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    I had an interesting observation and I’m just curious if it has any Merritt, it’s kind of pointless, but it just piqued my curiosity. As someone who has been uncut most of my life, and got a somewhat loose cut earlier this year, my flaccid penis hangs pretty much straight down. My best friend and roommate is cut really tightly and his seems to always be pointed more forward out from his body (yeah we’re strangely comfortable around each other.) I’ve noticed this on other circumcised men in locker rooms and such too. Is this forward hanging angle a result of a tight circumcision, or just normal anatomical differences? I guess I haven’t really observes enough uncircumcised guys to know, but I figured if anyone here got a tight cut later in life they would know if they observed a change in the way they hung.

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    It’s been a while since mine but I had it done pretty tight. The surgeon measured off how much to cut while I was erect, which left me with no loose skin on erection but a fair few wrinkles along the shaft when soft. I imagine if somebody has tension in their skin when soft, they probably had too much taken off and that might complicate erections

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