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    Does anyone know the circumcision rates amoung European immigrants to the US. In other words, what percentage of them have their son(s) circumcised? In my very limited experience, my parents, who immigrated from Europe to the US when I was 2 months old, had my younger brother circumcised when he was born a few years later. Additionally, all the immigrant friends they had, and that I have now all circumcised their USA-born sons. I also wonder if the choice depends on how long they’ve been in the US.
    I ended up getting circumcised when I was 33.

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    A big influence on my decision was moving to a hotter climate- I spent a year in a warm country, maybe it’s more common with people who move to areas of the US that have more brutal summers?

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    What were your reasons for going through with it? It’s probably a bit easier to approach the situation in an unbiased way when you’re an adult deciding in a culture where circumcision is relatively common and there aren’t many ‘hangups’ either way about it.

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