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    I am about two days post circumcision. First two hours after was miserable. Slept more last night than the night before

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    I am not sure I want to get rid of my foreskin. Several friends suggest I get my frenulum removed so the glans does not get bent downward when my penis is erect.

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      Why do you want to keep your foreskin? Removing the frenum was the worst part for me.

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    what’s the benefit to removing the fren, but keeping the foreskin?

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    John, how are you doing today. The first couple of days are challenging, but every day after is much easier.

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    Tejus, the frenulum, especially if it’s attached to the glans very close to meatus, and there are differences in all guys, by a mm or two in some cases, can pull and cause pain both before circumcision and after if it’s not removed. But again everyone is different. My frenulum actually got torn one time before I got circumcised by an over zealous wife during masturbation. Hurt like crazy! I removed mine.

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