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    Hi All

    This is a personal bugbear of mine. I was circumcised as a medical emergency more than 20 years ago (I’d zipped my foreskin up in my jeans – long story). When the doctor suggested circumcision would be a safer option than trying to repair my foreskin, I panicked a little because I’d read all about how much sensitivity circumcision robs from a penis. The doctor couldn’t/wouldn’t guarantee me anything, but I eventually I went with his suggestion.

    Well – I’m still waiting for my sensitivity to disappear. There’s certainly a sensation change, but no less or more than when I had a foreskin. I enjoy the sensations I get now, a lot more than when I had my foreskin (which worked perfectly well).

    I live in western Europe in a non English speaking country. While circumcision is not nearly as uncommon or unusual here as the internet would have us believe, it’s still the minority status. It seems to be universally accepted that circumcised men last longer in bed because they feel less. Almost everything I’ve read or watched about circumcision over here references this ‘fact’. Drives me crazy. First, I’m really against blanket statements anyway. Secondly, it’s presented as gospel, usually by people with no way of knowing what they’re talking about. I can only speak for myself but, as someone who used to be quite fond of his foreskin, I would never want it back knowing what I know now.

    Just needed to get this off my chest after a conversation I had today.

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    My glans has been bare for 51 years and skinned back for 10 years before I was circumcised. For 5 years before I managed to keep my foreskin back permanently I tried to keep it back but it would not always stay.
    My sensitivity has changed but not that much, sex is as good as it has always been, in fact my organisms seem to be getting better and I am in my 70’s. I am so happy that I have been circumcised.
    Men have been circumcised for thousands of years, if it was a bad ,it would have stopped, but it is a good thing to be circumcised.
    A gift that lasts a lifetime.

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