they would know if they observed a change in the way they hung.

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    It’s been a while since mine but I had it done pretty tight. The surgeon measured off how much to cut while I was erect, which left me with no loose skin on erection but a fair few wrinkles along the shaft when soft. I imagine if somebody has tension in their skin when soft, they probably had too much taken off and that might complicate erections

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    I had a circumcision last year. I have had plenty of time to heal but when flaccid there is still a lot of skin bunching. Some days it even looks like i am uncircumcised. This has suprised both me and my wife. When erect there is a very promjminent scar behind the head. Does this mean i need to get recircumcise? My urologist said everything is fine. My wife thinks not enough skin was removed. Isnt is supposed to be no skin also when flaccid?

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    It sounds as though you don’t ‘need’ to get a revision, if the urologist is OK with it. What were your reasons for getting cut?

    If you’ve got no loose skin on erection, that’s probably the upper limit of tightness, as any more removed would restrict you when hard. If you’re more a grower than a shower, the skin required to account for the change might cover the head when soft.

    You obviously don’t want to impede sexual function, that’s generally the number one concern, but the health and hygiene benefits come from having the head free all the time. Before I was circumcised, my head was usually half-covered and so there was the usual fold at the corona that could accumulate sweat and bacteria. I experimented with all sorts of high-tech fabrics and even ways of keeping the skin back but the easiest, most ‘normal’ way was to leave the underwear off. Stimulation from movement gives a bit of additional blood flow that can help you ‘outgrow’ a skin remnant, the free movement and air flow keeps you a lot fresher, and readjustment to pull skin back off the head is easily done from the pocket.

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    Peter, if your situation is as you describe, with the urologist not wanting to do it, you might want to consult a circumcision specialist like Dr. Cornell in Atlanta or Dr. Reed in Florida. (Both have websites.) Docs are afraid to remove too much, and for good reason. They could get sued by an unhappy patient! Dr. Cornell helped me with the very problem you described, and it was worth the trouble and expense to travel to Atlanta. One issue can be weight. If you are, er, well, on the hefty side and have some belly roll going on, that can press down on the penile shaft and cause it to bunch up on the corona. If so, losing weight is healthy and getting a longer tighter, shaft due to being slimmer is just one more added benefit. Each person is different, so it’s worth considering all aspects of the situation. I do agree with you that the glans ought to be exposed at all times, or virtually all times. Having no bunching on the shaft is not as universal, desirable though it may be. Don’t be miserable, consult another doc, preferably a specialist, or two or three!

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