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    Hello all,

    I’ve been readin the forums for a while and considering the op for about 4 years now. I went for a consult with Dr. Pollock a few years back but I found him a bit off putting. I know from others like Sam and Dylan that’s sort of just his personality. I did notice however that he has a partner now, Dr. Chang who works in his office. My question is, has anyone seen Dr. Chang? I’m considering making my appt but asking specifically to have Chang vs Pollock to do the op in hopes that his manner is more favourable. His reviews online are pretty good. I’m also shit scared still to go thru the procedure, shocking more so about the needles than anything else.

    Anyone used Dr. Chang here in Vancouver?

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    Hi everyone,

    I finally decided to go and get the cut done. I just wanted to follow-up on my post here because nobody else has. I really spent a lot more time thinking about this procedure, I even went and had a second consult with Dr. Pollock, scheduled the circ and then chickened out and cancelled at the last minute. Following this I had a consult with Dr. Chang and finally got the balls to do it.

    So, this morning I finally had my op. I can tell you that my consult with Dr. Chang made me feel a lot more at ease. He spent a little more time talking to me and accepted that I was doing this for personal reasons and that I had a bit of request to keep a bit more inner foreskin which he was ok with doing, albeit with a caveat about the result when used with the Shang Ring. That was Aug 20th. Now this morning I am sitting at home recovering from the procedure. So what can I tell you about it? Well Dr. Chang is as talkative as you want. The worst part really was the needles which I really don’t like. He offered me laughing gas when I told him I was quite nervous and I told him no, I was ok, just letting him know I was nervous. He and I made jokes about needles at the dentist while he gave me the injections. I can seriously say it was a 2/10 on the pain scale. He actually does this really neat thing where he gets you to start wiggling your toes and keep going while he does the injections. It really helps. Overhead in their new office they have wireless headphones and a TV.

    When I arrived, it was a review of the forms, a quick one last anxious bladder bathroom visit. They had me lie down on the table in the room, gave me TV control and started with antiseptics. They took their measurements for the ring. A few minutes later Dr. Chang came in, we chatted briefly and he started with the injections. About 10 minutes later he came back and poked and prodded the foreskin to ensure the freezing was fully effective. I felt nothing and he was ready to go. I let him and the nurse work in peace. About 10 minutes later they were done.

    I was given a at home care pack, a few Tylenol & Ibuprofen with a juice box. There’s enough pills in the care pack for pain management at home for a few days. You are allowed to email, call or text Dr. Chang personally for any issues or concerns. It’s a funny feeling, I can’t feel anything in the crotch area, not even in my balls. The freezing is starting to wear off slowly. I’m not too worried about the pain, I handle it pretty well overall. It’s mostly needle pain I fear and hate.

    My follow-up for ring removal was made right at the time I checked-in along with payment. They are fast and polite and nice. The new New West office is quite nice. I’ll post up more as the days go on if theres anything exciting to report. My first pee actually seemed totally normal. One trick I did was to unroll a condom over the head, and make a small cut in the tip of the condom so that I could stand and pee and not worry about it potentially splitting and spraying all over like some people have had happen from swelling.


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    Congratulations, I remember what a load off my mind it was to finally be circumcised, though things continued to change for a bit during the healing process I was left with a good result and ten years later I still don’t have to worry about sweat being trapped in folds of skin or skin covering the head when least wanted. My only worry was the final cosmetic result as it was a bit gruesomeright after surgery- has the ring left you with something pretty close to the end result?

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      Jack, the ring sort of sits there. I’m not 100% sure yet what the result will look like because you keep the ring on for 7 days. Today is my lucky day for the removal. Just a few hours to go and then I’ll have a better view of what the result will actually be.

      One thing I can say, from other blogs on the net, some people seem totally fine with the ring. I’ve had pain every day from it either digging into other skin, and with work and pants and friction from moving about its cut into the skin in new places twice now. It’s like small paper cuts. Would I choose the ring again? I don’t know. It’s got pros and cons and without knowing the other procedure first hand it’s hard to say which is better. One nice thing is that I can shower daily and relatively seem to normally go about my day. I followed up once in person with Dr. Chang and even though there was pain he was impressed with how little swelling I had and how pliable everything was. He told me that it would probably turn out quite well all things being equal from what he could see. It’s just one of those things, you might experience lots or little pain. From the pain perspective they do give you plenty of pain killers and I barely used them. I’m less of a fan of busting my liver with pain meds vs say… A toke here and there (which helped! :-p). I reserve my liver for martini abuse.

      Boners have been awful and the ring has rubbed against my ball sac quite a bit and against the top rim of my head in a strange way which is not entirely pleasant. I can say this, I’ll be over joyed to be rid of the ring. I’ll post more in a day or two.

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    When did Pollock and Chang start using the shang ring? I thought their mo was the mogen clamp? Also, did you get your frenulum removed?

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    Hey Dave – I think shortly after Dr. Chang started they brought in the Shang Ring. If you want the Pollock Technique it’s basically only Pollock himself who will see you. Same goes for Shang Ring. In fact, even a followup is only with either Pollock or Chang depending on who did your cut. If either one goes on vacation they won’t let you see the other. I wanted to get this done back in May but Dr. Chang was going away on vacation during what would have been my follow-up period.

    I’m going into my 5th week in a few days. I have my last followup with Dr. Chang in two days. The cut is very tight and in my opinion way too high. There’s not a lot of shaft skin left and so it’s a strange sensation with some base pulling when I’m hard. I’ve managed to gently tug a few out over the last few weeks.

    The fren is pretty much always kept with the Shang Ring – they don’t offer doing both at the same time from what I hear. I tore mine years ago and then did my own tie off on it. It looked strange for about a year but now it just looks relatively cleaned out like it was cut. That being said I can still run that whole zone and it’s pretty sensitive still. I just told Dr. Chang I had torn it and it healed up with gauze like that. He sort of winced at the idea a bit and just said that must have hurt. It did, I didn’t want to mention I had tied it off myself.

    There’s still some swelling and the recovery time is on average with others who have done Shang Ring but it seems longer than Pollock Technique goes (unofficially via blogs). I’m also just desperate for it to finish healing up so I can really use it again :)

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    High and tight from Shang ring?? Really?

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