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    Hi guys,

    I’m thinking about getting a circumcision with a high and tight style. But does this depends on whether you’re a grower or a shower? I guess it would be easier to get a high/tight one if you’re a shower then if you’re a grower but maybe I’m wrong.
    Any adults here who are a grower and had a high/tight style circumcision?

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    My cock is 5″ flaccid and just shy of 8″ hard. I have a very tight circumcision and it’s medium high with the scar at 1.5″ from the ridge of the head. My original cut was higher with the scar about 2″ from the ridge of the head but as an adult I got re-circumcised to make it really tight. I don’t know if my cock would be considered a grower or a shower but if it is considered a grower, I can tell you I don’t have any problem with high and tight.

    When I’m soft my cockhead is always totally exposed and when hard there is no skin movement at all. It feels great to me. High and tight is what I recommend. And don’t forget to have your frenulum removed at the same time. You don’t need it and your dick will look ugly if you keep it. I got rid of mine when I was re-circumcised and have never regretted it.

    Good luck on you circumcision!

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    I would have to agree with Mike, and also on the point of the frenulum being cut, it makes a big difference to style and look

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    I have to agree with those above. My cut was high and tight and the frenulum was removed at well. The skin is tight and feels really good. My wife likes the look of my organ (we both use the term dong) either flaccid (when about three to four inches) or hard when it is about seven and half inches. She also likes it that she can feel me when I come inside her. that’s always a thrill for her. Good luck with what you decide.

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    Tightness is dependent on how much you grow. I said at a consultation before the operation that I wanted the head completely bare even when sat down in the cold. I was told that some skin had to remain so there was room to grow either way, but I was relatively lucky as I am a ‘shower’ and had a relatively short foreskin. Growers might have difficulty getting their head uncovered all the time, so they might not get the full hygiene/comfort benefits and the everyday sensations from having the corona naked but unless he is very unlucky he can probably get the shaft skin smooth and no coverage on erection, so sexually there won’t be much difference.

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