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    Patients are often given forms that ask for a list of “all surgical procedures.” Do you list your adult circumcision on medical forms? Do people circ’d as infants list theirs? My GP noticed I had listed my adult circ and wanted to know all about it. We had an interesting conversation. Turns out my doc is very pro-circ.

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    I always list it; it is, after all, a legitimate surgery. For me it involved general anesthesia, for example. There’s the multi-week recovery form.

    I’ve never had anyone question it though. The only oddity I’ve noticed is that there generally isn’t a pre-populated option for adult circumcision, so it becomes one they type in rather than select from a list.

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    Yes, I always do. Some doctors ask more questions about it (age, reasons,…), other don’t. You immediately see if they are interested or not. The circumcision rate beeing very low in my country, I am often asked additional questions on that topic, like ” Are satisfied or not?” or ”Would you do it again if you had choice, would you recommmand it ?”

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    I always enter my adult circumcision on any form asking about prior surgeries. I have only been asked about it once by a Nurse Practitioner. She wanted to know if I liked the results.

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    I always list it as the first surgery that I had in 1968, then I will go on to list the rest.
    As the list goes on, I again list the second circumcision in 2003, followed by again having the frenulum removed and re circumcised in 2006. Then the last circumcision revision in 2008.
    After that I list the other surgery that I have had later.
    I usually have no one comment about the number of circumcisions I have had. Did have one urologist ask why so many and I give all the details of unsatisfactory result.

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    Yes I list my adult circumcision. I’ve had female nurses reviewing my chart comment on it very positively.

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    Edited to remove the porn.

    Follow up comment.
    Inappropriate content removed here.

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      “She then said you have a very nice circumcision, I’m sure you are glad you had it done.”

      Yeah this absolutely did NOT happen. As someone who works in the medical field, no doctor would be this unprofessional. Nice fantasy though, I guess. I’ll give you a C for the error, I’m sure there are some morons who’ll fall for this.

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    Sorry about my post for “porn”! Not my intent!

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    Well George I respect your opinion, but there are “morons” in medicine!
    I know because I too an a medical professional and work with them!
    So I guess it’s all on how you take a comment! Doctors have opinions and stating an opinion on a result of any surgery or procedure is not uncommon! I did not find the comment offensive and I was the patient!
    If you found my comment pornographic, I’m sorry. But I also find it odd!
    I’m done.

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    I’ve listed it, but only had people comment on it if I did not put the year of the surgery, just so they could notate it.

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    I do but then again i have had 2 one as baby and a revision as an adult. Where i live it is pretty rare to have this done. So doctors dont expect it and i feel obligated to let them know.

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